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This was the Motomu special. It was all about diving into what’s been eating at him since he’s been introduced. The issue has always seemed to be a family one with how sensitive he’s been about people using his name. But now we finally get a full understanding of what has eaten away at him and got some positive progress for Motomu. He seems to be in a much better head space after this episode than where he started it. I think he’ll be a rock-solid part of the band this year and will provide steady performances next year as well. He’s doing alright now.

People can be awful to each other

A major element to this show has been a collection of people damaged by previous experience. Motomu fits right in with Kitauji in that respect. I remember Kanade showing how hard the social side of band is in the movie. The same is shown here with Motomu’s sister. She had talent, she worked hard, but the social side of it just destroyed her. He didn’t say what kind of illness she had so it’s tough to say anything for sure. But I’m sure the implication is that the pressure and hate she was suffering from just ate away at her ability to fight to stay alive. Performing where her grandfather was an instructor just wrecked her. Someone that just loved music was ruined by people just being scumbags.

There were ups and downs for sure

In that sense I get Motomu having his issues. He didn’t hate his grandfather and doesn’t think he was the cause of what happened. But I get that it’d be uncomfortable to follow his sister’s path in that sense. I get him wanting to have that distance with his grandfather. To enjoy band in the way his sister should have been allowed to. Heck, I’m sure the idea that Kitauji is all about ability over everything else helped make that decision for him. It’s a place where he doesn’t have to worry about the same thing that happened to his sister happening again.

And through all of it he has the wonderful example of Midori in front of him. She is the personification of everything his sister would have wanted from concert band. Midori is just a person that loves to play, puts everything into it, and truly enjoys herself. These three years have had ups and downs, but she’s truly enjoyed playing music that whole time. In that sense I get why he doesn’t want to talk about his personal tragedies to her. It’s a selfish wish to just have Midori continue to enjoy herself. At least Motomu did reach out in a way by sharing that music with her. It shows that he does care about her and trusts her in his own way.

People know Kumiko is there

Kumiko continues to just be a rock for these characters. She may not have a lot of answers and can’t change reality for them. But she’s easy to talk to and she listens. And most important (for some characters) is that she loves the band. She cares about their performance. I think Motomu could take her advice to talk to his grandfather because he knows where it’s coming from. Because and he care about their performance as a band and how well he can play. Telling him to talk to his grandfather because that’d be a nice thing to do might not be enough. But giving him the excuse that it’s for the sake of music is just an easier way to go about it. Kumiko is proving to be a great leader for this band and absolutely the right choice to be president for this third year.

I get it, but still…

I get why Motomu’s grandfather wanted him to transfer to Ryusei. But I also think it would have been a horrible choice. Motomu was going to either get over this or he wasn’t. But reaching out to Taki and trying to add some pressure was just a dumb choice. Motomu would have fought it the whole way. He is a student so he wouldn’t be able to have absolute freedom to choose, but it would have not worked out. At the absolute worst he might have quit band. He might not have done that since he loves to play, but it wouldn’t have been good. It does show how absolutely lost his grandfather was. Asking his students to tell him what’s up with his grandson and trying to get him transferred? Turn around and talk to him! And if he’s keeping his distance then don’t force it.

Reina really has matured

Glad everything worked out. SunFes was pretty much a success. I like both that the characters came together, and that Reina did speak to Takekawa. She was the poster girl for Reina’s harsh treatment. But she also rose to the occasion. And I like that Reina also encouraged her to keep working and push for a spot on the competition band. It should really help Takekawa herself keep working, but also it encourages the first years overall. Reina holds herself and others to a high standard. But she isn’t a monster and wants to see the best out of everyone. And the moments with her and Kumiko just keep them both nicely humanized. They have fun messing with and reacting to each other. They are the core of this band and it’ll go as far as they take it.

Glad he’s worked through this

This was just another solid episode. I wouldn’t say Motomu is one of my favourite characters in this show. But I will say that this handled him well. It showed how his frustrations and struggles were constantly bubbling over and that he needed to talk to someone! I think he’ll be a very reliable character going forward. I’m sure Kanade will still mess around with him since she’s good at stirring the pot. But I think overall he’ll stop freaking out over any mention of his last name. They obviously aren’t going to avoid drama going forward and it’ll ramp up as the auditions arrive. But I’m feeling hopeful that this group will pull it together by the end.

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