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As a fan of superheroes (which has been interesting these past few years) this was a show that certainly caught my attention. The Suicide Squad have gotten a lot of opportunities in various media so I’m not overly shocked they got this anime opportunity. Admittedly I don’t actually love this group and would be all for more anime about the heroes. But this is what is out there, so need to judge it based on what it is. And they did a decent thing in dropping three episodes right away so people can get a good read on whether they are going to enjoy it or not.

This could be fun

Part of me really enjoyed seeing them go from action in the modern day to getting dropped into an isekai. It’s not quite the Gate situation where modern tech makes them absolutely unstoppable, but it’s fairly close since these aren’t regular people. Well Harley is pretty much a normal person and somewhat the same for Deadshot (just with insane shooting skills), but the others are pretty unnatural. On Earth they are definitely a menace to the public, but there’s a great deal of options for dealing with them. This other world has no idea what it is getting into with this bunch. That Queen may arrogantly think she’s got things under control, but she’s got absolutely no clue. And she really should since King Shark hasn’t been subtle about eating people!

The modern world looked good

The only part of the first episode that bugged me was bits on Earth. Where the heck was Batman!? I know this is a show about the Suicide Squad, but you’d think he would notice Joker and Harley blowing up the city! Maybe he went after Joker after he and Harley split up. But it left me extremely distracted at how you have military tech going after these two but one of the most famous superheroes in history just never had a cameo! But I know it’s mostly on me for hoping to see Batman in a show like this. It just seemed like the perfect time to have him show up before things went to the other world. Especially since there was a time jump anyways.

It did allow though for a good showdown between Harley and Katana. As usual the Suicide Squad seems to really be leaning on Harley’s popularity to carry it. The other villains will undoubtedly have rivals/enemies in this world too, but Harley is the rare one that got a rivalry established in the first episode. It was a good fight and I enjoyed it. The thing I approved of though was Harley losing. She shouldn’t be beating Katana in a 1v1 unless she’s gotten some special advantage. That could be the case in this isekai since the characters are gaining powers through this. But for this first encounter a nice and enjoyable fight was great. It was also fun having Katana be utterly silent the whole time and leaving Harley very little room for good banter.

Nice to see his monster side now and then

Clayface may be the character I’ve enjoyed the most in the first few episodes. It’s such an entertaining contrast to the version I’ve seen in say the old Batman animated series or the Arkham games. No surprise they don’t want to keep him in monster mode the whole way. They could have way more fun with this over-the-top actor that is just hilarious. He does bust out the monstrous appearance when it suits him, but not all the time. And he’s the one that is most quickly comprehending what this place is doing to them. He’s tapping into those advanced powers a great deal more easily.

And he did deliver one of the more hilarious scenes in the first few episodes. He just casually breaks himself out of jail since he can slip through the bars. But instead of reassuring the group that he’ll get them out too…he talks about possibly leaving them to die! The best bit was them immediately turning on him, getting him stuck with power dampening cuffs, and they were all in trouble as a result!

Please don’t trust these villains…

In a sense this other world is a victim. Argus and Waller caused all this by opening up a portal and sending people inside. She was clearly torturing someone in order to open up this portal as well. I have no idea who it was and maybe they were a criminal but it’s hardly acceptable. In the end the list of “good guys” is a bit limited in all this. Argus aren’t good guys since they are trying to siphon resources from another world. The Suicide Squad obviously aren’t good guys in any respect. It’s a group of bad people having their lives held hostage by someone who’s also pretty evil.

This all leaves me rather worried for that Princess. She seems like a sweet girl who wants to help her people. But she’s putting way too much trust in a group of super villains. And honestly, she seems like pretty easy prey for a (former) psychiatrist like Harley to manipulate. Especially since this girl seems rather drawn to Harley. That could easily become a story as it moves along.

This guy is pretty fun

The first few episodes were pretty entertaining. The action isn’t bad and they capture the pure chaos that the Suicide Squad can provide. It’s just insanity with Clayface…being Clayface, King Shark eating anything that moves, Harley beating people up with whatever she can find and Deadshot just shooting everyone in this fantasy world. The prison break was very much the peak of what I expect to see from this show. I’m sure the battles against other villains in this world will be good too, but that scene captured what charm this show will have. Speaking of charm this might be the most “wholesome” I’ve ever seen Joker and Harley’s relationship. I’ve seen it look worse…

She’s not someone to trust either…

It’s not a series I’m going to cover. There’s way too much that might capture my attention in terms of other shows. But this had a solid start. The first three episodes were entertaining enough. It’s a show worth giving a shot. And unlike a lot of shows you can watch three episodes right away and see if it’s for you or not. I don’t expect to truly love this show. But I do think it could be a pretty enjoyable bit of craziness.

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