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This was the kind of episode I was hoping to see this week. They went all in on setting up the rescue for Hoshino and getting the pieces into place. They only just set out at the end, but it was important to do this right. The Abydos girls are capable and determined, but they can’t just do this without any help at all. And while no one openly said they would make moves to assist, they still had to make their move at the end. They know where to go and just must make it there.

I’m sure they will chip in

It does make sense that no one is openly offering to help. Kaiser officially owns that region and making a move would be as much of a political issue as the move to go after PS68 was in previous episodes. And while Gehenna did do that, it makes it all the trickier to make another move like that. Trinity of course has the least amount of reason to openly get involved. Hifumi did make a request, but Trinity can’t necessarily make open military level moves just based on a singular student’s request. The one benefit is that clearly Trinity isn’t a fan of Kaiser either so they might find a way to lend their assistance without officially doing so.

PS68 holding back does have similar connections. They are pretty much a criminal group that tends to want to be paid for their actions XD. So, offering their help for free would be problematic in terms of their reputation. So, I get why Aru who does take her job seriously wouldn’t openly agree to help. But she’s obviously going to. Aru is a good girl at her core, and she’s built up enough of a friendship with the Abydos girls that she’ll find an excuse to step in. The only downside to all of this is that they can’t coordinate their efforts if no one is officially offering to help. So, it might get a bit chaotic.

Thank you for this Hina expression

Speaking of Chaos…there’s Gehenna! Funny enough that we didn’t hear what Ako or Hina said regarding the request, just that they didn’t make any promises. Most of the focus was (understandably) taken up with Iori! While the other girls were talking to Ako, Sensei was going after the top! But Iori wasn’t going to let him pass by so easily. I’m impressed she made the licking her feet suggestion a second time since Sensei seemed serious the first time! Even more impressive though was that Sensei managed to kneel, pull off Iori’s boots, her socks, fold those socks, and then get to sucking on her feet! Not sure these are skills Sensei needs for his job, but he’s got them!

The best bit might have been Hina after though. She was starting off a bit upset with Iori over having Sensei pleading. But that was nothing compared to realizing what was going on! Even better was Sensei trying to talk with Hina while still having Iori’s foot in his mouth! Hina’s expression was pure gold! Not an upset expression, just extremely shocked and embarrassed! So, I don’t think that hurt the request for Hina’s help. Once Hina can calm down I’m sure she’ll find a way to chip in. She did tell Sensei about that Kaiser base so she’s not exactly unconnected to all this.

I wouldn’t want to cut a deal with this guy

The heavy focus for this episode was obviously on Sensei and Black Suit. If people felt Sensei wasn’t being allowed to do enough, then this should at least have helped with that. A smart move to have Black Suit be the one to “invite” Sensei to meet. He’s been curious about the impact and role of Sensei in this story, and it makes sense that he’d at least try to recruit him. Black Suit was the key figure in going after Hoshino. And he really made a push to get Sensei to cooperate with him and Gematria. Sensei clearly with Arona and other means has powers that he could easily abuse if he wanted to. There are clearly secrets regarding Schale.

But Sensei is a teacher. He’s just there to support the students to get them where they want to go. Abusing the system or any powers he has at his disposal to make his own life better has no meaning for him. So, it was satisfying having him turn down Black Suit so immediately that the guy was kind of losing his mind. It was kind of fun seeing him basically go “why, why, why!?” Gematria are outsiders to Kivotos like Sensei is. But they are there to take advantage of everything they can for their investigations, experiments, and amusement. So long as what they do isn’t expressly disallowed, they’ll do it. If it means harassing someone like Hoshino into giving up her rights, then they’ll do it.

Sensei helped set them up for this rescue

Thankfully the route to rescue Hoshino is still open. Obviously, they’ll have to make a somewhat questionable move to bust into that base to get Hoshino. But they’ve got some reason to do just that. Sensei has his authority, and he hasn’t approved Hoshino dropping out. So right now, her position is kind of in limbo. If they can get her back, then she can rip that form up herself. All they must do is get to her. That’s easier said than done of course! Black Suit threw in the towel on this issue. He’s not going to openly get in Sensei’s way in terms of recovering his student. But he’s not going to help either. And Kaiser isn’t going to step aside. They’ll have to be made to move!

Nice to see Koharu

A small nod I want to give is to the nice level of fanservice. Little cameos are a good touch that don’t mean much to those who are only watching the anime, but they can be great for the fans. When visiting Trinity we see a girl on a bench and another hanging out in the tree above her. Do we find out much about them? No of course not. But it was quick enough to not be a problem, but substantial enough to make fans smile in seeing those faces again. There probably won’t be any time next week for cameos so this was the last chance for that.

Heck of an episode for Iori

Now we move into the last episode! Hopefully they saved as much of the budget as possible for this one! I expect it’ll be an episode mostly focused on everyone fighting their way to Hoshino and getting her out. Resolving Abydos’ situation would be nice, but their priority here is clear. We just have to see how the other schools will move and how moving the rescue of Hoshino will be. I wonder whether they’ll just rescue her and take her home or if there will be a fight after they’ve rescued her? Should be fun to find out and next week will wrap this up for the time being. I fully expect more seasons of Blue Archive, but we’ll have to see about that.

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