Score: C+

This episode wrapped things up in about the way I expected. It didn’t feel like an epic battle was coming our way and there honestly wasn’t one XD. Including the OP it only took a little over 5 minutes for the combat side to wrap up. That even included Lavender going berserk. It wrapped up the season reasonably well without much hinting at what could even come next for the story. It would probably be better if future arcs were just about Red and Rit’s wedding and them living a casual life in the countryside. Because I’m not sure it can seriously pull off any serious drama going forward. Having Ruti hanging around really does defuse tension.

“Just going to quickly finish this”

I still love that Rit positioned herself as the one that would stop Lavender from getting in the way and then she did absolutely nothing during that fight! Danan was doing more to get in Lavender’s way! The punching man was doing more against this magical lightning storm than Rit was! I know she’s positioned herself as Lavender’s counter since she’s in love with the other combatant in that “duel” but she didn’t do anything. Maybe in the source material her talents played some kind of factor.

It also feels a bit weird that Ruti really didn’t get any character moment here. There was no tackling the tricky situation of her being a hero but not doing the hero thing anymore. She was basically just a win button that could be pressed. Red won because he cheated and used Ruti’s powers. And Rit won because Ruti stepped in and instantly won the fight! It’s ironic that the story uses Ruti as a tool when her narrative arc should be connected to finding agency and free will for herself.

He activated his trap card

Not much to say about Red vs Van. Unsurprisingly it was a pretty casual win for Red. Which makes sense. He handled Van just fine the first time around until Ruti sucker punched him (almost to death). And in this case he handled Van pretty well fine with Ruti’s cheat as good insurance to make sure he’d win. Maybe you can give Van some props for knocking Red down, but that’s about it. The only threat was that transferring damage move and that Red didn’t want to kill Van so instantly defeating him was a puzzle to solve.

On the positive side, Red got the chance to say everything he wanted to say. There was no problem in getting through to Van after the fight was over and putting him on a path going forward. One could say it’s a bit ridiculous that he’s given a free pass (especially with the people he killed/got killed before reaching Zoltan). But it’s not surprising that the story and characters are united in wanting to give him a free pass. Again, it’s better for all of them to have Van want to be the hero. Because then Ruti doesn’t have to feel bad about not being the hero anymore.

Good design, but easily defeated

The rest of the episode was fine. The only interesting bit was the admission that Van’s blessing was changed. It’s a pretty direct admission that Demis wanted a hero on the front lines and if Ruti wasn’t going to do it then someone else would be given the job.

I’d say the one part this episode did well was the proposal scene. There was obviously no doubt about the results. But credit to Red for going all out on setting the scene and making a very good speech there. The kind of thing he only gets one shot at so might as well throw everything into it! One downside to the season was that it felt really light on Red and Rit moments. There wasn’t that much going on there. But at least it concluded the whole engagement business that this season started out on.

Ruti did her best to carry the season

Final Thoughts

My gut feeling is that the season was a bit weak. It built up Van arriving in Zoltan for so long, but it never really did much with it once that happened. It felt like the speculation and the risk was greater than the actual pay off. Even when Van turned on Ljubo he somehow didn’t die! Which admittedly is amazing considering he was left bleeding out while Van went to that fight, lost that fight, and then until someone ran over there to help him. I’m not even sure when that happened since Van was KO’d and I doubt Lavender cared enough to mention it!

There just wasn’t much payoff. The best part of the season after Van arrived in Zoltan was Ruti’s sucker punch! That was great! It was so overwhelming that he would have died without assistance! That was easily the most satisfying part of it because it showed just how utterly OP Ruti was. It did also completely kill any tension for the rest of the arc. But I do feel like Ruti getting to be that awesome was worth it in the moment!

Moments like this did work

The arc had some solid moments, and I did enjoy the brief instances of Ruti wondering if the world would really let her have peace. It’s a shame after all that she had all that forced on her. She’s finally gotten a chance to choose what to do with her life. The brief moments of that made the season a bit better overall. Having her chat with Tisse a bit and tackling the assassin guild stuff was good too. There were small moments sprinkled through the arc that made it enjoyable.

Same goes for the small moments with Red and Rit. Whether it was the journey for an engagement ring to start or the proposal at the end. They are at their best when just being a stupid couple. They didn’t get to do that very much this season, but that is where the show shines. Stepping away from the moral questions about the right use of power, free will, and divine intervention…they are a good couple!

Obviously a good thing that Ruti is happier this season

The last season was overall just stronger. The drama with Ruti made it work so well. This season was far less engaging because we know how the blessing system works overall and there was simply no tension. We knew Van was likely weaker than Ruti, but their first encounter hammered home how much weaker he was. So, there was minimal value in this season in terms of action or that kind of threat. And it’s not like the characters really had to face accusations of Ruti or Red abandoning the innocent by hanging out in Zoltan.

Lavender had good moments too

There were moments I enjoyed and some smiles to be had. But I can’t say it quite grabbed me the same way as the first one did. At least the show looked pretty good, and I had some laughs. That might not be a massive amount of praise, but it’s where I’m at with the show right now XD. The start was good and while they couldn’t land the ending…there was tension building up to Van’s cast arriving in Zoltan.

Honestly if the show is over here that’s fine. It handled the major issues of Red and Rit getting engaged. That was cute. And now with Van there’s little worry for Ruti in being pushed to go back out and fight. So, her arc is pretty well finished. There is room for more obviously. But the anime could end here and be just fine.

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