There are just some episodes where I will feel wrong if I don’t say something about it. Episode 7 for Sengoku Youko ended up being one of those episodes. It took the show to the level of needing to make a Check Out post for it or else I just won’t be able to sleep tonight! So, this will be talking about events up to and including episode 7. At the very least I’ll try to get across why I’ve enjoyed the show to this point and why I’m locked into following along for the rest of the series. Which is going to be a lot since it is going to be a 37-episode run! This became a show I must at least recommend people check out.

Things were pretty bright early on

This show started off with an almost slow and steady approach to things. There was a lot of light fun amid some dangerous situations. The conflict that tends to exist between katawara and humans obviously had a serious history, but overall things didn’t feel that heavy to start. Tama is a katawara who is good at heart and her biggest flaw was overly believing in her ability to talk people out of what they had already decided to do XD. Her desire for people and katawara to get along is a good one and she does put herself out there to try and make it happen. And considering she’s a core reason another main character Jinka can fight the way he does…she plays a key role.

And things continued to feel safe with Shinsuke joining the cast as a normal human that wanted to get stronger. While he carries a sword it’s not like he’s a samurai himself. The guy is just someone twisted up by the era that he lives in and wants the strength to not get swept away by the whims of those with power. And oh boy his character arc seems set to blow up from this point onward. Again, I’m kind of just going to go off from this point on so if anyone wants to enjoy the show for themselves first they can certainly take a step back.

What a loss

The fate of Shakugan just completely changed the complexion of the show. They nailed the presentation with cutting the OP and just going quietly into the credits at the end of it. This episode was heavy and is the kind of thing that can define the entire story going forward. The show did start off with Tama, Jinka, and Shinsuke. So, in a sense it returns to that first episode status quo. But it doesn’t feel like that while watching and the cast obviously doesn’t feel that way. Shakugan was part of the group at this point. She was a secondary combatant behind Jinka, there was a good budding romance with her purely human side (Shakuyaku) and Shinsuke. She didn’t feel like someone that was about to step away. Even more so since their current path was determined by where her katawara side (Kagan) wanted to go.

This show just went after my joy

That path ends here! Both because they reached the village and as far as I can tell at this moment…she’s dead! Sure, the names of Shakuyaku and Kagan have been inherited by the newly born babies that they helped save. But the others aren’t likely to just treat that as being the same thing. The biggest impact obviously is going to be on Shinsuke. It wasn’t just this episode, but this episode definitely leaned into that budding romance. Shakuyaku trying to express that Shinsuke going after her when she initially ran off mattered. You even had Kagan wanting to see him mature into someone worthy of taking Shakuyaku as his bride XD. It was some cute stuff. I had a blast with Kagan stopping the classic move of an embarrassed character running away. He just plain stopped her and took over talking to Shinsuke XD. This ship had potential.

While the birth of those twins allowed Jinka to shed tears and just let everything out…the opposite was the case with Shinsuke. He just quietly left and looked at what remained of Shakugan. No tears, just quietly standing there while clearly in agony. While Shakugan may have felt some level of peace because she saved those lives…Shinsuke doesn’t seem to feel anything close to peace. I sadly can see this feeding heavily into his desire to grow stronger. He’s trained himself hard since he was a kid and yet…he still lost someone he cared about. That’s obviously inescapable. But I’d be surprised if he doesn’t dive into desperately trying to control that sword Arabuki. If he can then he might have a chance at revenge. The one that did this has a name, an identity, and is part of a group trying to kill them. He’ll get his chance.

This is a turning point in so many ways

This is the kind of moment that just sets a tone. When they ran from Jinun that did make it clear that they couldn’t simply rely on Jinka’s spirit transformation to get through everything. But I never had the feeling that they were truly on the verge of something terrible happening. Jinka and Tama had good vibes between them and same went for Shinsuke and Shakuyaku. It just seemed as if this group would steadily grow as time went along and find a way to handle the challenges facing them. Maybe I was naive on that front, but I did end up getting heavily blindsided.

Where do we go from here? Obviously, the characters have a path and had a plan. They’ll try to put a stop to the experimentation for fusing people and katawaras, research their opponents, find weaknesses, and prepare for an encounter that can’t be avoided forever. In a sense this tragedy doesn’t change the plan. It does impact the mental states of the characters. Shakugan was a mix of human and katawara and both treated Jinka as a friend. He’s someone that wants to abandon being human to be a katawara. Does this change anything? I could see Tama trying to be level-headed, but we’ll see on her side. And obviously Shinsuke could fall to serious extremes. His overall goal was simply to get stronger and now revenge adds a serious extra spice to that goal. But even if he can avenge her…where will he go from here?

I didn’t get up today expecting this!

Again, there’s still 30 episodes of this to go! With the manga finished I’d presume this will be a full adaptation so we should have a good conclusion waiting at the end of it. But I’m still shocked at where they were willing to go here. I don’t think any of the other main characters will die. Usually, a story if it kills anyone at all will keep that limited. But I just can’t completely disregard it. It just makes me worried since Tama is vulnerable in general and especially when Jinka is using her powers. Shinsuke could also put himself in a deadly situation seeking revenge and power. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see there.

For me, episode 7 was one of the better episodes of this season. Seeing how the human side of this team responded to Shakugan’s death really landed. Jinka and Shinsuke are bound to be impacted long term by all of this. While I’m not going to change paths and pick this show up. It felt like the kind of episode that got me into leaving stupidly long comments on other blogs in the first place. Some episodes demand you say something about them.

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