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It’s nice that they are effectively fitting in some training with trouble coming for them on the horizon. They are only starting to become aware of this by the end of the episode of course. But it will be helpful especially for Red to get more comfortable with combat again since things are probably going to get a bit rough soon. There’s no doubt that Van will eventually arrive in Zoltan and he probably isn’t going to leave without causing some trouble first. I’m looking forward to seeing how the characters are going to navigate this situation.

Even Red took this seriously

Good to see that Danan is recovering. There’s obviously nothing to be done regarding his arm, but at least he’s in good shape once again. And credit to him for wanting to stick to the path he believes in. He’s ironically got a much better excuse than Red to retire considering that injury. But in a sense, he’s like Red in that he knows what he wants to do and is going to go and do it. And he is still one of the strongest individual humans in the world. There’s no doubt that he can contribute something. And the more people ready and willing to fight the better.

It makes sense that he does want one duel against Red before he goes. There is no guarantee he’ll live to ask for another one so this is a good opportunity. Plus, I do think he wants to understand his friend’s choice. He knows that Red could absolutely keep fighting with them. Red may not have much belief in his own abilities, but others around him do. So, it was important for Danan to try and see what this slow life means to Red and what he’s gained from it.

I think Ruti wins this one

The match itself was fine. I don’t think pure action is necessarily going to be this show’s calling card, but it was a decent matchup. Red was holding his own, but they had a good enough excuse for it. It’s not a duel to the death. If Danan was desperate to beat Red no matter the cost he would change up his tactics and probably win very quickly. But he wanted to fight Red with all he had, and that meant Red would have a good chance of using what he knows of Danan’s fighting style to hold out for as long as possible. He simply couldn’t afford to take a hit…

Hilariously the second round between Danan and Ruti basically ended instantly XD. She’s just too OP! That town will be safe from most things with her just chilling out there! It is a bit too bad for Danan of course since Ruti was so strong that there wasn’t even really a fight. The gap is just too big for it to become a good back and forth sort of struggle. Not Ruti’s fault, that’s just how she is built.

There was more than just Ruti fanservice

Speaking of her being built…this season really hasn’t run away from Ruti fanservice whenever they can get it. It’s not only Ruti fanservice of course (got some good moments with Rit), but Ruti has made up for lost time. She was an emotionless force of nature in most of season 1 so there wasn’t going to be fanservice there. But now she’s just getting as many moments as the story can realistically fit in. Including her just standing under a waterfall in the nude for a good amount of time. I’m sure she thought that would be some awesome training but…apparently she didn’t get much out of it! Tisse is a good friend though that sticks with Ruti no matter what strange things she gets up to.

Just happily chopping people’s heads off…

I’m sure some might complain that we’re spending way too many episodes setting up Van’s threat and not spending enough time…having him show up in Zoltan. But this episode did move things along. It was important for Ruti and Tisse to let Red/Rit know what was going on with the airship and that people were coming for it. Better than being completely blindsided by what is going to happen. And obviously Van doesn’t have the airship so he can’t arrive as quickly as Ruti and Tisse did in the first place.

The time for silly banter is just about over

And while we aren’t getting many new pieces of information, I do think we are setting up the coming conflict. Van is a true blessing fanatic. He cares less about good and evil than about what blessings would dictate. Evil people shouldn’t die because they are doing terrible things, but because their blessings exist so they can be killed by good. For this guy following one’s blessing is common sense. Ruti as a Hero should be the most devout of all because she’s got an all-powerful blessing destined to vanquish evil. So he won’t exactly be keen on finding out that she’s not doing that.

Heck, I could easily see him demanding Red (with the Guide blessing) leave Zoltan to guide him. The plan should be for Ruti to stay out of sight, so Van doesn’t react to her. But what if he makes a demand of Red that is refused? Might he not consider killing Red? If he’s not going to follow his blessing that could be seen as blasphemous and by killing Red at least his experience would go to level Van’s blessing. Then you have Ruti step in and he would see killing her as important because what would give him more experience than a blasphemous Hero that refuses her blessing’s call? I don’t think he could beat Ruti, but he may be strong enough to cause serious problems in Zoltan.

It’s good to see characters grow

We are steadily heading towards a serious conflict. I could see Van arriving by the end of the next episode if not episode 7 itself. It’s good that Albert arrived in time to give a more complete warning. The downside of course is that Theodora is the only one that truly knows how messed up Van is. Albert can give a general warning and Theodora’s early impressions of him, but they won’t have any up-to-date information about how extreme this guy’s views truly are. Unfortunately, all they can do is react to whatever comes their way. At least they know this guy exists and that he’s coming. Whether they can weather the eventual storm remains to be seen. Here’s hoping it works out. The clash between free will and divine demands through blessings is always going to be part of this story. Another clash in that story is coming.

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