Score: A-

This was a good episode that dove right into this test. And no question it’s going to prove a challenge worthy of the title these characters are going after. The replicas may not even be the last threat they have to face before reaching the bottom. Whatever is behind the replicas might also be able to pull off some unexpected twists. At the very least I hope that they don’t have the twist of being able to make replicas that aren’t obvious fakes. Because yeah…that could turn this into a total bloodbath in a hurry. Though considering the person running the test doesn’t seem to want people to die it probably won’t go that far.

Chance that she’s behind the duplicates

It does provide an interesting twist if the proctor is the one creating the replicas though. Sure, can say Sense is going down with the groups to confirm that they clear the test. But maybe she’s going down so she can manage the replicas? At the very least if we see a duplicate of her that would make me think she isn’t behind these things. But we’ll have to see how things go. I tend to think she is creating the replicas though since she is a top-level mage and presumably, she’s been to the bottom of this dungeon. At the very least I don’t think she’d choose a place she had no experience in exploring herself.

If she’s behind the duplicates it sure covers the rumors about her being a brutal test giver. The first guy gave a test that was hard but could turn into a bloodbath. She’s also giving a brutally hard test, but one that has a decent chance to avoid too much loss of life. I guess she figures anyone that isn’t bright enough to break a bottle when they are in trouble just isn’t going to last long anyways. She’s setting the bar to survive pretty low. Good thing for that one girl that Denken told her to throw in the towel before it was too late. Not sure the golem would have done much good if the bottle was broken by the trap crushing that girl into paste…

Impressive how far Fern has come

This episode was a lot kinder to Fern than the previous one. This dove a bit more into Fern’s present mindset. She was incredibly driven to become a capable mage so Heiter could pass away in peace. Now she’s not really driven in any direction. She wants to live and I’m sure she’ll enjoy seeing Heiter’s spirit. But what does she want for herself in life? That’s a bit tougher. All she can say for sure is that she does enjoy seeing Frieren happy. For now, that’s enough for Fern. Whether she’ll find something else along the way remains to be seen. But she’s ok with searching for spells and seeing Frieren happy.

I do appreciate the acknowledgement of Fern’s immense ability considering how young she really is. It shows how far she could go if she’s driven to chase some sort of goal. Heiter sure found a great apprentice for Frieren to raise.

The man was too cool

As always, the scenes with Himmel are great. The man is so well fleshed out even though he’s been dead for almost the entire series. The more we see the more amazing it is that Frieren just didn’t see how he felt and didn’t think to learn more about him until he was dead. It’s just fun to see that Himmel was a total 100% completionist type. Sure, he could keep going after finding the passage to the next dungeon floor…or he could clear the entire map before doing it! I’ve seen some jokes floating around, but I kind of love the idea that they only defeated the Demon King because they found some cool gear/spells in obscure floors in random dungeons. Himmel truly loved adventure and wanted to enjoy every moment. I do believe that is one reason he succeeded where others failed. Himmel took his time.

This will be a long day for him!

Denken’s got some wild luck. First, he ends up getting literally stomped by Frieren and now…he’s got to fight a duplicate of her! Now maybe this is a better situation since they have some numbers. But if that thing can remotely mimic Frieren’s power that’s not a great thing. Fair enough that he wouldn’t keep going if there wasn’t a test at stake. I wish them the best of luck! Now Frieren did point out a few times that she has lost to people in the past. So, it’s possible that while this fight will be brutal that they’ll be able to get through it.

I respect that Denken wanted to just assemble a huge team. He was right in that this test didn’t force them into small teams. They are all individuals that at least felt confident enough to take on this exam. If they cooperate, they’ll have better odds. I suppose that some who could take an exam like this would have too much pride to cooperate with others. I do think the one guy that rushed in by himself probably failed along the way. Too much pride in a situation like that isn’t a good thing.

Will these two be ok?

In some ways I’m a bit worried for Lawine and Kanne. Neither of their spells seem overly useful in dungeon exploration. And they even started later than most teams. They rode the fence on traveling with Denken’s larger group for a while and then just caved and went in as a two-person team. At the very least if they weren’t going to stay in the largest group they really should have gone with Frieren and Fern. They might end up doing ok, but I expect that they’ll be failing this part of the test. That the duplicates can only use the same spells as the first person they are copying doesn’t even help. Since they could be attacked by copies of different test takers that actually have magic that’s useful in that kind of dry underground setting. Their only hope really is to bring a lot of water in containers.

This girl didn’t even get to see the duplicates!

This episode bounced back nicely from a somewhat middling episode last week. This test is picking up as the duplicates make life rather difficult. And they even found some time to really let Frieren get reacquainted with…the mimic! Truly Frieren is a gacha gamer at heart. Even if the chance of a grimoire is 1%, she’ll open that treasure chest 100% of the time! We even got to learn how to handle freeing someone from a mimic! I don’t think we’ll see too many mimics next week as the fights get rolling. But you never know! I do expect that Fern and Frieren will clear this test easily. But it will be fun to see what duplicates are sent their way. Fingers crossed the next episode maintains this level of enjoyment.

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