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I have a feeling that this show could be a lot of fun. It makes me all the happier that this will be getting the 2-cour treatment. We’ll have plenty of time to dive into this story before it ends. This was a good start and the humor worked for me. As a romcom with cosplay as a main focus there is a natural comparison to Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru, but I think both shows have their own appeals. This series is more about two people that share the same passion in the same field and how they’ll grow closer over time. Sono Bisque certainly worked for having two people with different interests finding common ground, I don’t think it’s a bad approach to go this way with the concept. And I think Masamune and Ririsa will be plenty entertaining in their own right.

Kind of love these two

There’s a cool element to these two being such utter otaku and being able to share that passion. They both get the same characters and can be idiots about this stuff in similar ways. And in some ways, I like that they let Ririsa be a pervert in her own right. I don’t think she’s losing to Masamune in that respect. She even took over the atmosphere a bit when she went on about the figure really being better off with black panties instead of white! She went right off and even her apology for being carried away was only limited to needing to be more open minded on what kind of underwear the character should be wearing!

That’s not to say that Masamune is lacking in being a big idiot in his own right. Takes some real passion and lack of caring about the world around himself to get openly emotional and calling out a character’s name during a dramatic scene! He’s also clearly collected quite the amount of Liliel goods. Some of it was probably collected by his senpai while they still were part of the manga club, but I could easily see a lot of it being his since he’s the last one there. And Masamune isn’t playing at being a huge fan to impress Ririsa, he just truly is one.

I can’t deny her passion

Maybe it’s ridiculous to say, but I appreciated the interesting angle Ririsa brought to discussions here. When Masamune talked about her not being able to be as passionate a fan as him, she came back at him in a good way. Because she is also a girl there’s the ease of her being able to truly put herself in the character. And she can go beyond just loving the character to wanting to be the character. Maybe that’s just a common-sense level of passion that unites cosplayers. I can’t imagine putting all the time, effort, and funds into creating outfits that put some professional productions to shame without having absolute passion for the character. If nothing else Ririsa made sure that Masamune wouldn’t be able to consider her any less a fan.

Yeah, he’s done for!

I would honestly say his reluctance against 3D girls was looking pretty shaky even the moment Ririsa walked in there. His past from what we saw definitely sucks. I’d say the worst part was being abandoned by his mom. I’m not sure if she just abandoned him for the night to go on a fling or if she actually left home and completely abandoned her child. He at least has reasons. There is no doubt though that Ririsa can blow away that hesitation. The hesitation will probably work in his favour since he won’t make a move too fast. If he did that could impact the comfort she currently has with him. Dragging things out can be a negative for romcoms. But in this case I think it could work out for these two.

Ririsa was doing a great job with just her upbeat personality and their shared interests. But the moment she busted (out of her clothes) into cosplay she really blew him away. Quite literally in that case! And it was a fantastic bit of cosplay. Their shared passion for the character just made it all the more powerful. I’d say it must have taken extreme willpower to not give away how hard he’d fallen, but he wasn’t really hiding it! He straight up was knocked out! Ririsa gets so into the cosplay (and utterly has bought his lines about real girls having no effect on him) that it just lets her get even more extreme than she should and delivers powerful blows as a result!

Ririsa will need to ponder her feelings a bit

Part of me is curious about how things will unfold for them. If Ririsa actually buys into his lines then she won’t think he’s seeing her in any romantic way. Which may be fine for the moment, but it may be something she’s troubled by when she actually wants the opposite. I could see Masamune having trouble going back on his statement to her too. Tough to admit anything to her after enough time has passed. Surprisingly I’m not actually worried about him losing focus on seeing Ririsa beyond the cosplay or not caring about her if she’s not in it. He clearly likes her plenty as a fellow otaku anyways. The only question really is whether they’ll maintain a status quo through the whole show or if they’ll actually become a couple and then just keep the rolling anyways?

Good job friendly cosplayers!

The flashback with Ririsa finding her passion was kind of a sweet moment. She’d always had such interests but she held up on expressing that. No doubt that some people would have absolutely judged her and she just didn’t have anyone to turn to at that point. But going to an event just opened up everything for her. She got to see all those people both expressing their passions and finding others that felt the same way. Even though she had to be sent away due to her age, it was a moment that gave her the confidence to truly dive in.

Good phone picture!

Not a bad first episode. The comedy works for me and I could see myself smiling while watching the rest of this show. It definitely leans into an ecchi direction, but that’s fine for this show. The main pair are both likeable in their own ways. I honestly can salute the passion they have for the characters they love. Just having a bit of mutual interest in the first episode was a good start. They can definitely build on this and just run with it. Naturally they will have to build up the supporting cast. But I’m still glad the first episode was just for these two. There are too many good shows this season so I can’t see myself covering this one. But I did want to give it some attention. There was more than enough here to get me excited to talk about the episode.

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