Score: A-

This test has stayed engaging and I’m looking forward to the showdown against the Frieren copy. And I presume this time they will have a fight. Since they did end the previous episode with the potential for a fight to break out. I suppose technically the copy did attack the group, but they did immediately run away so I wouldn’t exactly call it a fight. This time there’s far better odds for the group and I’m excited to see how Fern handles things and how Frieren will end up supporting this effort to…defeat herself. Of course, if those guys end up bringing the duplicate of Sense into the equation that’ll make things extremely complicated!

Is Fern holding a grudge!?

I love how Fern can just say things in the coldest way possible. “I may be able to kill Frieren-sama.” Wow, what a line right there! They are talking about the duplicate of course and it’s not said with any hostility towards the actual Frieren, but I just love how she puts it so simply. Thank goodness Frieren is the type to just be proud at the growth of her pupil. That she’s reached a point where she can even think about defeating a duplicate of Frieren shows how much confidence she’s gained. It’s a sweet moment in a way.

And I do think it’s the most logical way to do this. Frieren vs Frieren would likely turn into a messy duel. That there would be more allies is a good thing, but making Fern the centerpiece of the strategy makes more sense. Frieren said it herself that she’s lost to humans in the past and it isn’t always about pure mana capacity for who will win a fight. And most importantly she’s said that Fern is faster than her. That’s why she likes to have Fern handle the fights since they end faster that way. If they lean on Fern’s speed, then that might be the way they score a win here. Of course, in that sense I’m curious to see where and when Fern’s duplicate might show up…

Glad she didn’t die

My condolences to Edel. She seems like a solid character. I like her cool head and capable ability to analyze the situation. There was only one real chance to get out of there and that was if that duplicate had a mind to influence. And even if it did have one the odds weren’t good with the group they had. But she gave it her best shot. Unfortunately, she had to take a serious hit before she got to leave. Honestly if those guys hadn’t been pushing, she might have dropped the bottle before the fight even broke out.

Good luck and good planning are important. She didn’t have a group that was set for this kind of combat and that made all the difference. But that was partly on her. If she went in with Denken’s group they probably would have still been in the running and could have been waiting for Frieren with them.

A quick fight, but a good one!

The Übel and Land pair remain a good one to keep track of. Mostly because I do feel for Land in having this dangerous girl around him so much! The scarier thing is that she is observant and already knows him better than might be comfortable. I honestly wonder if she doesn’t already have his cloning magic copied…Well I’ll presume not since she hasn’t used it yet. Even if that could simply mean she wants an excuse to keep pestering him. I’m not as sure about that though since I could see Übel pestering Land regardless because she enjoys it.

I wonder how confident Übel was about Land being a clone? Her forcing that fight could have been simply about luring out the real him by forcing him to help her. But it could have been that if he wasn’t willing to use her bottle she’d have to get his back to him in order to save his life. I guess it could also be that she wanted to confirm her belief about him. If she understood enough that he would hate to have another person’s death be his fault then I wonder if she really can’t empathize with him yet. The lighthearted view of all this is that she’ll be a step or two away from empathizing with him until they are married and have kids. But it’s hard to say where things will go there.

This will be a nice test for Fern

One thing that I really enjoyed is the whole “teacher and student being similar” angle. Fern last episode pointed out that she doesn’t have many desires for herself and enjoys seeing Frieren enjoy herself. But the same goes with Frieren. She mostly wanted to check out that secret room on the chance that a grimoire would be in there. The mural didn’t really interest her at all. But Fern was excited and that was enough to leave Frieren with a smile. They are a pair that definitely care about each other. Though Fern doesn’t like others taking away her…mentor. Which makes it all the more entertaining that Fern will play a key role in taking out the Frieren duplicate. Great chance for Frieren to see what she can do!

I wonder how many will pass this test…

This was a solid episode and I’m sure the next one is going to be crazy. Frieren seems nothing but excited over the prospect of having to overcome a challenge like this. Himmel definitely rubbed off on her in terms of enjoying the journey and the challenges involved in conquering dungeons. I’m not sure the others are as hyped about getting to fight a duplicate of Frieren, but the good news is that there is only the Frieren duplicate. It’d have been a nightmare to have a bunch in there with her!

And I’ll give an apology to Sense since she wasn’t the one making the duplicates. But she obviously knew about this and why that dungeon hadn’t been conquered yet. And I’m sure she knows that a duplicate of herself is around somewhere. But I suppose from her perspective that’s just a challenge a true first-class mage can overcome. I suppose we’ll find out if that’s the case. Defeating the duplicate of Frieren may not be the last challenge of this test after all.

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