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I’m kind of combining the first two episodes since I got behind on this. But I will say this was a solid start to Mission: Yozakura Family. It reminds me why I really enjoyed reading the first phase of this manga. And while I haven’t kept up with it as of late, these chapters are full of good nostalgia. They nicely establish the main couple, the family, and the kind of over-the-top action that we’ve got coming. And it isn’t exactly ignoring the crazy danger these super powered people are creating. Episode 2 had quite a few antagonists heading to the grave after all!

I like these two as a couple

The core of the first two episodes really is Taiyo and Mutsumi though. And I appreciate that. They end up married by the end of episode 1. But the nice thing is that they have been close for years. Mutsumi was frankly Taiyo’s only attachment to the world around himself. If she wasn’t supporting him it’s hard to say if he wouldn’t have ended up unable to interact with the world at all. It’s no wonder that he’d be willing to push himself for her sake when she was having her ability to attend school being potentially taken away by her protective brother.

A great element to it though is the realization of how much Mutsumi has carried that whole time. Even while he was grieving, she still had to worry about her life constantly being targeted and her family living rather dangerous lives. But for that reason, I’m sure it was easier for her to sympathize with a grieving Taiyo. Mutsumi has so much to deal with, but she has her family to share the load with. I’m sure it was especially painful for her to see a friend losing the very support that she counts on.

Stepped up when it counted

It’s a nice move that Taiyo did initially hesitate to take the “get married and you’re safe” suggestion that was given to him in the first episode. Of course he’s going to hesitate about that. Not only was his life suddenly at risk which would be jarring for anyone, but it would be selfishly tying Mutsumi’s life to his just to protect himself. She is a childhood friend, and he does care about her. So that would make it even more difficult to jump into that without considering the consequences. Though I do think Mutsumi was right that he’s also still just traumatized. Family is a difficult topic for him and something he hasn’t had in a long time.

Imagine that being the last sight you’d ever see

There’s not too much to say about the family. The one with the most attention given to him is obviously Kyouichirou. He’s an insane siscon and that’s clear right away XD. Of course, that made it even more satisfying that he had to take his loss when Taiyo sucked up the pain of having his hand cut up to put on the ring. He’s insanely capable and is clearly set up as this standard for top tier spies that Taiyo can look up to. Sometimes literally! He’s also capable of fighting all his other siblings at the same time which is kind of crazy to imagine. Not a person you want out there trying to kill you.

The rest of the family will get their moments but there isn’t that much to comment on after a couple of episodes. A small nod does go out though to Futaba. She was the one that fought their eldest brother head on and did suggest the marriage solution to their problem.

A deserved fate

The show has quite the mix of comedy, tragedy, and action all packed into the same show. Taiyo’s family background is terribly tragic. This guy lost his family in a horrible accident and was so messed up by it that he couldn’t even interact with his classmates. Mutsumi is the child head of a family of spies who doesn’t have any special powers but is a prime target for anyone that ever has had an issue with her family. She also clearly had a terrible incident as a child which left part of her hair bleached white. They’ve been through some stuff!

But that’s all mixed in with crazy action where Kyouichirou deflects bullets and missiles with strings before sending all the attackers to their deaths. He is insanely deadly and has no problem killing guys there to kill him or people he’s worked with in the past. Of course, the bomber guy was doomed when he targeted Mutsumi.

A show worth checking out

I don’t have that much to say, but I still enjoyed the first couple of episodes. The show has a lot of energized action and that can be fun to enjoy. The visuals are bright and entertaining. Whether they are spending time in school or…caught up in explosions at school it’s all fun. It’ll be interesting seeing Taiyo mature into someone that can truly protect his wife and try to keep up with her insanely capable siblings. In a quieter season I might have honestly stuck with this one just to enjoy the crazy antics of this family. But there’s just too much for me to do more than celebrate it with this post!

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