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It is good to have Yuru Camp back. Some shows are pure comfort, and this is one of them. We can predict what the season will be about, but there’s no real downside to that. I look forward to seeing Rin/Nadeshiko doing some solo camping, camping together, and camping with the larger group of friends. It’s just a relaxing series that knows what it is and lives up to it.

I’m ok with the studio change

One standout difference is that the studio has changed for this season. Going to 8-bit from C-Station. The show overall looks good still. There are some slight character design changes going from one studio to the next. But you can still recognize the characters and if you aren’t doing a direct comparison, it shouldn’t be all that jarring. There are a few moments where I could swear, they were using actual photos as the background. That may not be the case. But it also wouldn’t surprise me. This series has good connections to the various campsites and locations around Japan that the characters visit. I’m sure they get something from showing off accurate depictions of these locations.

He worked for that fire!

I liked the cute choice of opening with young Rin going camping with her grandfather. Her first camping trip. It’s kind of nice that things weren’t always perfect between Rin and her grandfather but going to visit him helped improve things by a significant amount. Now Rin is out there camping as much as her grandpa is. It was nice seeing them travel around to visit the dam and then camping. That choice to go camping instead of just to his house gave Rin a hobby she’ll carry for life.

The fire-starting scene was great. I love how so much started just because Rin saw a classic scene of starting a fire in a movie and wanted to see her grandpa do it! He did his best but wow…she accidentally put him through the ringer! Love that he’d never started a fire that way either, but he did his best for the sake of his cute grandchild. There was some good karma going back to Rin since she had to try and start a fire in the same way later. I’m sure he has significantly more upper body strength than a teenager, but that was probably still a serious effort on his part.

Bit of camping knowledge

Nothing bad about the little scene of the other characters making alcohol stoves. That was good fun. The best part of course came with Nadeshiko. Her obscene power was too much for regular cans so she had to get a steel can. But then it couldn’t be cut with what they had…so she grabs a hacksaw! Never change Nadeshiko! That girl is perfect exactly the way she is.

I’m with the idea that it’s easy to just focus on working and spending money to fill the gaps in their camping good list. But they can absolutely fill some of those gaps with some low-tech options that they can make themselves. There are of course some things you can’t cut corners on. But its fun seeing them flex their creativity and make use of what they’ve got.

Welcome back Yuru Camp

The new OP/ED combo isn’t bad. The OP has some nice visuals and creativity. It’s a good-looking OP and I could see myself watching it regularly for that reason alone. The music isn’t bad. It isn’t likely to be my favourite of the Yuru Camp OP songs, but it’s fine. The ED is more energetic than what I’d expect from the show. The original ED was so good because it was utterly relaxing and was a good way to unwind after an already relaxing episode. The tone of the series just remained consistent. But the song is objectively good. I’m sure it will be a solid ED overall once I get used to it.

Spring will be a good season

I’m glad to see this show again. If the season was less packed it would be almost certain for me to cover it. But I’m honestly not sure if that will happen. But there’s zero doubts about whether I’ll be watching. I’m excited for the eventual Nadeshiko and Rin camping trip since those are always good. But in general, it’ll be nice to see these girls out there and enjoying themselves. They each have their own ways of enjoying camping. And while camping is certainly not my thing, it’s fun to watch them indulge themselves.

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