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The meeting between Van and Ruti was brief, but memorable! Even if Ruti was really hoping that it would be forgotten. This has been building for a while so I’m glad that we finally reached this point. The issues with Van have been endless and anything could have really set him off. What I didn’t expect was how it would all turn into such a chaotic disaster. And obviously this situation isn’t truly over. Ruti has absolutely captured Van’s attention and there’s no way he’s just going to slink onto an airship and fly off into the sunset.

Tisse gets a good look at crazy here!

It was a given that Van was going to do something extreme. And honestly the moment they brought up the shield having the ability to brainwash people it did seem plausible that he’d use it on the townspeople. I was momentarily surprised when he got started, but it was a “here we go” kind of thing. This guy has no concern for human will or anything beyond people fulfilling their roles as he perceives it. The scary thing is that this would only be the starting point for Van. Everyone in the world isn’t actively fighting in this war. He’d have to go to every city and basically brainwash entire populations. I suppose that would work to end the conflict since they could overwhelm the demons with pure numbers. But still…that’s a bit nuts!

On a certain level I do agree that the people of Zoltan are a bit short-sighted. They can chill out for now but if someone else doesn’t fight the battles they will eventually be dragged into it and won’t have many allies when that time comes. But that’s kind of how world works at times. People will wait until trouble is on their doorstep. And right now, it seems like a stalemate is at hand. So, it’s not necessarily a crisis point to get everyone ready to fight. At most I think it would be appropriate for forces like the hero to try and rally people that would be interested in fighting. But…probably good to avoid the brainwashing tactic!

Just another day for an ordinary adventurer

I am going to stay a bit out of order here and go right to Ruti. That punch was amazing! That was a seriously satisfying punch to the face. And they just leaned into the slow motion so that we could enjoy every second of it! I’m amazed he survived long enough to be saved. She crumbled his face like a crushed can of pop! His skull had to have been shattered and losing a few teeth would be the least of his problems. Although I’d expect him to have lost all the teeth on that side of his face! And of course, Ruti tries for her classic “just an average adventurer” kind of approach to having nearly killed Van in a single punch!

The scary thing is how this doesn’t shatter his faith and in fact fires it up. He was totally fine with dying. Because for him life really isn’t all that big a deal so long as Demis is satisfied. It’s also a kind of sad look at the fate of a hero. That their role is to fight, but not to win. Which I suppose is fair since there does seem to be some twisted desire for balance in the world. Van’s own life doesn’t even really matter to him. Though now he’s going to become very obsessed since…Ruti has knocked him off his feet. I’m not sure if he realizes that Ruti is a hero or not. But he thinks that killing her is important. Although, I’m not sure if we’re supposed to feel any tension since Ruti clearly established the pecking order!

Her stance is simple and dangerous

Lavender is dangerous to be sure. Although I’m not sure how to judge her at present. There’s no twist in that she considers Van’s beliefs to be all that matter. It doesn’t matter if he’s being sensible or even good. So long as he decides it…that’s good enough for her. She’s dedicated to him. I’m just not sure if she’s trying to use him or if she’s simply obsessed with him for some unknown reason. Her power is nothing to sneeze at. She was able to provide solid protection for Van until things got a bit out of hand. I hope she isn’t revealed to be some evil that’s using Van. Because she doesn’t seem pure evil to me yet. Just extreme and misguided in being unwilling to steer Van down a better path.

This might have been a bit too easy for Red

I enjoyed the little fight with Danan and Yarandrala versus Van. It allowed Van to pose a threat against characters we can measure the strength level for. Finally, we get to see where he stacks against some powerful people. And while he was losing that 2 on 1, he wasn’t really. Ruti proved the point later, but the key with Van is being him in one shot. Danan was able to overpower Van in bursts. But he could only pile on a steady amount of damage. Which meant nothing against Van’s (admittedly clever) use of healing magic to transfer his damage to his opponent. Danan can insult him over it, but that’s honestly genius. The tighter the pinch the more damage he can send to his opponent which instantly flips the situation to his advantage.

It does make me yet again wonder if Red is really making a good decision. True enough that Van is leaning hard on his blessing and didn’t develop his pure swordsmanship enough. But Red really didn’t have a hard time or look to be in any danger. He did way better than both Danan and Yarandrala combined! What is he doing retiring? This guy is capable of adventuring and being on the front lines! Free will and desire is obviously the point. But I’m further convinced that he was lying when saying that Ares convinced him to leave or that he didn’t believe he could cut it any longer. Because…that’s not even close to being true.

Sure, let’s say it belongs to them.

I do think it’s funny we consider the shield the property of the salt dragons. I mean…doesn’t it belong to the Elves? Yeah, Van took it from the salt dragons. But the demon lord didn’t get that thing legally before he gave it to them! It was obviously easier to get the salt dragons to just leave. Fighting them and Van was just a pain for everyone and it’s not like Red or Ruti want or need a brainwashing shield. Pointing out the dubious legal claim they have to that shield doesn’t help anything.

Van…give it up already.

I am curious to see where we go from here. Van got utterly stomped by Ruti and lost his shield. But he really thinks defeating Ruti is what he’s here to do. How…does he plan on doing that though? He got nearly killed with a single punch. Even if he sees her coming next time he’s still not anywhere near her level. Does he go on another crazed level grind? We’re at episode 8 though. There’s not that much time left. At the very least I’ll be curious to see how things work out. Honestly, if Van can be made to see reason it wouldn’t be the worst thing to have him survive. A hero (of sorts) that wants to fight would be useful to have. He just needs to stop being insane and using his powers in such monstrous ways. But he might honestly just end up dead.

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