There’s something to be said about the way different approaches can pay off. One strength the Precure franchise has going for it is the ability to change some things up. It does tend to stick to certain absolutes, but with a new cast/story comes new opportunities. And I think Wonderful so far has done a good job taking advantage of the strengths it has going for it. I don’t regret not picking the show up since covering a full year show again would have been a bit much. But I do think it has allowed me to just lean back and see where this show is going.

This really is just a chance for me to process my thoughts on Wonderul Precure and recommend people give it a shot. I won’t suddenly switch gears and cover it for the rest of the year. But I did want to give praise where it was due.

Taking their time introducing these two

If there’s one strength Wonderful has it is the main characters. I’ll make some comparisons to Hirogaru, but only some. The main pair in that show was strong, but I wasn’t as sold by the supporting cast. But Wonderful has been extremely patient in establishing its second pair of Precure without rushing them into the action. I don’t recall many seasons when the next cure have been right there and yet there hasn’t been any push to give them powers. They are just hanging around and being part of the story. They are getting developed as characters before they join any action.

One reason they have that freedom I suppose is because the threat level is low and there are no main antagonists to create pressure. The only real challenge is dealing with the Garugaru and that challenge only requires the girls to understand what kind of animal they are dealing with and trying to reach out to it in the appropriate way.

Beautiful flashback here

The episode that really got me thinking about talking about the show was episode 10. There has been a strong effort to focus on the bonds between pets and people. Komugi/Iroha, and Yuki/Mayu have had their bonds shown off in the best of ways. And that was shown best in that first encounter with Mayu and Yuki. They didn’t rush the flashback with having Yuki instantly warm up to Mayu. Instead, it really took time. I remember in the past when my family moved out to a country property and there were cats left behind or were always strays living in the area. It wasn’t some instant thing to build a sense of trust. And that was the case for Mayu. She really had to work at it while not pushing too hard.

What an utter reward we got in terms of payoff for that. It was a wonderful progression of Yuki warming up to Mayu, using the hat she offered for warmth during that snowstorm, and eventually having Yuki reach out to Mayu this time. The connection built wasn’t one that could be forged by one side or the other. It had to be from them both. So of course, when Yuki did reach out it wasn’t long before Mayu’s true feelings overflowed, and she responded to Yuki heading towards her. It’s a simple sort of thing, but it’s something that I truly love to see. A heartwarming moment.

No complaints for the smug puppy

Komugi and Iroha have been good. Komugi has really been a puppy. They took all the qualities you’d expect and just let that define how the character would behave. Komugi can be a bit much, can be excitable, and very much expressing what she wants exactly when she wants it. But she’s loyal and there’s no question how much love she has for Iroha. That powerful desire to spend time with someone she cared for helped push everything forward in the opening episodes. There’s a sweet innocence to Komugi that I can’t hate.

Iroha herself has been handled well thus far. She has definite “airhead” qualities to her which makes for a wild combination with Komugi. Iroha is also devastating emotionally with how open she is about how she feels. Devastating damage was done to Satoru with her being utterly honest in how she was glad they were in the same class. In a sense I really like the ship with her and Satoru. He balanced out her foolish side with his rock-solid book smarts. But her good heart is charming, and I like her desire to befriend those around herself.

At least the enemies themselves look good

The lack of antagonists is a factor that can’t be ignored. But I’m somewhat fine with it after a season where I think they utterly bungled the antagonists. It might be better for the writing staff to focus on the main characters and advancing their stories than trying to introduce some ultimate evil. And for now, I’m ok with this approach. The Garugaru are basically living landmines that can be set off at any moment. They can keep doing that for the time being until some third party tries to intervene. If they weren’t handling the main and supporting cast well then I might have a bigger problem with it. But if they can keep doing that while sprinkling some action here and there then I’m good with it.

I do love the animal characters

This has been a comfortable start for the new season of Precure. The cast are just naturally likable, and their backstories really work. They certainly aren’t going for anything too tough with the main animals on the team both potentially being abandoned. But they are doing good work with those backstories and that’s the important thing. I’ve owned pets for most of my life so getting me to approve of this show’s focus wasn’t all that tough. But I do think they’ve done a nice job giving the animal characters real personality (especially Yuki who still doesn’t have a human form). It’s easy to enjoy the character dynamics and drama since they come from places believable for each character.

Hopefully this is a good season for Precure

I don’t know if this show will stick the landing better than Hirogaru. But I honestly hope it does. And I fully recommend people give this one a few episodes just to see how they feel. The lack of main antagonists could be a sticking point for people. But I do think they are at least making good use of focusing mostly on the main characters. I may check in on the series again a bit later. It is only a fifth of the way through at this point after all. Plenty of time for things to improve or take steps back. My fingers are crossed though that this show lives up to the good feelings it is giving off so far.

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