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Well, the main cast have already reached the level of being professional bank robbers! That was a solid and effective robbery. It’s too bad they decided to back off on the idea of resolving their problems through criminal activities. Because that would be a faster way to get rid of their debt trouble. And it’s not like they have an obvious way out of that mess via legal means. Outside of using Nonomi’s insanely good credit card. That school seems utterly doomed to shut down entirely once Serika and Ayane graduate (presuming it lasts that long with only two students trying to keep up with payments).

Her time has come!

Honestly the best part was them just going all in on the robbery. Even roping poor Hifumi into that mess! Shiroko finally got to make use of all the preparations she’s made for bank robbery! She had plans for how to best handle it, had the masks good to go, and clearly the escape routes were planned out enough for them to get away without too much trouble. Everyone played their part effectively and made sure to not let the situation spiral out of control. I’m not sure how many innocent civilians there are inside an evil bank, but I guess it’s good to be careful just in case!

Welcome aboard Faust!

Congrats as well to Hifumi who made her debut as Faust! May her legend as the true leader of the Masked Swimsuit Gang be everlasting! That poor girl got up to try and track down some rare collectables and ended up committing a bank robbery! Maybe next time she should just hope to find them on the Kivotos version of eBay! It is good that the Abydos girls got her out of trouble since getting kidnapped wouldn’t be a joke. Also shows how important it is to be careful in a place like that. Anyone from rich schools like Trinity should steer clear or head down there with friends to back them up.

Slowly the series is opening up and introducing the wider world of Kivotos. Problem Solver 68 allowed us to meet some characters from Gehenna and this time Trinity got some acknowledgement. Obviously, the story is about Abydos and should be kept locked in on that school. But it’s not a bad thing to meet characters from different schools and set the stage for future arcs.

Every outlaw has an origin!

Aru’s team is just a blast and is one of the most fun to follow in the show so far. I liked getting that brief flashback to Aru as a younger student. This girl just idealizes the idea of a hard-boiled outlaw. She wants to live outside the rules and have a sense of freedom while doing so. It’s a reckless path of course but clearly, she’s dedicated herself to it. Even someone relatively reasonable like Kayoko still sticks with Aru even if she’s a total goofball. Her team isn’t blind to her flaws, but they still stick with her. Whether it’s because she’s entertaining or because they appreciate her dedication to a cause I’m not sure. Well, I’m sure Mutsuki is sticking around for the laughs XD!

So, it’s both cute and silly when she swoons over the Masked Swimsuit Gang. They just charge in there and take what they want. Not sure if it’s a good example, but I like the idea that it’s an example of being proactive. Aru was trying to do things by the book in a sense. She went into the bank seeking out a loan and having been professional. But if she wants to be loose and free then maybe that’s not quite the way to do things. There’s that inherent contradiction between her wanting Problem Solver 68 to be a professional business and wanting to be free to do as she pleases.

I get Hoshino’s position

With the Abydos girls it is more difficult because they want to stay on the “right side” of things. I get Hoshino’s feelings of not wanting to see her underclassmen turning to crime. That’s all the truer since she will graduate before any of them. When she’s gone the consequences of how she’s led her fellow students will determine their futures. If she lets them think it’s ok to cross those lines without thinking, then they might go overboard after she’s long gone. Though it does leave me a bit conflicted since it doesn’t provide an answer for what they should do instead.

The one takeaway for me is Shiroko’s trust in Hoshino. While Shiroko has her own sense of morality she does bend to Hoshino’s desires. Obviously, this is a tight group, but Shiroko’s trust in Hoshino is special. Maybe that does push Hoshino to try and be more responsible since she knows Shiroko and the others will follow her down any given road. Kind of hope they get an excuse to go to that Aquarium together. Events may not allow that though.

Payday for outlaws!

This was just a solid episode. The visuals and action are slipping a little as we get into the middle section of the show. But I still hope we can end on a strong note when the series gets to that stage. For now, the Abydos girls should have some evidence on that Kaiser Loans are up to. I’m not sure how much they can do with that since it was stolen evidence in the first place. But at least they might get some answers. And right now, they are kind of wandering in the dark unable to figure out which way to go. That data might be exactly what they need.

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