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What? That’s seriously where we are taking the show in the final episodes? Not sure that I’d have gone this route in all honesty. I do admit that it seemed like Skearhead and Shalala were the only legitimate options for the last boss in the show. The Empress just didn’t work as one. She kind of did when she tried to kill Kabaton for failing, but that side of her was dropped fast. This episode nailed how that role of evil boss just doesn’t work for her.

Here’s the last general…and boss

There’s so many questions and uncertainties coming out of this episode! Skearhead!? I enjoyed Skearhead’s first appearance in the show. He was proactive, dangerous, and used his abilities to the fullest. It was a slog after that since he couldn’t be allowed to fight seriously until the finale, but I thought we had a good grasp on him. Having him be the ultimate evil is just a strange move. It makes most of what he’s said utter lies. So, there’s a weird disconnect to the last boss since…we don’t really understand him at all. They are going to need one heck of a quick backstory to clear this up. Presuming the final episode is an epilogue to set up the next show.

Why would he even bother? If he believed strength was everything then why even attempt to prop up the Empress? Why not just take over himself? Presumably he impersonated Cure Noble and killed the Emperor for daring to believe in peace. But why deal with the Empress at all? She needed hundreds of years to recover and be ready for this conflict. Skearhead could have simply taken over the Empire himself and started a war the second Cure Noble passed away of old age. Why play the role of the dutiful teacher and then just stab the Empress in the back? What does this guy even want!?

I’m sure she’ll walk it off

The Empress is good and easy to understand. She saw her father murdered and felt incredibly betrayed. Of course, she’d want revenge on Skyland and Cure Noble’s reincarnation (I think that’s what Ellee is). It’s a simple and understandable motivation. Sure it offers a bit of a gray area if you go with the idea of Cure Noble murdering the Emperor. But by going with Skearhead they’ve effectively robbed the Empress of a legitimate cause and left a void where there’s no reason for any of this. So what if power is everything? Why does the Undergu Empire need to invade anyone? Can’t they just be strong in their own lands?

Thank goodness that worked

I’m kind of surprised that the Prism Shine worked. Because it’s not like the Empress was conflicted. She was purely and legitimately angry! Sure, part of her is a nice person that once believed in peace. But that doesn’t exactly outweigh her anger. Her fight wasn’t about “power is everything”. Her fight was about “my father was murdered by the ancestral ruler of Skyland and it deserves to burn for it.” Destroying a kingdom isn’t exactly justified, but they can’t afford to misunderstand her reason for attacking.

Heck I’m surprised this didn’t blow up in their faces. The Empress had powered up and was a handful for all 5 Precure. Yet two of them ran off to help the city and one was charging up her big shot. That left only two of them to fight her. Thankfully that was enough! Arguably proving that the Empress is weaker than the average monster of the week… Ignoring that issue though…that was a risky choice.

Didn’t think I’d see these two again

But hey, props to the cast for stepping up. It wasn’t a bad move to have the antagonists show up to help. Although how they knew this was going on and when to show up isn’t explained. Isn’t Kabaton busy working a full-time job right now? Good thing everyone was free to show up for this. Not a bad move to have everyone show up. Kabaton and Battamonda basically got character arcs to redeem them. Kabaton didn’t get as much as Battamonda, but enough. Minoton…well that guy was always more of a pure idiot than anything malicious so he didn’t need much.

She could have worked as the last boss

It is kind of a shame that Shalala wasn’t paid off as the big bad. Revealing any twist villain now is a bit late in all honesty. But at least Shalala has had enough suspicious moments in the show that I think she could have pulled it off. And she would provide a good emotional opponent for Sora. The show never has done much with Ellee, but at least the main character could have had a good opponent that worked for her. The only thing any of them have with Skearhead is that they were deceived about him acting out of love. I’m not sure that’s as solid a motivation to fight. But let’s see where this goes.

Ellee was an interesting element to this show

I’ll give the show some credit…that was a memorable episode. I’m not sure how effective the show will be at ending on a strong note. But the stage is set and we’re out of time here. Next episode should be the final battle. Episode 50 will either be mostly or completely an epilogue episode. They might let the final battle drift into episode 50, but it shouldn’t take up the whole thing. Here’s hoping that a show that started off so strong can at least end in as satisfying a way possible. I’m not 100% sure that it will, but I hope so.

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