Score: B+

The story is moving along, and the mood so far has been kept reasonably light. The situation for Abydos is obviously a bad one in terms of the bigger picture. It’s a school that just doesn’t have much of a chance to survive with a debt that couldn’t be covered during the lifespan of the students even if they keep paying after graduation. But the current threat of gang attacks is something they can currently handle. Things did get problematic with Problem Solver 68 getting involved in all this. Unlike the previous gangs they are a group that can put up a good fight against the Abydos girls. If the mercenaries didn’t fall back then even with Sensei giving them tactics to follow it probably wouldn’t turn out all that well.

They have certain charms

I do like Problem Solver 68 (just going to shorten this down to Problem Solver) as a group though. They are a dumb, but enjoyable bunch to follow. Reasonably capable at what they do, but they also tend to make critical missteps along the way. That was true whether we looked at their “animal recovery mission” early on or their fight against Abydos. It’s those little mistakes that keep them from being too successful and keeps them entertaining. They also had a pretty tough time with this mission because of their friendly interactions with the Abydos girls earlier in the episode.

Aru isn’t a monster, and she was hit hard when realizing who their targets were. But she’s also trying to live up to the position she’s taken up in leading this group. Trying to turn it into a questionable business that will do anything and everything. They weren’t a good force for the main cast to deal with, but at their core they aren’t bad people either. There’s some respectability in trying to be professional. They do need to choose their jobs a bit more carefully though. Otherwise, they’ll take up jobs they regret getting involved in.

Serika had some tough times

I kind of feel for Serika who clearly could empathize with Problem Solver’s apparent poor status. It’s too bad since she clearly was hyped up on helping these people out. The chef at the ramen place also was a great guy that helped them out with a ridiculously oversized order of ramen. He was for sure taking a loss on that one! But that’s sometimes how things go.

To a degree I think Shiroko took it well. She was more focused on the practical problem. They need to find out who is behind the attacks on Abydos. They have enough problems on their hands without having to fend off attackers’ day and night. Each school seems to have a certain level of autonomy to take care of their own business. So, they really must protect their own school here. Sadly, they couldn’t get such an edge over Problem Solver to get some answers. All they did was once again force a retreat.

I think this could work!

Unfortunately for Ayane, I don’t think there are any sensible solutions for the problems Abydos is facing. The region has suffered significantly from sandstorms, is under severe debt, and there’s no good reason for students to consider Abydos compared to other schools. So naturally the only ideas people are going to come up with are extreme or illegal. Be it scams (sorry Serika), bank robberies, abductions, or becoming idols. There isn’t a sensible choice in that bunch.

Not surprised Sensei was leaning towards the idol choice. It was the only one that wasn’t illegal! Plus, hey, if it works for Love Live why not here? Admittedly I don’t think that school was under quite this extreme a situation, but it’s still a better choice than the other options in terms of pure legality. I do still feel for Ayane who clearly would like to find a more sensible solution to all their problems. Especially since as Hoshino and others start graduating it will leave her and Serika as the last students of Abydos. A pretty rough situation.

The fights are picking up

I think the latest episode showed the potential for the fights to pick up as the show goes along. Problem Solver 68 provided a much better overall challenge, and it was nice to see the main cast having to struggle a bit more outside of facing pure numbers. Some smooth moves were shown by Kayoko as she handled both Nozomi and Serika at the same time. Even Shiroko and Hoshino were having a rough time getting lured into explosions and needing to be on their toes. This was a fight that easily could have gone bad and would have gone bad if not for the mercenaries clocking out. Sensei’s strategies helped, but good tactics can only do so much in the face of quality and quantity of opponents.

Could be trouble

The show is slowly building itself up. There’s a lot of stories to cover (especially if this goes for multiple seasons). But I’m still having a good time seeing it get rolling in these early episodes. Even starting to hint at bigger forces at play in the scene after the ED. Abydos’ struggling and efforts have been a surprise to those launching these attacks. It won’t take long for them to get the big picture and if things keep escalating that’s going to make things even tougher on the girls. Whether it’s robot people or…other things. Sensei will have his hands full helping Abydos hold its ground.

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