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We’re just about to the end of this wild card of a series. The show isn’t going to quite live up to the hype that it generated in the first few episodes, but it seems ready to end on a solid enough note. They clearly put some effort into this episode to play into the idea of Sky getting turned into a Dark Precure and that did provide some tension. All the better with the main cast kindly playing into Darkhead’s strategy and setting up a fight that was almost entirely in his favor. Though I guess that didn’t matter since everyone would have been affected by the negative energy anyways, but they made it easier on him.

So close to having a great plan

I’ll say this…the twist was weak, but at least Darkhead took things back to the kind of competency that he showed during his initial attack on the Precure. Some decent tactics and taking full advantage of a naive enemy that would follow him into an obvious trap. If nothing else, it was fairly satisfying seeing him take full advantage of his opportunities.

His only real flaw here was getting too caught up in the moment. Just because Sky was starting to fall into darkness doesn’t mean she was all the way there. He made his move to possess her way too quickly. At that point it was literally all or nothing. He was simply betting on whether Sky would take down Prism or not. When that bet failed, he was basically out of luck. Because he charged Sky right towards the only person with an ability to basically purge darkness out of people. He was close to having a good plan and just let it all slip away!

This was fine, but could have been amazing

The biggest issue with this finale is that it is the finale. Having Sky be possessed or slowly being corrupted could have been a cool direction to take the show. Do it way closer to the mid-point and slowly have Sky get increasingly powerful while tapping into that Undergu power. Maybe she convinces herself as a hero that she can handle it and that it’s necessary to deal with some major spike of the threat level of their enemies. Obviously, we don’t want him to succeed, but they could have taken Sky’s fall much closer to the breaking point. Kind of go “black suit Spider-Man” with it. Sky’s aggressiveness and negative traits getting inflated until the energy is purged.

I know this is basically writing the story for them. But now I’m kind of sad that they didn’t do that! Whether they used Darkhead or not, they could have had that Undergu energy that had been part of her for several episodes become its own entity. Whether that would become the main bad, a regular boss, or even turned into a redeemed Precure, the options would be wide open! This finale both was decent, but also highlights how much better this show could have been some actual planning!

Dude, just pack it up already

I kind of rolled my eyes when Darkhead basically turned into a giant serpent of negative energy. The story is over man! There is no point going on the attack at this stage. He’s outnumbered, outgunned, and doesn’t seem likely to turn any of them into a vessel at this point. All Darkhead is doing is providing a nice enemy to beat up because ending the conflict with Sky refusing to punch Prism wasn’t what they wanted to do! Honestly, I don’t agree with them on this one. It was an almost perfect way to finish things. Sky restrained herself, believed in her friend, and Prism who had been with Sky almost the whole way would be the one to save her. Just let Darkhead get purged by that.

Maybe the plan is to have them purge him and purge the Undergu Empire of the Undergu energy entirely. Provide a more peaceful place for people to live. Although honestly since we only saw Ranborg…I’m not sure what kind of population the Undergu Empire even has. How many people live down there? Maybe it’s just a better choice for the Empress (who was inexplicably healed) to move to Skyland. Nicer place and less need to clean up a toxic source of energy.

Decent choice for the time they had left

Part of me does wish that they had played things differently with all this. I liked the concept that Noble could have killed the Empress’ father. That’s an interesting idea. Because a seemingly immortal (or extremely long-lived) former enemy would be scary for the people of Skyland. And that fear could have gotten increasingly heavy as they realized that no one would be able to fight him once Noble naturally reached the end of her life expectancy. That’s not a bad way to create tension. But I suppose at this point it would require way more episodes to play into a scenario like that. Much easier to just have Darkhead play up being evil, deny ever having any affection for the Empress, and move on to the final battles. That’s not the worst choice to make.

At least these two had good moments

That’s mostly got the story wrapped up. All that’s left is for the main cast to beat up the Undergu energy and let everyone go on home. It doesn’t feel like the cast has to go their own way. Unless defeating that energy destabilizes the connection between worlds or something. Honestly Sora could even still hang out in Mashiro’s world if she feels like it. But I guess we’ll see how they choose to end the show. The fight to finish off Darkhead in that serpent form shouldn’t take all that long. They’ll get to bust out the good old finishers one more time. While the Dark Sky concept was over way too quickly, it was a fun way to add spice to the finale. I wasn’t feeling this finale for the first part of it, but that part led to me having a good time.

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