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I finally got a chance to see the Gundam Seed movie and wow it lived up to expectations! They really put a lot into this and tried to create the most entertaining movie they could. I would not say this movie puts the story of Seed to a true end since honestly something else could easily happen in that setting once more. But it’s a great way to celebrate the story that Seed has told and was a great chance to see these characters again. I can’t pretend nostalgia isn’t going to be a factor in this review so…warning given on that one!

Seriously, these lips look huge!

If there is one issue, I did have with the movie it is the character designs. I thought this when seeing the trailers, but the female characters especially just look a bit off. It’s those lips! It would probably be fine on new characters or in a new setting. But on characters that we’ve seen and gotten to know over decades…it just stands out. It is just the one thing I can’t help but feel a bit critical about.

On the other hand, the action was beautiful. They didn’t cheap out here or lean on jarring CGI. The Gundams looked good, the battles were chaotic, and everything looked the way it should. I even liked the extra effort put into the Seed Modes for this one. It was just a small extra visual touch, but it worked. They even had fun with that Seed concept of naked spirit girls floating around. Whether it was Stellar freaking out the Black Knights or Athrun…thinking of Cagalli during his big fight at the end. It was both beautiful and downright hilarious. They knew how to make the most of those things.

So, this was “evil” Kira

The story for this was pretty good. It makes sense for Lacus and Kira to start up this international organization (Compass) to try and…direct the world to a better future. It gave them the ability to respond to situations and terrorists like Blue Cosmos without it becoming a situation where the Plants were invading Earth nations. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean things were going to be easy. Even with an OP badass like Kira that didn’t mean they could avoid all casualties. Kira was clearly getting stressed out and raced out to face off the main threats by himself. Since he was so strong on some level he looked down on his allies and didn’t trust their abilities! It’s no wonder that Shinn was feeling lost and like Kira wasn’t counting on him at all.

In that sense it was easy to take advantage of Kira. He was stressed out over not being able to create the peaceful future that he wanted Lacus to enjoy. And with the pressure building up it was so easy to push things over the edge. I was a bit surprised though that it was pretty much pure psychic power that messed with Kira. I thought they were setting up that Foundation to having set something up in Freedom or capturing Kira to brainwash him. Instead, it was mostly just messing with his head with their abilities and only for a momentary period. I totally thought this movie was setting up Kira to be brainwashed for a lot of the movie and thus forcing Shinn and Athrun to stop him. But I guess they didn’t want Shinn’s reputation as a Freedom Killer to get any worse!

It was a solid movie for Shinn

I’ll be honest in saying Shinn might have needed this movie the most! His arc wasn’t a particularly complex one. He mostly just wanted to be counted on. He accepted Kira’s offer to fight together at the end of Destiny and started this one not really getting what he was hoping for. But he avoided making any bad decisions, fought hard even though he obviously isn’t comfortable using the Justice, and he took on a ton of enemies at the same time at the end! He redeemed himself through combat! He did get saved by Stellar’s spirit protecting him, but outside of that he was truly a force. Putting him back in Destiny was the right call. It’s a suit that was downright built for Shinn. It was made to maximize his fighting style and talents. For him fighting in that is one hundred times better than fighting in Justice.

It was just pure satisfaction watching Shin crush all those Black Knights. Luna was obviously doing her part too. But this was finally a time when Shinn was in that suit, on his game, and wasn’t trying to kill any of the main characters! There was nothing stopping his rampage this time and I loved it. Shinn had a rough go at times in Destiny. He went from clearly the new main character to a sub-villain for Athrun to take down later! This time he was purely on the side of good and didn’t have to change anything besides the suit he was using!

They had to work through quite a bit

The relationship between Lacus and Kira was of course the focus here. Both were dealing with stress from their missions and not getting where they wanted. The Destiny plan was something they couldn’t stomach or agree with, but their counter push wasn’t reaching peace. I’m sure it was painful to think that the wrong choice would have brought peace faster than the one they believed was right. The mental interference angle does impact how responsible each of them are for the mess created in this movie. But they were having troubles even before that. Kira was stressing and trying desperately to create world peace. Lacus was struggling with Kira not being there and seeing him on the verge of breaking over it.

