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One step closer to the finish line! Not quite as close as I thought we were a few weeks ago, but we’re getting there! I’d say we got some answers in this episode, but in some ways I think we only got more questions! It’s going to be interesting to get some legitimate answers before this show ends. I hope at least that they will answer some things. The enemy is running out of minions, so it is about the time for a last battle.

Obviously there’s some trick behind this

I’ll admit to being a bit worried here. They did extend the episode count to 50 so the next episode isn’t the end. But at the same time with the Empress making her move right now…I can’t see the fight against her taking 3 episodes. So, I’m concerned that they are going to pull a twist villain from out of nowhere and make that the final boss. I suppose it’s possible they make the Undergu Energy itself the enemy and make it sentient. Without Cure Noble developing a split personality it seems unlikely she murdered the Emperor. So, someone pretended to be her and did it. I doubt they’ll just beat up the Empress and have that be that. Here’s hoping they don’t stumble at the end for this show.

Not enough answers!

Full honesty in saying that I’ve been hard on the show. The second half has been rough in all honesty. I think the show was at it’s peak with Kabaton and Battamonda as the main antagonists. Because these guys did have quite a bit of personality and you could get into their heads a little. It covered for the Undergu Empire being heavily in shadow because these were the faces of the antagonist side anyways. But once they got through Sora’s fall and eventual rise as a hero…it’s kind of stalled out a bit.

It also feels like the story is actively fighting against the audience. I swear they know that people have been begging to understand what is going on with the antagonists and you had characters like Skearhead actively refusing to say anything at all! This episode was full of characters just saying nothing. Even Elleelain despite being set up to tell everyone what was going on…didn’t know anything! Which makes the time travel/flashback thing we saw previously even less useful! This woman ruled Skyland for a good while, gave up her power and turned into a being overseeing Skyland and waiting for something to happen. But in the end…she really had no clue what was going on with the Empress or why the fighting has resumed! Usually powerful and mysterious entities like Elleelain know what the antagonists are up to!

All powered up for the finale

Speaking of Elleelain though, I find it kind of funny how she appears to power up Ellee. We’ve seen clearly how Cure Majesty has steadily become less effective over time. So, it just feels like a comedic response to those criticisms with this other Princess showing up to power Majesty enough to make a difference. Now she’s back to being as powerful as she appeared to be when she first showed up. Even getting some handy abilities like that shield and finishing attack. She’s finally back to a level where most situations can just be handled by Majesty.


I love that Skearhead chooses the time when Majesty has finally reached her full power…to bet everything on one huge attack. Really!? Where was this determination a few weeks ago!? This isn’t a good time to make that sort of gamble. Unless his plan was to get the Empress so angry at his death that she’d surpass her limits…I don’t think that’s a great move. I will give him credit though for at least really sticking to his guns on that suicide plan. Trying to trap Majesty (and anyone else close by) into that sphere and then BOOM! He was certainly dedicated enough to use his own life for this one attack. There wasn’t any last-minute save either. He really did just blow himself up…and got nothing out of it.

And really Sora? Kind of feels like a tactless choice to effectively say “it’s your fault someone you cared about died, because you didn’t talk to me about yourself!” I’m not going to say that’s something a hot-headed shounen protagonist wouldn’t say. But that seems like a questionable direction to go with against someone who is clearly seeing red! I know Sora felt like she’d built up some sort of rivalry/connection with Skearhead and wanted to understand things. But sometimes it’s better not to say anything at all!

Let’s see what this angry rock star can do!

This was a decent episode that moved things forward a little. I do find it weird that they really can’t seem to commit to making Ellee a child or a teen right now. They could have just not bothered and gave her the power without the changed base state. But instead, they did that and made her change back to a child when hungry…Anyways, I am curious to see where we go from here. The Empress has made her claim and obviously Ellee refuses to believe it. I expect we’ll get one big fight against the Empress and finally the true last boss will make some sort of move. We shall see though!

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