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I was absolutely right to look forward to this show! Wednesday is going to be absolutely amazing this year! This was as strong an opening episode to a romcom as I could ask for. The show did a great job showing off the charms of the leads. Alya is a truly top tier tsundere and it’s a blast watching her dynamic with Kuze is a lot of fun! If they can keep up this momentum for the whole season, I’ll be completely onboard with it!

Her expressions are so good!

Alya is just amazing. I can’t deny that Alisa Mikhailovna Kujou is an excellent tsundere. She’s got a strangely perfect combination of traits in all honesty. She can be cold to those she’s not interested in, can tease pretty well, and then dive straight into Russian to express her honest feelings. The Russian thing works so incredibly well thanks to the MC absolutely understanding what she’s saying. It gives both of them a huge advantage over ships involving tsunderes in other series. The only struggle for Kuze is being able to interpret what she’s saying in a way that benefits him. But it’s not insane for this guy to not quite believe that this gorgeous girl is totally into him.

But she’s not hiding all that much! There’s only so much you can take away from her practically inviting him to share that drink with her and going for the indirect kiss. Alya just reaches peak levels of cute when she gets so smug about him not understanding her and yet he does! He’s not wrong in that if he reveals the truth now…she’ll probably collapse in embarrassment! But it does mean he keeps getting driven crazy by her saying such incredibly cute stuff! I don’t know if we’ll get to a point where he does let her know that he knows…but for now it is fun!

Hmm I wonder…

The girl in the flashback has to be Alya right? The hair colour is the biggest argument against it. But we’re talking about a childhood friend Russian girl with the right eye colour and someone that drove Kuze to really learn Russian. She’s either coming back as a rival character or the reveal makes Alya truly the “destined girl” of this story. There’s no question who is going to be the main girl of this story from the title, but I am curious to see where they go with this. Will they reveal it before this season is over? I’m not entirely sure, but I’ll be curious to see if they do.

A lovely rival

I didn’t expect Yuki to be such an… intriguing friend/rival. It feels as if she’s pretty darn bold when it comes to both Kuze and Alya. She’s pretty aggressive in trying to get him to join the student council and also in terms of becoming friends with Alya. Yuki read the mood pretty well and understood that while Alya was a bit hesitant that she wasn’t against them becoming friends. It’s going to be interesting if she is truly gunning for him with how the main couple is looking right now. At the very least it seems obvious why she had him join her for student council in middle school and why she’s trying to draw him in now. If nothing else she should drive Alya a bit crazy with jealousy!

Excellent kick!

The socks scene! Is there anything to actually say about that besides “wow”? I love how Alya didn’t go into it intending any seduction, but kind of leapt at the chance once she realized it was there! She got splashed on the way to school, and I don’t blame her for not wanting to walk around with stained/wet socks. Since Alya didn’t plan it out though she was eventually sent reeling when Kuze accepted her invitation to put on her sock! That whole scene got beautifully hilarious with both parties a bit rattled, but Alya understandably freaking out even more as it unfolded. All that finishing off with a masterful kick! It was also a pretty hilarious thing to have Kuze texting his sister about his newfound leg fetish!

One thing I do love about Alya is how she did clearly feel bad about said kick and jumped on her chance to apologize over that. She didn’t realize the view he’d gotten and just wanted a chance to apologize since she was worried about his jaw and neck! Things did get chaotic once she did realize he got a good view! But that allowed her to go absolutely nuts in Russian. At that point her tsun and her Russian were aligned! Admittedly I get her feeling like there is nothing to talk about regarding him getting a look up her skirt!

Love the OP/ED for this show!

It’s not often that I’ll talk about the OP/ED for a show, but this series has a great one. No surprise that they’d make use of Sumire Uesaka’s excellent vocal talents for the OP and ED here. She’s got a great voice and can sing extremely well. The OP itself was full of energy and jumped around a lot which I was fine with. They also really leaned into various costumes and outfits for the main girls. When you have a cast this good looking it’s only proper to! I can’t see myself getting tired of such a good song and visual combination each week!

The ED is just pure fun. I’ll accept being a sucker for loving a bit of good English being thrown into a song like this. She’s got some great linguistic range honestly. And the ED just has a great mood for a romcom like this. It’s not packed with movement like the OP, but they do have some in the right places. No complaints about Alya posing and hyping up the “audience” with her “hey, hey, hey, hey…hey.” I’ll enjoy this each week as well!

She’s got so many good expressions!

This was a strong first episode. At the very least it has me really considering my options for what I want to cover this season. I’ll give serious credit to Sumire Uesaka’s excellent vocal work as the lead. I’m certainly not Russian so I can’t speak to authenticity, but I think she sounds great. In a sense I think the experience will be similar for the English and Japanese. That splash of Russian every now and then adds a bit of spice to the show. Fingers crossed they can build off a great first episode and keep it going for the rest of the season!

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