I think the power of love angle in all this is nice. They lean on the importance of choice. Which in some ways is interesting since I think Destiny kind of created them like this fated couple. But in this movie, they lean hard on Kira and Lacus choosing each other and that being what matters. Not loving someone because they are worthy or have value, but them having value because of that love. Lacus really has to push against this influence Orphee had over her. It was satisfying to have Lacus throw her feelings for Kira into this jerk’s face. And kind of fun having Kira and Lacus fighting together on the front lines for the first time. I will say that things got a bit dicey though with Orphee getting a bit close to a sexual assault at one point in the movie.

Tactical fantasy go!

The movie did tackle various things you would have hoped to see. Destiny swung away from Athrun and Cagalli to maybe ship Athrun with Meyrin Hawke. But this movie just put them right back together again at the end. I did love Athrun’s win in his duel though. I thought it was a clever way to deal with the whole reading minds angle. Athrun messing with Shura via thinking some explicit Cagalli thoughts was hilarious as I said earlier. But the best part was the remote control. Messing with Shura’s head left him not looking as deep into Athrun’s mind so he couldn’t detect the remote control until he’d gotten hit. And it’s just cool to have Cagalli save Athrun in that way. They are different so her method of dodging Shura wasn’t the way Athrun would have done it. And thus, it worked!

I will say it’s a bit of a shame that Meyrin wasn’t a particularly major character here. Her gutsy move to save Athrun in Destiny always stuck with me so part of me hoped she’d be reasonably important. But that just didn’t happen. She was around though, and I’ll take that. Athrun himself wasn’t that involved in the first half either. He was off doing his usual secret spy thing XD. Just showing up in the nick of time whenever he was needed. Whether that was saving Kira or…beating the crap out of Kira when he was feeling a bit too sorry for himself.

Luna did get some good moments too

Nostalgia levels were through the roof and I appreciated that. I didn’t even think to expect the Meteor song to start playing near the climax, but it was totally fitting. The best part was that so many characters got to enjoy the hype of that song. Kira and Lacus were of course the main beneficiaries with blasting just everything in the area. But Shinn got a lot of his best moments while that song was playing. Just a small thing, but I loved that song being used once again.

They finally let her bail out of situations like this!

All of this and I haven’t even talked about Ramius. She had a lot going on as well in this one. Archangel was legitimately sunk in this movie! I suppose showing the new villains destroying the ship that was practically unsinkable was a good move. But it also allowed for a lot of great little moments. After having numerous mobile ships aiming guns directly at the bridge…they finally installed an emergency system to bail the Captain to a lower deck! Fool me once shame on me…nearly blow up the bridge 15 times and I better learn my lesson!

The benefit of course was the cool move of having Ramius getting to captain the Minvera’s successor, the Millennium. I just found it a smile worthy moment that she gets to captain the same kind of ship as her rival from Destiny. She’s a darn good captain and I think she deserves all the respect she has within that setting.

Not a good way to go…

I don’t have that much to say about the antagonists and I’m fine with that! They were there to provide a challenge for the main cast and create an excuse for epic battles. Mission accomplished! They did have some backstory with the connection to Durandal and them trying to be this next step beyond Coordinators. Pretty much have New Type powers and are obsessed with the security of the Destiny Plan. Evil enough to hate and good at their role. We also got to see the horrors of the Requiem weapon on regular people. Holy smokes that was a bad way to go! People were basically burned alive and turned to ash.

There was also a new girl Agnes that was in love with Kira, but honestly she wasn’t that important. Her biggest role was creating some drama by aggressively hitting on Kira and giving Luna someone to fight in the finale! Her obsession with being loved and thinking she was owed love was about her only remarkable quality. Agnes was honestly just a total jerk.

Good to see Gundam Seed once again

This movie was honestly just a lot of fun. Two hours passed in the blink of an eye. They set up the drama, gave us some action, and it was refreshing to see the Gundam Seed cast again. It was a long wait to see this movie (in so many ways), but I think it was worth it. I do regret that no theaters played this movie anywhere near me so I couldn’t see this on the big screen. This was a Gundam Seed story that I was happy to see unfold. Outside of “those lips” I don’t really have any complaints here. I had fun and think they delivered what they needed to make this a good movie. Super happy that they made this and it reminds me of how fun Gundam can be.

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