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The start of this episode really shows off the best qualities of Tearmoon. There’s a nice balance in this show between the comedy and the emotional hits that keep on coming. This week was particularly good since Mia really had to deal with the stress of wondering what to do. The safety net (as much as there was one) is gone. She doesn’t have a clue what is coming and will have to roll with the punches. Thankfully she’s been able to build up quite the reputation for herself. So, people should keep reading into what she says and not just starting to question if she’s got any true wisdom to offer. Even if the narrator seems to be against her on it!

This right here is Mia’s true self

I loved that honest inner conflict for Mia. She felt like she was on top of the world. And then she’s just getting hammered by horrible news. A Revolution happening at all was hard for her to handle. But then she finds out it’s happening in the homeland of the guy she loves. And all of this was unexpected. She lived that other life. She’s confident there was no Revolution in Remno. And yet one is happening! No shock that she was quiet for quite a while. All her confidence shattered and her gut hitting the ground. She knows very well how horrible Revolutions can be and the fate of those that are toppled during them. But of course, she doesn’t want to die either. She fought all this time to save her own life. So, it’s no wonder she was struggling.

The truest friend Mia will ever have

Anne proved herself as the best confidant that Mia could ever ask for. When she tried to convince herself that she couldn’t intervene in a nation on the verge of revolution…Anne stepped in. She put a voice to the truth at Mia’s core. She wants to go and see Abel. Mia doesn’t want to see Abel suffer the fate she did. The best parts of this show are moments like this. The flashbacks and Mia’s true feelings showing through them. Abel isn’t just someone she attaches herself to in order to save herself. He’s more important than that. He’s someone she’s willing to brave all danger to see safe.

So, I’m thankful for Anne stepping in. This is the girl that Mia recruited to her side first. She’s the person that Mia feels a debt of gratitude to that she’ll never feel is fully repaid. And once again Anne saved her. Mia needed a push. And once she got it the tears really did rise to her eyes and she couldn’t deny what needed to be done.

When Mia speaks, people listen

A great element of Mia is that she knows that she can’t do everything. The moment she decided to go to see/save Abel she immediately asked for help. It didn’t matter if she had to turn to people that even to save her own life she’d rather not side with. All the complicated feelings she has towards Sion and Tiona doesn’t matter compared to the need to see Abel again. Mia is a girl of action and once she decides to do something it’ll get done. And thankfully she is also great at gathering allies (no matter how she does it). Her friendship with Chloe and connections to Tiona and Siona bearing fruit. They were quick to do what was in their power. Because they both respect Mia and can understand the depth of her desire to do something.

Who the heck sent these guys!?

I do wonder how information got leaked. Those assassins didn’t say who they were after so it makes things even tougher to read. But I doubt anyone is having assassins attack every merchant caravan that is entering the region. I suppose it’s not impossible to predict that Mia would go to see Abel or that she has a connection to Chloe’s family. But this feels very exact. The problem is the list of suspects is slim. Chloe wouldn’t do it and I can’t imagine her family would betray the person who got them a good business deal (before any famine hits). Anne wouldn’t do that. She may be an airhead, but I don’t want to think she accidentally leaked intel. I guess Rafina is possible? She was there during the planning and isn’t on the trip. But I can’t see any motive for her. So yeah, I’m unsure.

Points to Sion since he did save her

It’s sweet how honest Mia is with herself when half-drowned. Intending to save her first kiss for Abel XD. And it really is her first kiss since she spent most of her time pining fruitlessly for Sion in the original timeline! But Sion is a good-looking guy so I get her getting swept up in the moment. Or at least not having the will to do anything. She did need that water pumped out of her. The show can use a bit of comedy here and there in an episode that was serious.

Mia’s gift this second time around is having everything go her way. She did hesitate with that mushroom but couldn’t help herself. But she just hesitated long enough for a passing hunter to save her from herself! And she even gained an ally that would feed them. I get her not wanting to think too hard quite yet. But it is good that she’s realizing how this situation doesn’t make sense. Yes, the tax situation is bad, but people aren’t starving. The taxes haven’t hurt enough yet.

I’m glad Mia spoke up

I love that she got a chance to confront Sion. He did save her here so props to him. But she raises a great point both now for Abel and for herself in that other timeline. Mia was a foolish and naïve princess. She was a bit selfish, a bit dumb, but she wasn’t evil. No one around her challenged her. Either people were afraid to since they could lose their jobs or they just weren’t motivated. Her father didn’t teach her any better, other royalty like Sion never confronted her directly to tell her what she was doing wrong and the risks to her nation if things didn’t change. Even Tiona presumably blamed Mia for the kidnapping thing without confirming if she had any connection to it. Who knows if she would have changed. But no one tried.

Fully agree with Mia throwing “there is no other choice is something you only can say after trying everything possible.” Sion didn’t cut her head off himself. Heck he might have tried to suggest other options closer to her execution. But he probably gave himself the out of “there was no other choice” when watching this girl who was a schoolmate getting her head chopped off. It’s easy to take a passive position and then wash your hands of the whole thing when things go bad. The best part of this is that Mia gets to both vent about what happened to her and also make Sion change for the better. Now Abel should be able to gain the benefit of Sion’s growth.

Got to reach him before the guillotine does

This was a great episode. One of the best of the show so far. Mia’s safety net and walkthrough is gone. There’s nothing to do but deal with situations as they come. And what makes this episode so tense is that we don’t know is Abel is doing ok. Obviously, a revolution hasn’t broken out yet. But what condition is the second prince in during all this? How is his brother behaving? We’ll have to wait and see. I can’t wait though for Mia to find Abel. She has truly worried over this and just needs to see the guy she loves. Hopefully she reaches him soon.

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