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Nothing wrong with diving in with the classic isekai concept. Just some characters getting snagged by a kingdom that figures kidnapping its saviors is a good tactical strategy! We got to meet Usato, Suzune, and Kazuki. And they are a solid trio that I could see ending up great friends by the end. At the very least Kazuki and Suzune have a good bond already. It’s a question of how close they can get to Usato now that he’s been abducted by the Rescue Squad. Talk about a busy day. He goes from getting kidnapped from his world to getting kidnapped by the nation’s medical staff.

I hope we plenty of these two

The best part of the episode was probably before they got grabbed. Having Suzune, Usato, and Kazuki just having a casual chat while they walked in the rain did a great job establishing their personalities, quirks, and relationships. Obviously Usato didn’t have a connection with either of them before all this. But it helped him to get a view of them beyond what he could see as an outsider. It doesn’t hurt either that he could quickly clear up the rumors that made me think of Kaguya-sama. These two definitely aren’t dating even though they are certainly friends and have worked together for quite some time.

Even though neither of them had been friends with Usato before it just felt like the building of a good friendship. We even got little details like Kazuki being plenty popular with the girls (who mostly just start talking to him) but the guys give him a cold shoulder as a result. These three just felt very comfortable to watch interact. If nothing supernatural happened I’m sure they’d have naturally made a good trio of friends. People trying to find their way in the world and and searching for what they want to do. That’s something at least Suzune and Usato could relate to each other on. Maybe Kazuto, but we didn’t get his viewpoint on that sort of thing.

Well, she’s enjoying this

It is hilarious that Suzune was so hyped even when the magical circle was forming under them! This girl is all about this kind of isekai stuff. I do wonder a bit about her not showing the same level of concern as Kazuki about them getting kidnapped and having no clear way home. But she is the type that is utterly into this. Being a hero? Getting lightning powers? Woo! Let’s go! Honestly I’m a bit surprised she and Kazuki are counted as heroes with just one element. Usually you’d see a busted hero get a couple different powers. But maybe the big thing here is having magic and having a good amount of mana to work off of?

Doesn’t ask for permission…or forgiveness

The weirdest part was honestly when Rose came into the picture. I get the comedic angle they are going with here. But it honestly feels like this kingdom is a mess. She doesn’t listen to the King, kidnaps one of his guests, doesn’t stop even when he’s being evacuated to escape her, and just runs off with him. I get they need healers and are in a tight spot. But…how about just asking? Thankfully for her Usato is kind of a pushover that just goes with the flow.

I expect he’ll have this expression often

This was a decent first episode. So many first episodes to dive into this season and I’m just absorbed in enjoying each of them. We set up the world well here. And honestly for a generic isekai scenario I think the actual execution made it shine. The cast feels like a good bunch of characters. The situation has the potential to be good. They do need to live up to that and execute, but I think this is a show I’ll keep watching as it goes along. Will I cover it this season? Probably not. But it’s still worth a look.

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