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This show walks the line between blissful slice of life and impending doom! This episode had both those things going for it. It was nice seeing the main cast enjoying the festival. They all seemed a great deal more relaxed and comfortable than they were at points last season. But at the same time the trouble on the horizon is closing in. There won’t be much time to ponder blessings, whether it’s ok to take it easy, or look forward to the impending marital bliss for Red and Rit. It’s going to be interesting to see how the main cast handle the impending trouble coming their way. Even if Ruti is stronger than Van (which I suspect she is), that doesn’t mean that having some trouble coming to Zoltan won’t be problematic.

That spider is good

I do respect that Tisse is one of the few characters in Zoltan that’s trying to stay on top of threats. The rest of the cast are incredibly passive about potential dangers and aren’t thinking about what they’ll do when trouble shows up. I get that from Ruti since she’s just starting to find herself. Yarandrala…is a bit of a goofy elf. But you’d think from some of these other characters that someone besides Tisse would be on guard here. Ruti isn’t exactly using an alias. Red and Rit are happily into each other, but if no one is looking out for trouble then they’ll absolutely get blindsided.

Of course, Tisse’s efforts ended up backfiring on her. I understand her being uneasy about people looking into the airship that she and Ruti took to get here. But her move to silence those spies didn’t work out because they had backup. She made her move too quickly and now people know that she’s there which means there’s something to investigate. Now I won’t be too hard on her. This was inevitable. Someone was going to be looking around and spot Ruti, Red, Yarandrala, etc. Most of the last hero’s party are hanging around this place. Someone was going to notice! Tisse just hit the start button on the timer to trouble.

Albert is doing just fine

Good choice to try and send Albert to Zoltan to get ahead of this. Sadly, it’s far too late, but I respect the effort. It’s good to see what Albert is up to. The guy wanted to get involved in things and be more than just some adventurer in a backwater town. He’s getting involved now. It’s just ironic that his efforts are going to bring him right back to where he started. It’s nice to see Theodora making up for some of her stupid choices in season 1. She’s at least keeping an eye on this new hero. Though she doesn’t seem convinced that he has the pure hero’s blessing. That does make some sense. But it does raise the question of what blessing was pushed onto this guy and what kind of impact It’s having on his mind.

Their relationship is going swimmingly

It is nice seeing the characters enjoy themselves. Obviously Red and Rit’s romance was a major element of the first season. And they are leaning into it even more. There’s no question where things are with them and where they are going. A very active relationship right there. There is the promise to get married eventually. And that one is mostly just held up because darn it they want Rit to have the right ring first! I’m glad these two are happy and steadily moving in a direction that they can enjoy. I just wonder how they’ll handle the events coming up. You gather this many famous figures in one place and even a place like Zoltan is going to end up on a lot of people’s radars!

I hope things work out for Ruti

They continue building up the tricky question of whether Ruti can enjoy her life as she wants. She’s a solid adventurer for Zoltan and is making good money. But she can’t help but wonder if this is ok and if it’s permissible. Red will obviously back her up on this, but he’ll have to decide how supportive he can be if events start forcing difficult choices…I do agree that Rut should be free to find herself. And frankly she needs it since she lived so long without free will or even her original personality. But obviously that Van guy won’t agree if they cross paths. I simply hope that Ruti doesn’t give up on what she wants because she doesn’t want to put others in danger.

Not a group that should fly under the radar

This was another solid episode. The festival was good fun and the cast seemed to be enjoying themselves. But even this episode noted the downsides to blessings and how Red isn’t particularly a fan. Is it ok for people to simply be slaves to their blessings? But is Red willing to challenge the foundations of this society to disagree with that? I guess we’ll see as the show moves along.

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