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Only fair to give Wonderful Precure an opportunity to show what it can do. If nothing else, I don’t think you can say this episode tried to copy what Hirogaru did. It’s a solid intro that stands on its own and sets up what looks to be the main cast of the show and the overall direction of the story. There are some questions remaining after this episode, but there’s plenty of time (lots of it) to answer some questions and potentially expand the degree of conflict the Precure are going to be dealing with. I’m cautiously optimistic. It doesn’t grab me the same was as Hirogaru did, but I think it could absolutely appeal to people as much or even more.

This cat has enough attitude to carry the show

Might as well focus on the good to start. I like the concepts of paired Precure and pets. I’ve loved plenty of Precure series that had pairs as a focus. It’s a good way to draw out the potential of two characters and the closer you bring a pair together the more possibilities there are for combined abilities. And naturally pets make for a good built-in relationship between the cures. It is a bit of an odd thing since you are making these pets into people, but that’s hardly the most out there thing Precure has ever done. If they can make bringing toys to life work then pets aren’t all that tough a barrier. And with that we can kind of make out the team as it will build up.

It should start out as a 4-character team. No surprise the girl and her cat will become Precure sooner rather than later. It will probably take a few episodes since they technically haven’t even made Iroha into a Precure yet. But there’s no question they will get there. And that pair will probably be entertaining. You can already get the feel for the relationships between the two main humans and their pets. And yes, there is coincidentally a male friend with his own pet. Considering last season, it isn’t off the table that they’ll become the fifth and sixth cures eventually. This would be a bold move since it’s one thing to make a bird person from another world into a Precure and another to make a regular human guy into one.

A good and peppy pink Cure

I feel pretty good about Komugi and Iroha so far. But we will have to see how they handle Komugi’s character. That kind of bubbling energy can be a good trait or it could get to be a bit much. She already showed traits of being a bit much with her refusing to let Iroha ever leave the house without her being there. The OP also showed some potentially concerning traits with her inserting herself between Iroha and (possibly) her love interest Satoru. If she can’t draw the line somewhere it could be a source of strife as the show moves on. Becoming human (however permanent that is) may not solve all Komugi’s problems.

At the same time Komugi did show good traits. Nothing to be taken away from gathering her courage and racing to help her friend. She’s a tiny dog and that isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do. Struggling a bit to find her strength before moving is a valid way to handle things. And no question that she and Iroha have a strong bond that’s been built up over time. It’s not just possessiveness but a love and wish to be near someone. There’s plenty of potential here.

Iroha seems like a nice girl

Credit as well to Iroha. She didn’t even get the chance to transform and yet she showed a great deal of courage right out of the gate. She took action to try and protect that kid and his dog and she did good work. Now she didn’t have much of a plan to save herself and it required that enemy deciding that chasing her was more valid than attacking those directly in front of him, but it did work. Iroha seems like a good and helpful girl. If this show wasn’t giving her dog the main role she probably would have the qualities for a main protagonist in her own right.

Will see how the enemies turn out

One thing that will be interesting to keep an eye on is the action and enemies. I hate to say it, but it is a bit worrying after Hirogaru to not even see any enemy “general” in this episode. And considering the enemies are these possessed animal faeries…it gives the impression that the show won’t have the precure actually fight anything. Punching the heck out of a possessed creature would be a bit iffy. But in that case the action can only be limited to chasing, dodging, and blocking. Maybe they’ll have some “Precure Hugging finish” sort of thing to clear each enemy. But without actual enemies to fight their hands are tied in terms of action.

Now that doesn’t mean there won’t be actual enemies to fight. It just means we haven’t seen anyone that could fit that role yet. As of right now these things seem to be scattered around the place like monstrous landmines. They could avoid showing off any intelligent threat at all while the precure or innocent people stumble upon these threats. In theory someone intelligent attacked these animal faeries in the first place and sent these seeds to Earth. So, there could be a mastermind behind this. It might also be some incoherent force of nature, and no one is behind this. I’m just a bit nervous. Hirogaru did a lot of things well, but overall it’s antagonists were left underdeveloped for too long and struggled to pull it together by the end. I just hope they’ve learned something that isn’t just not having any antagonists at all!

Curious to see how this guy turns out

This was a solid first episode. The main cast seems nice, the energy is pretty good, and it has a fresh slate to go in any given direction. Now, I won’t be picking this one up. It was a solid adventure picking up Hirogaru and covering all 50 episodes in a year. But that did leave my hands a bit tied for picking up too many shows the rest of the year. Overall, I enjoyed this first episode and I feel a bit hopeful that it will be a fun experience overall. But I’m going to take a bit more of a passive approach to following this series while sending best wishes to those actively covering it.

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