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It is such a weird thing having this show return a month into the spring season. They did spend that time doing something with releasing those “remember this” flashback episodes over the past month. I suppose it is better than them dropping mountains of recap into the season itself. It was a free chance for people to skip those recaps and just wait for the new stuff to start.

Just a monster at this point

And oh boy did we get going! They went right from that whole “the cavalry is on the way” to the cavalry being under attack! I suppose that’s probably why rushing ahead isn’t necessarily the best of strategies. If they could gather the #1 heroes of the various other nations and have them move as a unified force, then it would be a far riskier move to openly go after them. But I suppose it just shows how horrifying Tomura has become. He’s the kind of monster that can openly oppose some of the strongest people on the planet.

Credit to her for coming all this way

Honestly while this episode was probably there to show how powerful Star is…it only filled me with worry. I suppose it shows that she’s a likeable character if I’m worried about her ending up a corpse! But that’s the big worry right now. I suppose she could just get out of it with her quirk stolen, but considering we haven’t seen a sign that they can get those quirks back later it would still be a devastating defeat.

But is there any chance this doesn’t end with her defeat? Keeping her out of things would allow the focus to remain squarely on Deku which makes sense since he’s the protagonist. But she’d be a huge asset to handling this horrible situation and it would be a shame to see her good nature ending up costing her more than anything. Just showing up, having her quirk stolen, and not being able to assist All Might in the slightest would suck. But I feel like the odds are good that this is how it’ll end.

I approve of this quirk

Might as well enjoy her talents while she has them though! Cathleen’s got experience, strong willpower, and is holding her own against the absolute ridiculous monster Tomura has become. That she’s managed to keep up the attack is impressive. And she’s clearly trying to make use of all the assets she has at her disposal. They are making good use of those lasers and she’s doing a great job for someone that can’t fly.

Her quirk is a cool one. I like the fact that she’s constantly using one of those usages on herself to mimic All Might’s power as much as she can. It’s a sweet sort of respect to the person that did so much for her. Too bad she can’t fully mimic his power, or she could have ended this with one good hit on Tomura. I do hope that she manages to get out of this one so she can keep that personality around for the rest of the season. Plus, full props to her fighter force since they are going into this expecting most of them ending up as corpses!

Oh joy, Endeavor is on his way!

Unfortunately, the only help on the way is Endeavor. No offence to the man but…I don’t see him forcing Tomura to retreat. Deku doesn’t even know what’s going on and certainly isn’t on the way. It would be the kind of gut punch I’d expect from where the show is right now to have his newfound optimism dashed. He’s back at school, believing that his classmates can help him turn things around…and he might get news soon that America’s #1 is dead or powerless. Now I’m being a bit pessimistic about all this, but we are heading into the final arc (I presume). Things should be getting pretty darn terrible right about now.

Somehow Tomura can tank this!

It was kind of nice to get into talking about this show again. I’ve got way too much on my plate to cover this. But it’s good to see the show hitting the ground running here. America’s #1 hero is showing what she can do and that’s pretty darn awesome. I wish she had even more backup with her, but I suppose that’s the way things go. I don’t blame her for rushing to the scene or putting up the best fight she can. Still, we know where this is all going to end up going. I sure hope that the ridiculous collection of quirks that Deku has can stop All for One. And it’ll almost certainly have to be him.

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