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Sometimes you just need something silly. There’s been an absolute ton of overpowered protagonists in anime the past few years and this guy is looking to be another one. But I will give it credit for both not being an isekai variant and for the guy not being the most powerful in the world. Rick is an absolute monster but he’s still pretty tame compared to his senpai. These people are such absolute monsters that it makes his extreme nature a bit more balanced. It’s kind of nice to know that someone in the world could handle him.

I like Rick so far

I can see the motivation behind making a character like Rick. It’s a feel-good story about someone chasing their dreams a bit later than most and still getting there. All the truer since he doesn’t have a clue how exceptional he is now. It makes me wonder how he ended up connecting with a group that elite and why they decided to train him up into the beast he is today. Regardless of how he got to that point it’s clear that he went through hell for this. No one can take away the hard work and grueling struggle he endured. Not just anyone could hang in there through the kind of insane training these guys put him through!

Truly an insane team!

It does make me wonder about the mentality of that group though. What an utterly insane bunch that they even put him through all that. It wasn’t exactly needed if he just wanted to become an adventurer! Clearly, they are so detached from normalcy that they couldn’t gauge how far they really needed to push. It is also possible that they simply considered him a comrade in training and wanted him to rise up to their level. Even if he became strong enough to be a mid-tier adventurer that simply wouldn’t be good enough in order to travel with them. They are just on another level. It is impressive that he survived all that and has become someone that can steamroll a test like this.

She’s an impressive idiot

One thing about the test that did annoy me was the guy before the slime bag test. What’s even the point of being like that? If he’s not capable he won’t pass. Why be a jerk right before someone is about to take their shot at that part of the test? I hope that guy choked on the slime that exploded all over the room when Rick threw his punch! Want to tell him to pack it in now!?

That some people were looking down on him before the test is no surprise. But the best part was seeing everyone just utterly looked stunned at what just happened! That kid was a bit of a brat, but I didn’t mind him since he was embarrassed pretty thoroughly by the results of the test. And him dragging his sister into this was hilarious. Especially since she didn’t stand any more of a chance than her younger brother. Any pride she had was thoroughly destroyed. The only smart thing she did was cowardly run away after Rick pointed out the stakes of their match. Not sure when we’ll see her again or if she’ll actually be made to follow through on that.

Seems like a nice girl

I like what we saw of Reanette. She seems like a nice girl and did a good job in keeping Rick from losing his cool too much. I’m curious about her relationship to Rick and the Orichalcum Fist. Is she a full-blown member herself or just someone working for them? At the very least there’s more than obvious hints about a ship potentially being in play between her and Rick. I don’t mind it.

Nothing wrong with working for your dreams

This was a solid first episode. Maybe it falls into the category of dumb fun, but it was fun. Even the OP has a kind of old-school feel to it. A good bit of comedy with Rick both being overwhelmed by his companions but being a total monster when up against other threats. If this show can just keep up the entertainment levels going forward, I’ll be more than satisfied. I won’t have room to pick this up for the season, but it was fun enough to give a first look to.

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