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There are always patterns that exist within new seasons of anime. One that I certainly don’t mind seeing is the focus on games. While this is hardly a season two for No Game No Life (I wish), it should provide some entertainment with the potential that comes from these games against gods. One element of this episode that caught my interest was the potential for balance with the main characters. Often in shows like this there is the main guy and main girl angle, but usually it’s just the main guy that is taking center stage. Lesche is a literal god though. I feel like if anyone can keep pace and pull her weight in all this it should be her.

“Oh god…a god is going to kill us!”

I think another part of what got me with this episode was how Lesche was both respected and feared. The human side isn’t just laughing off having this deity in their midst. You can tell from Miranda’s behavior that Lesche’s threat level is being taken extremely seriously. There’s legitimate fear of what Lesche might do if she gets angry. Makes me wonder what happened that took things from “we didn’t think she was that dangerous at first” to being worried that she’ll destroy the town if things go badly.

That’s partly why Fay was brought in. He’s certainly a contender for humanity’s best, but he has a gift that will give him a chance to survive if she has a momentary outburst. That obviously won’t save everyone else if she really loses it, but that’s why he wasn’t simply chosen for his survivability. It was that and his legitimately excellent talent for games. If he wasn’t good enough, she wouldn’t have brought him in. But that might explain why there could still be stronger human players than him. Their gifts simply weren’t as good for this situation.

I’d be done for with this game!

I quite enjoyed the memory game. Nice to start things out with a game that wasn’t about “winning” but was an introduction. Getting a matching pair doesn’t really matter if it’s for the sake of a question that isn’t worth asking. But randomly reaching out to try and find good cards could open up for the other side to get the cards both sides really wanted. And naturally there was room to ask questions within the limits of ideas like “hometown, name, etc.” Nothing wrong with starting off with a pretty light game. Things will obviously get crazy starting in episode 2 (and as we saw from glimpses into other games). For a friendly “let’s get a feel for each other” this sort of game was good.

Curious what twist will be revealed about this girl

In that sense I like the overall chemistry for Fay and Lesche. Lesche has quite a bit of personality and despite being kind of stuck in the human realm she’s not lacking in self-confidence. And when she did pose the wild card question to Fay she put on enough pressure that even he had to be feeling the danger. But at the same time Fay had the ability to hold his own and respond with honesty. It wasn’t like he felt no pressure, but he could push forward anyways. They both had a good time.

And both have reasons to go through with this. Fay obviously has an attachment to the mysterious girl that taught him how to play. So much so that he goes missing for months on a lead that might lead him to her. The big celebration reward waiting for winning enough games would mean the chance to get answers and presumably find her. While for Lesche it’s a chance to go back home. She came to Earth to play with humans…but now she can’t get back on her own. Paid a cost to gain this material form and getting to interact with humans on a level closer to theirs.

At least the rules are nicely laid out

There are definite stakes even if presumably no one is killed in these games. The rewards are sky high, especially the last reward of almost infinite wishes. But it’s very much a “three strikes and you’re out” situation. And that’s true for all. Fay like anyone else wouldn’t be able to keep going if he loses too much. But if Lesche fails then she presumably could never go home. And for her a lifetime is so much more than what it means for humans. It’ll be interesting to see how they respond to losing one if not two games. They are still games in the end, but the consequences would escalate with time.

Low hanging fruit “let’s the games begin!”

I think some good voice acting and chemistry with the leads will make this a solid show to keep up with. It’s not one I can see myself covering it for the season. But it was a good enough episode that i wanted to organize my thoughts. It’s nice to do this before the season really gets out of hand and I probably have the time!

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