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This is obviously not a movie I got to anywhere near the time it aired. Considering the movie originally came out in 2021…But the downside with anime movies is that I really do lose track of them and only random situations get me to actually check them out. Thankfully I did get the opportunity for this one. I enjoyed the original Macross Delta and think giving it a movie to wrap things up was a good choice. It truly was the epilogue that made the most sense for Macross Delta and wrapped up that story about as well as I could have asked.

At least they got this moment

The main draw here is the conclusion of Freyja and Hayate’s stories. Their feelings were made clear as the show went along and there were the hints that Freyja was going to have a much shorter lifespan than is even common for her people. This event just carried that onward to its natural conclusion. Freyja lived fast, burned bright, and went out on her own terms. She gave everything to help people, bring peace, and protected the person she loved. In a lot of ways one can say that she lived more fully than many people do. It just wasn’t a long life and there is the tragic side of her passing far too soon.

There is also the part of me that sees things a bit cynically. Freyja lived, loved, but remained pure in a sense. The furthest she and Hayate got was a kiss as she was about to go. And yet what is symbolically a child of theirs is dropped in Hayate’s care. In some ways it feels like the kind of idealistic romance for an idol. Or at least what some people think idols should be. Freyja’s song reached that kid, Hayate helped save her, and he’ll now raise her.

I’m sure he’ll be a good dad

In a sense it’s a perfect conclusion for Hayate’s arc. His life was tied with his father and the mixed feelings he had about him. Now Hayate ends this show as a father himself. In a position to continue to fly while also supporting the dreams of a kid that seems likely to follow in Freyja’s footprints. I do feel for the guy since he’ll likely live a long life without the girl he fell for. That was of course was always a given considering the difference in species. But geeze if Hayate lives to his 80s or beyond that’s such a small part of his life that he was around Freyja at all. But that’s life for you. At least his life isn’t going to be a boring one.

I only wish they were actual characters

I like the music and the impact of the Yami_Q_Ray group. They had a great visual design and their songs were good. I’m all for a bit of back and forth in a battle of singers like this. The only downside is that they were more a creation of the system than fully fleshed out characters. They showed some level of personality in how they behaved when on the attack and when they were thrown off their game. But of course the real “person” in all that was the child that was being used as the source for them. But if nothing else they had a spark to them.

That does tie to a downside for me in the movie. There weren’t many actual villains in terms of real characters. There was Cromwell and Sydney Hunt. That’s pretty much it. That did allow for the main characters to get the majority of the story which is a good thing. But it did leave little for the characters to really clash against.

Nice to see you Messer

It was nice to have Messer get mentioned quite a bit here. He truly wasn’t forgotten. And honestly you could say he scored quite the win since Kaname isn’t going to forget about him. Neither will Hayate or anyone on the crew. He’s the ace that will be an example for them to continue reaching for. Even if Hayate in OP mode certainly could surpass his abilities XD. There wasn’t much Messer in this, but I like what we got. For a character that was dead for much of the original series he’s gotten a nice amount of legacy value. I didn’t love Messer when he first showed up. But I do get why the cast truly liked him and felt his loss.

Mirage comes out of this movie with purpose

There was nice closure given to Mirage. No sign that she’s going to go after Hayate now that Freyja is out of the picture. But it’s good that they focused less on her romance and more on her piloting. It’s a nice nod that there are different kinds of talents. Mirage doesn’t have the ace pilot potential in her. She just doesn’t. And the more she tried to keep up with ace talents the more messed up it made her. Focusing on what she lacked left her true abilities underdeveloped. It was important to take a step back. By doing so she could see the bigger picture and became a much better leader. I’m sure she’ll be a great flight leader going forward even if the Delta crew don’t necessarily have future big battles to fight.

A true ace

Kind of cool that her grandfather played such a big role in all this too. Max was an absolute beast out there. And I think it was intended to be pure fanservice in having him just utterly show his skills to a younger generation. He got the chance to step out of the captain’s chair and back into the pilot seat for a few short moments. I’ll leave how that made people feel to those that have really gotten into the Macross franchise in it’s entirety. But I enjoyed his scenes.

A case where I feel bad for not having gotten around to seeing the whole Macross franchise. But I can say that Max was a total treat for all his scenes in this movie. I hope they did him justice here.

A bit late, but I did enjoy this

Overall, I’d say it was a good movie. Was it a great movie? I’m not sure. The action was fun, but sometimes it was a bit too over the top in that following it became tricky. But I do think the movie was something this story needed and gave various characters closure. It was a sad thing to see Freyja go. But she got to sing so much in this movie that she must have been satisfied when she did. I’m glad that I finally did see this movie. It was a bit bittersweet, but I’m ok with that. Sometimes that is just the right way for a story to end.

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