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Things are moving along nicely for Holo and Lawrence. There is of course no way things will be smooth sailing the whole way so it’s just a matter of time before they stumble into trouble. For the time being though they had an interesting little trip with the shepherdess Nora and managed to get their goods into town without too much trouble. To me giving up one piece of armor as tax seems heavy, but I suppose if a person is paying in goods that’s the minimum amount of tax a person could pay. It’ll be interesting to see what key setup moments in these first two episodes of the arc will be crucial to the journey going forward.

Sometimes you can’t win

The chemistry and interactions between Lawrence and Holo remain the best part of the whole show. I love the chat they had leading to Nora traveling with them. Obviously, Holo was annoyed at Lawrence bringing a cute girl along for the trip when she was already there. But while Lawrence’s thought process started and stopped there, her concerns were more nuanced. Traveling companions are risky. Messing up would mean Holo’s secret is revealed. At that point they must make a serious choice. Do they try to buy that person’s silence, hope they won’t talk or…silence them. It’s not necessarily a risk to be taken on a whim.

It ends up a win for Holo since that point allows her to shake up Lawrence. Even if she was jealous there’s a legitimate reason for her to be uneasy about having Nora come along. So, she can tease the heck out of him and not get called out for anything! Lawrence is still too naive to quite keep up with Holo’s thinking. That’s not to say he’s a fool. Lawrence isn’t so dense that he’d avoid even considering Holo getting jealous. He was just a few steps behind her. Still, it is rough though. He loses that argument and still has her jealously mad at him later! And while he could restore her mood later, he clearly had to listen to her laugh as hard as she could for a good while at his expense!

Nice girl

Nora seems like a nice enough girl. I’m sure it is lonely just being out there with only one dog and a bunch of sheep. Obviously Enek is good company and is a capable canine. But there’s only so much talking to oneself can accomplish. It would be interesting if Holo was being honest that Nora didn’t really care for chatting with Lawrence. But she might have just been messing with him. Maybe she was only interested in the cash the business deal of escorting Lawrence could provide?

It’s entirely possible since clearly the church isn’t paying her enough. She wants to move on to another career, but clearly can’t yet. Nora is angling to take on risky jobs like escorting merchants to protect them from wolves. That’s not something a normal shepherdess would be doing if times were good. The church may be a steady workplace but that doesn’t mean it’s one that pays well. If they are taxing gold imports heavily and making quite a bit of money, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see them squeezing those that work for them for all they are worth…I guess we’ll see what happens with her going forward. At the very least business should draw her and Lawrence together again.

Nothing like a friendly face

It’s cool to see Lawrence visiting his local guild house. This obviously isn’t his homeland, but I’m sure guilds really are a home away from home for merchants like him. Not easy to visit home so it’s all about those familiar connections where you can find them. And naturally there is an objective value in having a guild. If things go bad there’s some support that can be found. They aren’t going to carry around dead weight, but they can assist. We saw the importance of organizations in the last arc. Milone and Medio played huge roles because they had bodies and assets to throw at the problem of the Trenni coins. The association leader there seems like a good guy. Lot of positive energy. Though I do think Lawrence might have problems if Holo is paying keen attention with those ears of hers…

Seems like this guy is having a bad time

A bit creepy that someone was looking around for Lawrence. That’s probably trouble trying to find him, but it’s hard to say quite yet. The man didn’t seem overly hostile, but rather just delivering a message. They did just come from Poroson so having a message trying to catch up to them seems strange. But I guess we’ll find out what news that guy is bringing soon enough. They do seem convinced that Lawrence will show up so presumably Remerio is where he’s going to be selling his armor soon enough. For now, I guess we’ll see what happens.

Hopefully no one gets on her bad side…

This was another fun episode. The good vibes between Lawrence and Holo remain strong. They have the sort of chemistry where the line of where they stand is a bit vague. There are good reactions on both sides, but it’s not the same ones you’d get from teen protagonists in a high school drama. There are still little moments of embarrassment, but it’s kept within a range that’s not too much. Lawrence held up on taking Holo into the association building with him since that would have certain implications. Though I notice she didn’t show any denial towards the marriage requirement to head in… For now, I guess we’ll see what ominous news is waiting for Lawrence in the next episode. Trouble is always right around the corner.

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