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It’s just nice to see some shows return for a second season. That’s certainly the case for Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside. The first season was an interesting one. There was a nice mix of focusing on Ruti’s party and Red living his peaceful retirement in the countryside. The result being that these stories crossed paths and Ruti was saved from the fate of being cursed by her hero’s blessing. She gained some free will and that’s been continuing into season 2. This episode also split the focus between Red’s situation and the newest hero that has risen to replace Ruti on the battlefield. I’m sure that will get plenty interesting with Van’s story likely to cross with the main cast by the end of the season.

The Ruti OP was great!

Was the objective of the first episode to highlight how cute Ruti is!? Because if so…mission accomplished! That was a visual feast. Just giving us every possible angle of Ruti and really doing little else besides showing off how cute she is. I don’t know if the intention was to create a foot fetish craze, but that’s certainly possible with the amount of focus her feet got here. Tisse was there too, but this was a fully Ruti OP. Red and Rit barely made any appearance, though they did get plenty of it in the ED. I’m going to treat the OP like a kind of victory lap. Ruti has her life, her personality, and her freedom. And that’s a wonderful thing.

Meeting this guy probably won’t go well

With that being said…it does return to the debate within the show about free will and divine will. Ruti had her free will taken away from her so the divine could cram in power and force her to go save the world. She gained an extra blessing to combat the negative elements of the hero blessing and that’s a good thing. The downside is that someone else has had that role shoved on them. It was wrong for it to be done to her and it’s wrong with this Van kid too. The real issue though is that Ruti is already questioning if she’s doing the right thing. Is it ok for her to be selfish when people are going to die as a result? She’s not going to kill them, but if she went out to fight as a hero then some lives would be saved.

I just feel for how she might react whenever the paths of her and Van cross. She’s a hero that chose to stop fighting. Was the plan simply to replace Ruti or to eliminate her? She’s also likely to feel incredible guilt. This guy was basically brainwashed because she refused to fight. And if he’s stopped or turned back to normal like Ruti…someone else probably gets that job too. Is there any way out of this?

She deserves this chance at peace

In season 1 I was hard on Red at times for his approach of jumping all over retirement while Ruti was left to keep fighting. But I am behind him on it being allowed for Ruti to step back. She was forced to fight against her will. If she chose to stand up in the first place then it might be an issue to just throw in the towel with the job unfinished. But she never had a choice. Ruti wasn’t allowed to rest, sleep, get hungry, show emotions, and was basically having every element of what makes someone human stripped away from her. If anyone deserves a break it’s Ruti. If she decides to fight again that’s fine. But it’s not something that should be shoved onto her at the cost of her humanity. She needs time to find herself and find her path forward.

Things are looking good here

It’s a nice trip here getting to go and find the right gem for Rit’s engagement ring. Rit and Red are pretty darn serious, and things are moving along nicely. Good for the dwarf too with his pregnant wife. Though obviously different species crossing would probably cause some pregnancy issues that are unavoidable. Good on him for trying to help in his own way.

The downside here is that clearly something is very wrong with the woods. That’s probably not going to be good. Whether it’s related to demons or something else. It might also pose another reminder that even if this group sits back and enjoys retirement…the world will keep on spinning.

This seems like overkill!

Holy smokes Yarandrala is a hot head. It is nice that she’s loyal to her friends and values that sort of thing. On the downside…she’s a total loose cannon that probably should be living out in the woods and not putting people in danger whenever she snaps. Not really waiting to find out all the details and instead figured she’d just murder the heck out of someone using her magic! Credit to Tisse for being a good person and stepping in. And props to the former mayor for doing what she could. But no shock that they couldn’t quite handle a legendary elf like that. The best they could do was get pretty darn close.

Guess we’ll see how this new party does

I don’t know if this Van guy will get the same focus as Ruti did in S1. She had a much larger reason for it since she was Red’s sister and this party was the one the main character was “banished” from. But I do think we’ll see a decent amount of him. If only to show off how horrifying this hero’s “blessing” really is. Ruti had Red when he was there and at least the memory of him when not. So, she showed a bit more empathy and humanity (even before getting her mind back) than Van has shown so far. This guy doesn’t even care if people die. It’s just their destiny if they do. Horrible to think of since this guy lost his home and his country. There’s no way he doesn’t care about the loss of human life.

Tisse put in work this week

Good return for this show. Honestly, I think the show will be even better now that Ruti and Tisse are with Red and Rit. Ruti is pretty darn entertaining when she fights (RIP goblins) and has an interesting character arc that is still unfolding. It’ll be nice to see how she develops as the show goes along. And it’ll be nice to see the Red and Rit couple continue to move forward. They are already well on the road to marriage here. I’m curious to see how they handle the issue of the divine as well. If Ruti has a target on her back…things could get messy.

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