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Fairy Tail is back! It’s been almost 5 years since Fairy Tail was actively airing and we got that wonderful look at the “final” episode of Fairy Tail by Setsuken. In some ways it feels strange talking about it’s return myself. But that’s not going to stop me from enjoying this moment to the fullest. Fairy Tail is back in a big way and I cannot wait to see how this insanely difficult quest tests the main cast and likely pushes them to grow even stronger.

Welcome back!

I’ll admit that when Fairy Tail ended that I was ready for that. Back then it felt like the story had run its course and everyone needed a break. Zeref was handled, Acnologia was defeated, and we’d had a mountain of death fake-outs that was getting a bit silly to watch. But at the same time…I still love this cast and this world. So, the chance to come back after a few years felt right to me. Because this cast of goofballs remain a lot of fun to watch and Fairy Tail is a show with the potential to keep the stories coming. Defeating Zeref and Acnologia wasn’t the main goal of the franchise when it started or even more most of the runtime. This cast of characters have always just rolled along into whatever situations present themselves. So why not sign them up for this 100 Years Quest?

This girl screams suspicious!

This episode was definitely for easing us back into it and I’m fine with that. We start off with Natsu’s group heading out to accept the 100 Years Quest, but really they are only just getting started with learning about it. Not a bad thing either to cut back to the guild and seeing what the others are up to. I am curious to see how/if these stories are going to intersect. This quest is hardly something that they are going to clear in a few days. So, it feels more like the B-team is going to actually meet up with the A-team at some point. It wouldn’t even be all that big of a shock since this is a dragon slaying quest and Gajeel (and Laxus) are dragon slayers. They might be needed before all is said and done.

The most curious element is Touka. While a girl that is head over heels in love with Natsu is already suspicious, the name drops definitely require a bit of research. I’m not saying people can’t fall in love with Natsu since I’d say Lucy is already there. But it just screams “shady” to have her be this over the top about it. It’s all the shadier because she shows up at a time when Natsu isn’t there. We can’t gauge if she’s being honest and can’t get Natsu’s response to her antics. And she just knows people that she shouldn’t know without having access to fairly restricted information. I did find it somewhat funny though that she tries to make Juvia jealous by naming one person that’s dead (Ul), one person that’s aged significantly (Ultear), a drunk that isn’t that close to Gray (Cana) and Erza.

Nice little scene for Natsu and Gildarts

This is one patient quest they are taking up though. It’s been sitting for such a long time, but no one has been able to clear it. That’s no surprise though. If these people are actually close to Acnologia in terms of strength that makes them insanely tough to handle. And we’ve already seen how ineffective non-dragon slayer magic is against dragons. It says a lot that the only person to even survive this was Gildarts. And we saw the damage Acnologia did to him. I did like the fact that Natsu didn’t let Elefseria get away with saying no one survived. Good call to just pull that line from when Gildarts revealed his injuries to Natsu. What happened to Gildarts more than anything should be a good reminder to Natsu of how dangerous this is.

Natsu acts with conviction!

It’s hard to take Elefseria too seriously though when he’s such a weird old man! I suppose if nothing else it shows how tough the quest is that someone on his level can’t handle it. At least he was good for providing some familiar goofy comedy. The guy teleporting around was getting a bit annoying, but it was topped off nicely with him appearing (in a tiny form) between Lucy’s breasts. Props to Natsu for going after him! I just got a good chuckle from him diving right in and the only result was Lucy being left incredibly embarrassed XD.

He wasn’t the only source of comedy either! The cast having a rough start with Lucy and Natsu getting troubled by weird magical jellyfish! Admittedly a creature that dives into your mouth (regardless of any paralytic poison) would be disturbing to deal with! Props to Wendy for having none of this and just blasting the whole bunch off into the distance with a lovely roar! It’s kind of funny that Wendy effectively gets the first big attack of the new series!

Flexible rewards for this quest

The reward for the Quest is pretty crazy. I wonder what are the actual limits of what this ancient mage can provide? We are talking about a world of magic so there’s probably a decent range of possibilities. No surprise that Lucy’s head in all of this is about reuniting with Aquarius. Virgo gave a strong nod to Lucy being able to reunite with her on Guiltina. Whether that’s as part of the reward or simply during the quest is unclear. But Lucy can’t turn this down. I don’t think Natsu has anything locked in for his reward. If Gray sticks with wanting his own “cat” that would be funny. And then of course there’s Wendy. Maybe she took offence at the “modest chest” comment from Irene Belserion in the last season? Whether it’s a modest or grand wish I suppose depends on the individual!

Guess we’ll see how powerful these dragons are!

In a sense they just got the show rolling and not that much happened. On the other hand, it feels like I could talk about every last detail. There are so many little things like Laxus showing his character arc in being the one to strike down a newbie that reflected his own worst tendencies in the past. Or I could go off about Juvia and Touka’s rivalry. The key thing here though is that Fairy Tail has returned! It would be a shame if this season isn’t covered on Anime-Evo, but we’ll see what happens!

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