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Alright Spice and Wolf, I’m in! This episode gave me even more confidence that this will be the kind of remake Spice and Wolf deserves. If they are going to go back to the beginning and do a full adaptation, then I’m glad they are giving the parts already covered the proper amount of respect. The pacing is something I was worried about going into this. But this episode maintains the same pace as the original and that gives me a lot of hope. If they aren’t going to rush, then it should about 6 episodes per volume of the light novel. Some anime can get away with 3-4 episodes per volume, but I honestly don’t believe this is one of them. If the pacing and attention to detail is going to be this good, then I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of this!

Not always going to be easy

This sort of episode is certainly Spice and Wolf at its core. Lawrence and Holo continuing their travels and dealing with the various people they’ll meet along the way. The couple they encountered was fine, but the big interaction here was with Zheren. I like the immediate agreement that he’s lying to Lawrence. In some cases, just the fact that he’s lying would be the big deal here. But instead, they are looking at it from the perspective of “why is he lying?” That is the important point. What does he gain from lying and what parts of his story are the lies?

I also like that Lawrence would have done the same thing anyways. Knowing he’s lying doesn’t change anything since he’d go along with it for a while. Depending on any agreement signed he should be able to limit risk to himself. It shows that Lawrence has matured as a merchant over the years and yet he’s still got a ways to go. Holo knew right away that he didn’t need confirmation from her because his course was already set.

This wolf is all kinds of “wow”

Holo is truly a gorgeous character. There’s just something refreshing about her that holds up even today. She’s drying off and Lawrence is getting changed himself and yet they mix in the conversation about what to do with her wheat during all that. I absolutely respect Lawrence for keeping that conversation going even with all the distractions. He’s mature enough to not immediately stumble out the door because Holo is naked. But he’s still affected by it because she’s a lovely woman. There’s enough stumbling over his words that makes it clear that he notices that fact.

And it’s a choice that makes sense. They do need to hurry up and dry off. Holo certainly isn’t a child anymore and neither is Lawrence. Best to get to it and dry off while they can. The benefit we got was plenty of good banter between the two of them. Some adorable teasing from Holo, jokes about her preferring a longer “beard” and just good chemistry between the characters. They get across the important information on how to handle her wheat but also just have fun with the scene.

Some things change, but not everything

Holo provides a great source of perspective. In that setting the Church did exist back when she traveled South and made that promise. But it wasn’t nearly so big and confident in pushing its current beliefs. For someone in her position it would sound silly to have a deity creating the world. It doesn’t of course mean she’s right, but that times change and so do belief systems. And it does tie into the more difficult topic about her having lived for so long while the world keeps changing around her. It only reinforces the innate worry about what the state of her homeland is. Thankfully Lawrence provided reassurance, but it is a fair enough worry. One that she can’t fully tackle until she makes it back home.

That’s nature for you…

Joking went a bit too far and lead to an awkward silence for these two. It’s good to hammer home early that she is an ancient wolf and he’s a human. They both have histories and their own perspectives on things. Lawrence has very well seen the terrors of nature and wolves during his travels. I can’t imagine having to keep on running while a fellow merchant was presumably being devoured behind him. But Holo shows the perspective of nature. Humans are themselves a terror and she’s likely had to get messy in dealing with them. Better to tackle something like this a bit early and then move ahead. So long as they can recognize the differences that exist between them it’s less likely to trip them up later.

The awkwardness of traveling together was seen at various points anyways. Lawrence immediately came up with the burn story, but Holo has traveled. She knows the importance of not showing everything off. The key is just not showing her ears and tail. So long as she keeps those hidden, she’s fine and she knows it. Frankly the bigger threat to Holo are potatoes! She really needs to master chewing or choking to death is her likely cause of death!

Loving this so far

This is a story where there will be much economics thrown at the audience, but I think it mixes well with the tone of the story. I never get bored of talks about trading if this show is doing the talking! Because you can be sure that some elements of it will tie into whatever Lawrence and Holo are getting involved in. This episode really leaves me optimistic about the future of this adaptation. And I truly hope that people that never saw the original anime nor read the novels will get a kick out of this. These two are something special and their journey is just getting started. This is one that I can’t imagine missing out on talking about. Especially if we do get sequels for this.

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