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This fall is all kinds of unusual for me. But here I am going to praise the heck out of a show where I didn’t give the first season any episode reviews. But this was a good return to Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu. One of the better romance series of the past year and the second season is hitting the ground running. Something I’m all for since it allows us to just enjoy the ride and because this episode was absolutely packed! There is so much going on in this episode I almost thought that I’d missed that it was an hour-long episode. The romantic hijinks and awkwardness between Yamada and Ichikawa remain an absolute treat. If they can keep this energy going through the second season, then I’m excited to see where these two end up.

It was at this moment he knew…he screwed up.

Impressive how much they got done in this episode and how often Ichikawa was dancing on the verge of utter disaster. Starting off with just casually saying that he’s not close to Yamada…with her standing right there! He’s pretty good at doing things like this throughout the episode. But the nice thing is that Ichikawa has matured enough to realize…that this isn’t a good thing to leave hanging! He does need a good opportunity, but he does make attempts to resolve things.

That made the first makeup moment particularly good. Because yes, she wasn’t giving him a break and making him really verbalize it. But at the same time, she clearly was just waiting for the opportunity to let it go. Even while she was upset, she still went ahead and made sure Ichikawa got the notes that he was going to need. She just needed to hear him say that she was the person he counted on the most.

A look that says everything

Yamada was so keen on helping Ichikawa while he had that broken arm. But that just made it even more painful when she realized how and why his arm was broken. They did a great job just giving her that look of utter horror. Because of course she would blame herself for this. That would be even more true because she was so active in helping him. She probably felt so thrilled to be someone he could rely on. Thankfully it didn’t take Ichikawa that long to realize how badly he’d messed up. But at the same time, it was a situation that didn’t have a good answer. While sure he could say he was so distracted by thinking about her that he fell on his own. But that…still would kind of sound like her fault!

An interesting thing is that they didn’t exactly resolve that. There is still room for this to be something to tackle later. The next issue took more importance, but it will be interesting if they go on about this for a bit more. Because it’s fair enough for her to feel awful when he still has a visible symbol in that broken arm.

Casually being a hero

For better or worse the lost gift was a far more important to tackle. And I like the raw emotion that Yamada was bringing out when she realized she’d lost it. She just looked utterly dead. I’m glad that Ichikawa has matured enough to realize that just offering his own wouldn’t help anything. Rushing out into the winter to try and hunt for a tiny keychain like that was risky. Though yeah, he really didn’t have a choice. Had to go into hero mode and at least try to help.

Ironically the one who really played hero here seemed to be Moeko. She was pretty on her game pointing Ichikawa down the right way towards Yamada’s house and then getting right on top of sending Yamada his way. Even if she didn’t outright find what they were looking for. It was thanks to her these things came together as nicely as they did. It was obvious enough I suppose that something happened between them, and that made Yamada look so depressed and if nothing else getting them close might help resolve it.

These two just work so well together

It’s fun watching this couple develop. Because while it is slow, there is definite progress. It was a strong moment seeing Yamada breaking down over seemingly having lost the keychain only for that moment to allow Ichikawa to spot it. And now…he’s heading up to her place. Fair enough! He has been out there hunting in the cold. If he tries to tough it out and go to his place he’ll probably end up with a cold to add to his already troubled state of having a broken arm! It should allow for some good bits of drama in the next episode.

The support cast isn’t bad either

I do honestly enjoy this show. It wasn’t that far off from being in my top 10 for 2023. So, I’m all ready to see where this relationship goes. Whether or not I’ll pick it up is unclear. But there was no way that I was going to avoid talking about this show entirely across the two seasons it has had so far. Fingers crossed that they don’t stumble too many times while building up this relationship. But that’s probably just part of the journey.

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