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This was more the episode I think we needed last week. It was unavoidable since I do think Rit and Lavender interacting was valuable for setting some things into motion. Although I do think that’s the only real thing from the previous episode that was overly important. The only thing that is worth doing in this situation is dealing with Van. And finally, they are abusing the clear-cut solution to that. If he believes so hard in blessings above all else…have someone with a blessing, he’ll listen to speak up! Sorry to Theodora, but she just wasn’t the right person for this task. It isn’t just about using logic and sound arguments. Van needs to open his ears and there are only a few possible people in existence that he’ll do that for. Red just happens to have the magic ticket for it.

Haven’t seen Red looking that smug in a while

And good on Red for taking advantage. I wouldn’t want to criticize him on that one. Because he is the one person that can reach Van through words. Ruti could crush him with fists, but this is fine too! And I’m glad Red is taking the patient approach. There’s no point hammering home how many ways Van is wrong. That’s a good way to make him defensive and not listen. Instead, just steadily show him the ways he could be doing better and make him question his approach.

The effort to make Van feel like he’s made some poor choices were good. Let him feel a bit lacking in not being a well-rounded hero. He doesn’t have tracking skills and has mostly neglected ones that don’t immediately have combat value. In theory it’s nice to have a team filling gaps in ability. But if Van wants to be the hero, then being superior to the guide to the hero makes sense. It’s a logical point that Van has stuck in his head.

Hopefully he’ll be a better hero

The downside to all this is that it does potentially make Van a bigger threat. Which could make it harder for Ruti to defeat him if needed. Although I think she’s still so far ahead that she could still take Van without too much trouble. But it is a dangerous game to play. They either win big or lose big. But I get why Red is doing this. He doesn’t want to kill Van. And honestly if he does then a new hero might even arise. Obviously, there is also the difficult topic of needing Van so Ruti has an excuse to not fight. If he can fight the battles then she’s free to basically retire. That’s probably not the only point, but I do think that’s on his mind.

She does angry extremely well

I sure hope they get a good grasp on Lavender’s ability. Because Red is constantly poking a bear! She actively doesn’t want Van to change. Everything Red is going for is geared towards making him change. This can only end in conflict! The only benefit to them is that she clearly doesn’t want to show off her true form. So, she’ll hamper her own abilities as much as she can while Van is around. If they can rely on that then it shouldn’t be a huge issue to handle her. Unless of course she gets so mad about them trying to change Van that she tries to kill them all in some over the top lover’s suicide situation. I know they want to hammer that Lavender’s idea of love is objectively wrong, but I do wonder if any of it will be given some level of credit?

Just stay cool Ruti

It is too bad for Ruti that she can’t do anything right now. But she had to just accept that and sit tight. Helping her brother just isn’t an option. The only way she can help is by remaining passive. Part of me expects that the whole “herb gathering request” will end up blowing up on them. Like Van will step outside his comfort zone and help with that. Thus, he’ll end up running into Ruti outside of any plans that Red might be formulating. At the very least it isn’t going to be smooth sailing. Thankfully Ruti appears willing to restrain herself. Tisse might want to keep an eye on her just to be safe.

He won’t change that easily

My expectation is that the whole “monsters with ancient elvish on them” thing will be the focus of the last part of this season. Well, it’ll be a focus in combination with the Van situation. I do expect that he will turn around and become the kind of hero the world needs him to be. But there will likely be a full-blown fight with Ruti and maybe they’ll have to team up to handle some big threat. If nothing else I’m feeling a bit more hopeful that Van can be turned off the path he’s on. It won’t do much for the people he’s gotten killed along the way. But at the very least he could be a positive force for the world if only his mental state would take a slight shift.

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