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The show just keeps moving steadily along. We’re starting to get a picture of what is going on with the coin speculation while the relationship between Holo and Lawrence continues to build up. The episode was mostly just about arriving in Pazzio and setting up where this arc is going. In a sense they just sold some furs, learned that the Trenni silver coin was at the center of all this, and that Zheren is likely involved in a bigger scheme involving the value of the coins decreasing. But the chemistry of Holo and Lawrence is so good that it makes all the trading and economics completely enjoyable.

Holo makes a good point that hiding her face isn’t a big deal. Her legends are pretty vague and could apply to just about anyone. At least that is the case when her tail and ears are hidden. At that point she’s just a very lovely girl. One with the name Holo…but at this point they’ve already introduced her as Holo to Zheren so giving her a fake name would just look more suspicious if Zheren heard about it. Considering how the village treated Holo’s legend it isn’t worth going too crazy about hiding her identity.

A satisfied wolf!

Holo proves that greed can be useful! She wanted those darn apples, got them, ate them, and managed to make a huge profit off them. One silver coin managed to assist Holo in boosting Lawrence’s sale from 140 silver coins to 210. While excessive greed can be problematic, she made a good point in this case. Greed can cost you plenty, but restraint doesn’t provide you anything. It just helps you avoid the negatives of the opposite.

Regardless, it’s safe to say that Holo got a total win in this episode. The sweet allure of apples gave her something, got Lawrence more money, and even taught the Milone Company merchant a new trick. Hopefully he doesn’t hold a grudge considering they are going right back to talk about this silver coin situation!

This guy wasn’t ready!

It was a treat though seeing Holo flex her knowledge. Lawrence shouldn’t let it get him down since she’s simply lived a long time and seen various techniques in that time. It was a masterful performance regardless. She let Lawrence do his thing and he did a solid job selling his goods by leaning on the “I’d love to have a good business relationship going forward” sort of reasoning. But Holo just went all in. She made good use of the apples to scent the furs, knew how much abuse the furs could take, and enticed him with the possibilities. Certainly, clothing made from sweet-smelling furs would be pretty darn pricey! She managed to make a 70-coin gain on the 140 coins that Lawrence would have gotten. And in that moment, she showed her value.

Don’t even think about it Weiz!

Weiz is quite the piece of work. I can’t of course blame anyone for getting swept up in Holo’s charms. She’s a gorgeous girl without even getting to see her wolf ears and tail which only add to her beauty. And she knows how to mess around in a lighthearted way. No chance she’d ever get involved with Weiz, but having Lawrence get a bit jealous is the kind of simple thrill that adds to her good time. She summed it up nicely. Males getting jealous are fools and same goes for the female that gets happy over that. Just fools everywhere you look.

The big gain of course was Holo abusing her skilled ears to pick up the differences in the coins. That the silver purity is decreasing is interesting, but similarly is how little it has decreased by. You can tell they are already moving ahead with decreasing the purity but are also afraid of the market impact that will come when the public catches on over what is happening.

Have to look beyond the obvious

Lawrence needing to change his perspective was key to figuring things out. A simple movement of the “camera” but seeing the different viewpoint along with the point Holo made was a nice combination. It’s easy to get swept up in trying to figure out how Zheren can profit since the deal doesn’t really leave him a way to if the silver purity drops. But looking at it from the perspective of someone else being the true swindler then it makes more sense. Zheren can make his profit from that person. No matter how much the merchants he dealt with lose, he won’t have to cover that and will just return the coins they gave him. A pretty easy deal for him. And he likely gets more profit the more people he pulls into this.

Lot of trouble over this coin

It’ll be fun to see the next episode play out. Lawrence seems eager to head back to the Milone Company and somehow turn this situation to his advantage. It’ll be fun to see how he chooses to handle this. Makes sense that he doesn’t presumably think he can take full advantage of whatever scheme is involved here by himself. He only has so many resources and connections. How he chooses to take advantage remains to be seen. It’s a good first challenge for Lawrence and Holo. They need to take advantage of a currency that is about to depreciate. Guess we’ll see how they do that and what challenges come from it.

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