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And here’s where the situation begins to turn! Lawrence reached the height of his hopes with everything going his way and now everything is going against him! I don’t blame him for looking utterly shell near the end there. The situation really was hitting him hard. I’m sure with all the desperation he didn’t think as far ahead about how the Milone Trading Company wouldn’t have much reason to help him out. And certainly, he couldn’t think so far ahead as to realize that Medio Trading should also have known that. But that just allowed the realization at the end to hit even harder. This situation is even more dangerous than expected.

The stakes just got higher

Medio certainly has a dangerous card to play here. Normally taking a hostage wouldn’t matter at all. Proving it would be difficult and Milone just doesn’t have the reason to go above and beyond to help Lawrence now that they’ve already got the information he possesses. But Holo changes the entire situation. It’s obvious how dangerous it would be to reveal Holo’s identity to the Church. For Lawrence that alone is horrible since his life would be forfeit and the same goes for Holo. But it’s equally devastating for Milone. No amount of profit off this deal would be worth having the Church on their backs. Their business internationally (not to mention at home) would be damaged beyond measure. They might even be destroyed as a company.

The danger is there for Medio as well since they’ll have to be convincing in explaining how they had nothing to do with Holo. They wouldn’t want to get burned themselves. But I’m sure they’ve done their work to be able to prove her connection to Lawrence and Lawrence’s connection with Milone. If they play their cards right, it’s the kind of threat that is effective.

Lawrence will have to play his cards well

On the other hand, there’s at least a chance for Lawrence now. Milone was clear about not helping him out in this situation if it was a normal kidnapping. Their choices appeared to be caught between helping Lawrence but losing out on the profit of this deal or ignoring the threat and having Lawrence despise them. But now the stakes are completely different. If they back down, then frankly Medio could make them do just about anything. Not only are the coins they collected going to represent a loss, but Medio may tell them to keep gathering coins or else. Helping Lawrence could risk Medio turning in Holo immediately. Although if Holo can be saved then profit and lives can still be secured. But who knows. The next episode will determine which way Milone wants to go here.

The curse of alcohol!

It’s too bad Holo didn’t remember what she wanted to say earlier! If they had gotten ahead of Medio’s attack, then no one would have been captured. Without Holo Medio can only make vague accusations. I’d say it’s shocking that both Lawrence and the Milone Company didn’t realize this danger, but it’s possible the Milone Company did. They weren’t under any obligations to remind Lawrence to protect himself. With Lawrence it’s not a surprise. He was so hyped up over the profits and potentially achieving his dream that his brain stopped working. Lawrence is only human, and this is the biggest deal of his life. Mistakes are bound to happen.

A dream for the future

The best parts were centered entirely on Lawrence and Holo. Already these two have such a beautiful connection. At this point Holo is obviously emotional and struggling after being isolated for who knows how long. She finally has someone to open up to about her fears and nightmares. For an ancient being like Holo the fear that she may never see her friends again has to be intense. The human ones are obviously dead, but any other wolves should be out there. But she hasn’t seen them, and no one traveled all the way south looking for her either. Good on Lawrence for being there when she needed someone and putting off his shop plans for the time being to keep traveling with her. It could be a long journey, but no harm in opening his shop afterwards.

It makes her willingness to play decoy even more fitting. For her the debt of alleviating her loneliness is a great one. Lawrence was there when she needed him, so she’ll put herself in a bit of danger for his sake. She obviously didn’t do a great job hiding her ears and tail, but if she can turn into a wolf then she should be relatively safe here. It doesn’t appear like they’ve taken her things so she should have the wheat and a good bite on anyone there will give her blood if she goes that route! But I can imagine that’s not her first choice.

Hopefully they’ll reunite soon

It’s going to be fun to see things play out. Lawrence is already desperate to find Holo. He needs help since there’s only so much a single merchant with a knife can do. Organizations are strong and he’s up against one right now. The only good thing is that they know who their enemy is and just need to outmaneuver them. And for better or worse Milone has been dragged into this mess too. They should be desperate enough to assist Lawrence. But Lawrence has really put himself into a tight spot where the actions of others will decide his fate. Hopefully those jerks keep their hands off Holo as well. They don’t exactly need to take good care of their hostage in this situation…

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