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There remain some mysteries, but this episode was huge for getting a spotlight on the conspiracies behind all this. Depending on how much can be read into this reveal…it might answer almost everything. Of course, if Graham is just part an international group that’s behind this conspiracy, then there might still be more reveals to come. But at the very least it puts the Sunkland nation under an uncomfortable microscope now. A nation that prizes justice and striking down evil might be revealed to have been the greatest evil of them all. Though not intentionally.

Just how many conspirators are there?

The question here is how widespread are Graham’s allies and is this simply a Sunkland issue? It’s hard to say at this point. But what is clear is that a good amount of Sunkland’s espionage division are scumbags. It’s the perfect reveal too. The focus for Sion and his nation has been how they are such pinnacles of goodness, chivalry, and justice. But their aggressive style of justice has left them at the mercy of their intelligence division “the Wind Crows.” If they say “these guys are evil” then the military gets rolled out and they get ready to invade in the name of justice. Of course, a nation is bound to be particularly weak to corruption of this sort. So, it’s not a complete shock that Sion and his father have been used as tools to slaughter innocents.

But it also reflects their core flaw. An unwavering and self-righteous sense of justice that doesn’t allow even listening to another perspective. If Sion shut up for a moment while wagging his finger at an imprisoned Mia he might have noticed something amiss. He was so busy talking down about Mia and her father that he never thought about his own questions. Her father should have known that executing a loved noble like that would cause civil war to erupt. But his though process stopped at being dismayed at the foolishness without thinking that it makes no sense to do something like that. In that original timeline he clearly never questioned whether their intel was accurate. Instead, he just let events unfold.

Justice can be dangerous

It also makes the original timeline even more tragic. Because clearly after crushing Tearmoon, Remno was next on the docket. And if Sion was so easily manipulated when it came to Tearmoon there’s no way he would have thought twice when intel was telling them that Remno was also corrupt and needed to be “liberated.” You wonder how many nations of pure evil would have to be demolished before a lingering doubt would creep into Sion’s mind. Maybe it never would, and he’d become a bloody King of liberation.

That’s not to say that Sion is scum or anything. He’s a victim in his own way here. Sion and his father clearly were fed bad intel and given reason to think they were doing the right thing. That isn’t their fault. What is their fault of course is not questioning it. And that ties into Mia’s anger towards Sion last episode. He never talked to her and tried to stop things before they went too far. He simply stepped in once they did and enacted his sense of justice. But if he had talked to Mia then he might have noticed that things didn’t make sense. That Mia and her father wouldn’t do something so obviously foolish and evil. Sion put his own blinders on and that made it easy to lead him by the nose.

Thank goodness for extreme demands

The best thing is that Mia realizes that something is wrong. It is partly due to her own experience, but she’s on top of it. It is too obviously stupid for the King to imprison his own chancellor and further stoke the fires of rebellion. She’s aware of that feeling of something being amiss. And that is the missing piece. The taxes were bothersome, but clearly the people aren’t starving. So those conspirators had to take it a step further by removing the chancellor and blaming the King for it. The King might even believe that the people rebelling are the ones behind this and that might be why he’s so quick to mobilize his military.

And this provides Mia the chance she needs to stop this Rebellion. If she can get through to these people that the King isn’t their enemy then they’ll lose reasons to mobilize and that will allow the military to back off too.

Abel is really maturing

I’m glad we got to see Abel who is doing his best in a trying situation. He’s kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. He can’t convince his father to back off and in some ways his father really can’t afford to either. Start giving ground to a budding rebellion and it could spiral out of control just from that. So he’s got to at least go to the front lines to try and do something about the situation. But obviously the last thing Abel wants is to start any military action.

It’s great seeing how much he’s matured and grown because of Mia. Regardless of why things started, he’s become someone able to stand on his own feet. She’s helped Abel avoid becoming a weak person that would just do whatever he was told to do just to avoid getting in trouble. Instead, he’s helping maids (who are also spies) and trying to live up to his vision of Mia. Thanks to that he might have helped save himself. If he convinced the spy to give true testimony about what is going on then Keithwood, Sion, or whoever she is contacting can get help before Abel is caught up in something inescapable. At the very least Mia won’t just let Abel be forced to take the same tragic position she did in the original timeline. No taking the blame for the crimes of others!

Good luck to Mia

This episode moved things along nicely. Mia is one step closer to the truth here and this conspiracy could have the lid pulled off it. I do wonder if Sion will be able to handle the hit of some of his people being involved in trying to cause a war? Will he just jump on the chance to crush that evil or stop to realize how easily he could have been led to do something horrible? I’m not sure, but it’ll be interesting to wait and see! The best part is that Abel is on the move and right now so is Mia. If she can turn this group to her allies then she might meet up with Abel once he’s met up with the military…. It could make for a wonderfully dramatic reunion!

And on that note, I love how Graham kept looking for deep secrets in Mia’s cute letters to Abel. It’s just a couple of cute kids in love XD.

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