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This is a transition type episode. One of those slower episodes that is setting up the second half of the season. But it does draw attention toward forces that could play a bigger role as things move along. It does of course mean that the episode itself isn’t necessarily the most exciting. A lot of characters dwelling on how difficult their current situations are! And you also have Sensei being a bit floaty in terms of putting his foot down on any specific issue. But I do like the hints towards Hoshino’s past and the moral quandary that Aru finds herself in. Plus, one of my favourite characters got a minor shout-out in this episode and I’ll never complain about that!

This sums up Aru nicely

Aru has a rough time in this episode. Part of it is her own undoing. She wants to be this free and loose outlaw. But at the same time, she does have standards and her sense of villainy is a bit muted. It is good to have some standards of course, but her floaty standards helped lead to her bad situation at the end of this episode. It allows Mutsuki and others to really run the show since it’s easy to manipulate her using her own desires to be a cool outlaw. And of course, it allows Haruka to really go off the rails because she presumes to understand what Aru wants. If Aru had set out standards ahead of time, then maybe things wouldn’t have turned out quite like this. And by the end she’s roped into a fight because she feels a need to live up to expectations.

This really is on her

Haruka is responsible though. She wasn’t asked to blow up the restaurant that they actively visit! Even if she feels an intense appreciation for Aru there’s still a line she shouldn’t cross! And she leapt right over it! Even she enjoyed eating there and didn’t exactly have a negative feeling for the owner. This is a low moment for her. Aru clearly ended up ready to take the blame for all this, but this is something Haruka is going to need to redeem herself from. Thankfully the owner isn’t dead, so the situation isn’t completely irrecoverable. The shop is wrecked though and that honestly may be just as bad from the owner’s point of view…

Commit to your points man!

This isn’t a great episode for Sensei either. He’s wishy washy about most issues that come up. He couldn’t even really commit to the idea that they’ll find a way through this. And awkwardly wanted to take credit for any change in Hoshino’s character XD. But hey, it’s probably better than being perfect. He’s also a character that could use a standout moment. Right now, his presence isn’t quite essential, but it’s better than him not being there at all. He’s got a chance to pull it together later.

Doesn’t look too enthused this week

I do like the hints as for something being up with Hoshino. She’s the only third year at Abydos and shockingly it sounds as if she had everything dropped onto her shoulders in her first year. She doesn’t give off the vibe of someone that’s been working insanely hard all this time. But clearly, she must have for the school to even still be around for the other students to even have the chance to attend it. And of course, she’s not around while everything is starting to go to hell at the end of the episode.

But she also makes the darkest points about their current situation. It is likely that the major schools know what is going on in Abydos. They should all have enough resources to investigate the situation going on around them. And yet they haven’t done anything (until now). And even this episode made it sound like Gehenna is mostly just there to deal with Problem Solver 68. I would say though that invading another school is beyond questionable.

A glimpse of Hina

This was a middle of the road kind of episode. It moved the story along and sets up what could be a fun episode next week. Gehenna is on the move with Iori leading the charge. Props to putting the extra effort into her tail XD. The interesting thing will be what Abydos does. They aren’t the targets of this attack. But their district is suffering the damage from it, and they already are fired up over the ramen shop exploding! They want a piece of Problem Solver 68 themselves! Now according to Kayoko, the Prefect Team isn’t a huge threat so long as Hina isn’t with them. And she wasn’t seen at the end of this episode. But I guess her claims will be challenged!

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