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I’m going to admit that this one caught me by surprise. They obviously needed to come up with a plan and that’s fine. But it just felt a weird episode to me. Van attacked the whole town a few episodes ago and they honestly think they can convince him to just leave town without a fight? Does anyone really think this is going to work? Van already has a member of his party that tells him what he doesn’t want to hear and that hasn’t stopped him to this point! I feel like this is kind of filler that’s padding the season out until the obvious round 2 fight with Ruti and Van.

Not sure why this worked

Not sure what I’m shaking my head about more. That Rit thought talking romance with Lavender was a good plan or that it somehow worked. While the odds seemed good that Lavender was in love with Van, I don’t think it was a given. She could have been an evil force that wants to create an evil hero. Or maybe she’s also hyper religious and is just supporting Van’s goals. Now her romantic interest was plausible, but it really had me dumbfounded when Rit decided to talk her down through that. That’s like Tisse saying that they had some shared interest in hot springs so they could send her instead!

In the end it was a pointless endeavour. She’s not going to stop Van and frankly her mindset is fine with whatever end Van’s path takes him. I suppose if you want to be generous it’s possible that Rit can change her perspective on love and that’ll do something. But again, I still think it’s pointless because Van isn’t listening to anyone else! Every person on the planet could tell him not to look for Ruti. He’s still going to do it! Sure, it’ll make him turn on his allies and that will make it easier to take him down. But that’s not necessary or even their plan.

Agent Red on the move

Red’s efforts aren’t too bad. Since honestly, I could see the Priest abandoning Van if his own safety is put in danger. Ryubu is self-centered so that’s fine. Although saying that he’s met Red makes Red’s efforts a bit questionable. I mean…he’s wearing some face paint? The hood is good I suppose, but face paint was his big ploy to trick this guy? Thank goodness he apparently doesn’t know Yarandrala and didn’t get a good look at her before. I do think Red’s efforts will be effective, but I don’t know if there’s much point. Also the whole thing about monsters having ancient elvish branded on their bodies far more interesting than the Van sub-plot right now!

This isn’t even close

The best part of the episode honestly was Red and Tisse breaking down his combat style and personality. I still have my doubts about his blessing. But I do agree with how Red and Tisse view his approach vs Ruti. And it’s also why he isn’t a threat to her. Ruti has built up her fundamentals beyond simply powering up her blessing. Even with her emotions suppressed she trained, prepared, and could adapt to various opponents. She was basically the most terrifying hero possible for the Demons to face. She takes her opponent into consideration when it comes to her approach and uses as much force as she needs.

Van might be entertaining, but he isn’t complicated. He only cares about his beliefs and that’s it. And because he believes in the divine absolutely he only sees the use of using his blessing at full power. So, his technique is sloppy, he doesn’t consider who he’s fighting against, and he just goes out to display his power. He may be capable of winning a lot of fights, but he’s never going to win against Ruti. It’s unclear if his power is remotely on her level, but his technique diminishes his potential so far that it’s not even close. He can only win harder against opponents he could defeat with proper technique anyways. Maybe he can be snapped out of it. But I don’t know.

Feels like drinking was everyone’s solution this week

This episode was fine. It was a bit iffy since I don’t think they have a good plan here. They know that Van is extreme. It should be obvious that pushing Van’s companions won’t change what he himself wants to do. At most it’s going to cause the group to fracture and make him easier to deal with. But they are clear in not wanting to just kill him. On some level I get it. If they kill a new hero then that makes Ruti sitting out of the fight even less palatable. Having someone that can do it in her place would make it easier to just turn a blind eye…

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