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They made it through this crisis somehow. Lawrence especially took his hits and had the worst time out of anyone this arc. Nora was in danger and Holo had to face down a giant wolf, but he was the one that took the physical and emotional abuse. It started with Lawrence found out how badly he messed up with buying that armor and it ended with him burning his wrists to break out of his restraints. Lawrence looked like a mess and he looked like it until the very end. He deserves a break and I’m glad he at least didn’t leave this situation having suffered a massive loss.

Remerio upset the wrong wolf

I like that Lawrence’s solution has a mixture of motivations to it. I’m sure he is someone that is too soft to just crush Remerio out of anger. Not that he doesn’t feel anger, but he’s just not willing to go to certain extremes if he doesn’t have to. But there was a practical reason to show restraint. Remerio was even worse off than expected. While he saved a bit to run away with, he wasn’t able to put together nearly enough money to satisfy all parties up front. If Lawrence just took the gold, it’d just be enough to split the funds with Nora and pay off his own debts. He’d still be close to broke since paying off a debt doesn’t give him a lot of money to work with after. It’d be tough with Remerio’s company right there to smuggle the gold and cash in.

It is a fair point that just taking the gold and leaving would be an option. Remerio would be near bankrupt at that point so going after Lawrence wouldn’t be that easy for him. And it’d be near impossible to get any sort of revenge since…Holo is there. You’d need a whole army to take her on and Remerio isn’t in a position to do that! They could get by ok while leaving a trail of corpses behind them. Or they could cut a deal, get enough money to make this situation turn out alright, and leave Remerio’s company alive. It was as close to a win/win scenario as they were going to get here.

Face of a man that’s made many mistakes

The good thing is that Remerio is still more than punished by all this. He gets the money needed to dig his company out of debt which is fine. But he owes the Rowen Merchant Association 500 Lumione. Now presuming that currency doesn’t tank over time it’s a pretty insane sum. It’s five times the money that Remerio used to buy that gold for smuggling and is about half the money he’ll make from it. It is being deferred in terms of needing to be paid within a decade. It is possible for him to pay that money and still have his company. But that’s still a huge debt. Remerio needs to put his company back together and use a good amount of his profits to pay back the Association. Remerio deserves all of that considering he planned to have people killed.

I sure hope he wasn’t using that leg!

Remerio of course isn’t the only person to pay a price here. Lawrence said he trusted Holo, but I’m not sure how many of those guys actually survived her attack. A good chunk of them were sent flying and probably didn’t land too comfortably. The impact that hit them and the ground later might have killed a few of them. They would of course have it coming considering they planned to kill several people on this job. The only one we know paid a heavy price though was Liebert. Considering his actions he was lucky to get away with his life. But Holo made sure he didn’t get away with much more than that. There was some satisfaction in her breaking at least one of his legs! Holo is a lady, but those paws would have no problem shattering bones. Don’t anger Holo if you want to enjoy life!

Good choice by Nora

I do understand Holo being pissed though. Seeing Lawrence so brutalized was probably enough to have her ready to kill in the first place. But this all came after she swallowed her pride to make the right call regarding the other wolf. There was no point in having a fight there. Only she understood that between the two of them, but that just meant she had to be the mature one here. Let the arrogant youngster have his cheap pride. Holo did what she had to do to deal with that situation and focus on getting back to her journey. That wasn’t pleasant. The right choice isn’t always a fun one to make. But her reward for being mature was finding Lawrence like that!?

And all of this still meant she had to run off to save Nora. She doesn’t exactly love Nora. It’s fair enough to consider her a romantic rival and she is a Shepard. Even if there’s no world where Nora would be able to stop Holo from taking her sheep, there’s just an instinctive dislike. But she did a great job restraining herself. Though I think the deciding option was Nora stopping Enek. Nora knew that was suicide. In a situation being offered more money than she’d ever know what to do with wasn’t enough to make her take on a gigantic wolf and send her partner off to die.

At least this all worked out

The episode ends on a cute note. Lawrence has had a rough time so letting him tease Holo a bit is fine. There’s zero question who he has feelings for here and who he would have called out to in a crisis. That he kept her cloak clean and dry even as his body was bloodied up proves that more than anything. Holo is just being a bit excessive in wanting an extra win here. I’m fine with Lawrence having some fun since they’ll be continuing their journey soon. Hopefully Lawrence and Holo can catch a break and enjoy their peace for a little while. It can’t possibly last in a series like this, but every break they can get is a win as far as I’m concerned. This was a good episode to resolve the immediate crisis and give proper payback to the scumbags that picked the wrong fight!

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