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Not often do you see the main characters simply leave a risky situation and let a storm pass them by. I didn’t think that Red, Ruti, and Rit would simply leave town for a few days to avoid any chance of encountering Van. It was absolutely the right decision. They are trying to secure a slow life and staying out of trouble is the best way to do that. There would be no benefit to them sticking around and trying to avoid Van while staying in the same general location as him. And Red is doing well enough that he can manage to take a family trip. Thankfully he also randomly closes his store so often that leaving town for a few days (and the shop to Yarandrala) without anyone being suspicious.

Yeah…this girl has issues

The team was really on the ball here and I think they handled it as best as they could. They kept more famous figures out of direct sight, used Tisse’s skills to the fullest, and just let the new Hero’s party wander around. And honestly that was a good way to do it. The closest call came with Tisse getting spotted by Lavender. But she bailed out immediately and there wasn’t much danger from it. I doubt the fairy even brought it up to anyone and even if she did…Tisse already killed all the spies and assassins the church had in that area at present. There aren’t a lot of people ready to look into it. Obviously, it could have been risky if Lavender herself went after Tisse, but thankfully she wasn’t motivated enough for that.

This episode did make me reassess that fairy a bit. In the past it wasn’t certainly how safe she really was with Van or how powerful she was. At the very least she showed some definite awareness of her surroundings to spot Tisse and more than enough hostility. It makes sense that she’s messed up in her own way though. Who could hang around Van and praise him that regularly without being a bit crazy themselves? Theodora is doing her best to provide some moral guidance to Van, but it goes in one ear and out the other. Lavender doesn’t appear to care how Van treats others and only really cares about him. She could be a definite danger in her own right if a fight does break out.

Rit is always about encouraging Red XD

It was a nice trip for the main cast. A good chance to get away and have some fun as a family. Because…yeah, they are going to be one as soon as Red and Rit get married. Naturally they couldn’t get away from any heroics whatsoever, but they did keep a general focus on enjoying themselves. And honestly helping others out actually made the holiday even better because they got the gift of a curry recipe out of it!

Naturally the show made the best out of this opportunity to get in some fanservice. There wasn’t a beach, but that wouldn’t stop them from having a partial swimsuit episode. I can’t complain about that since Rit suits that bikini. And it totally seems like something she would do. As was Ruti trying to counter with a different niche. Of course, she’d take the first chance she’d get to go for the “wearing the boyfriend’s shirt” look! Probably a fair choice since competing on the same field as Rit wouldn’t go very well. And she did look great in that.

RIP dragon

There’s not much new to say about Van at this point. He’s clearly a type of holy warrior that only cares about what the “Almighty Demis” wants. It becomes increasingly obvious to Theodora that this kid is utterly broken, but that’s been clear to the audience for a while. He doesn’t care about human lives. People are just walking blessings to him that exist to be moved across the gameboard of life by Demis. That’s it. Which is why having Ruti and Red avoid this guy at all costs is the right call. There’s simply no way he could process Ruti disobeying her Hero Blessing.

The good thing is that the story forced Van to keep on moving. With the assassins dead the search for the airship must start fresh and there’s no point wasting their time hunting around for an airship. Instead, they can spend their time continuing to take shots at classic RPG cliches! Grinding levels, finding optional bosses, and gathering ultimate equipment is totally a good choice when playing a game. But I suppose in a world like this that would be considered a bit extreme. Attacking a creature that wasn’t presently a threat is a bit iffy. Although that dragon didn’t get that treasure by asking nicely either so I can’t say it’s the completely wrong choice to fight him. It’s a complicated issue…

I’m not sure how much more of Van she can take

I do wonder when Ruti and Van will cross paths. It is the smart choice to avoid him, and I fully support what the cast did in this episode. That was the smart thing to do. It does make me wonder though. Will Van stumble upon them or will they have to go after him instead? I could see him going on some monster purge around Zoltan (maybe going after those gem giants) and that being something that Red and Ruti can’t stomach. And if he continues to power up, will he pose a threat to Ruti? I don’t know on that one. Ruti just seems absurdly strong, and I still question what Van’s real blessing is. But I’m sure he’ll make things complicated with his mentality alone.

Ruti is enjoying herself now

This was a solid episode. The “vacation” portion was fun even when they had to go into emergency mode to help Kate and the Van portion remains a steady dose of tension for the show. I’m just enjoying Ruti being able to truly be herself. Most of her life she didn’t have that luxury. And Tisse remains a real treat in this show since she is serious about what she does and puts in a lot of effort. It’ll only be thanks to her that they’ll know how messed up Van truly is. Theodora could update them as well but she doesn’t have the freedom to slip away like that. I look forward to the eventual confrontation, but I’m prepared for it to take until closer to episode 10.

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