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It is refreshing to feel like the story has woken up and is starting to move again. It’s refreshing to have a main character in this show wondering about the motivations of the Undergu Empire who has just been showing up to randomly attack them for over 40 episodes. It’s good to think about this even if it’s late in the game to be trying to understand the opponent. Even more so since the Empress has barely had any presence in this show. She needs to quite literally appear and do something dramatic like nuke Skearhead to make an impression!

I’m fine with a hero being a bit naïve

Tastes are going to differ, but I’m fine with Sky’s approach in all this. It’s not her fault that the show has waited a very long time to have someone get curious about their enemies. I feel like the writers have literally had Sora tackled to the ground and refused to let her stand up since Battamonda was defeated! It’s completely in character for her to try and understand once she has reasons to empathize with her enemies. Same reasons I saw criticism over her saving Kabaton when the Empress (in a rare moment of activity) tried to kill him! Sky cares and if her enemies are moving based on love then she’s naturally going to wonder what the heck is going on.

Is she naïve? Yeah. But being a positive bundle of naïve energy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If she must struggle and gets lost then that’s just the price she’ll have to pay. She’ll come out of it stronger. And that honestly seems to be the direction the show is going heading into the finale with the preview pointing towards it. The cast are powering up and finding the reasons to dig just a bit deeper.

He just couldn’t handle Sky anymore

Plus, Sky’s efforts paid off. She forced Skearhead to retreat just to avoid continuing to talk with her. He isn’t about to switch sides or anything. But Sky proved with her power that she’s capable of struggling with her emotions and still defend the things she cares about. I’m curious to see how things play out going forward. He’s normally been fine just chilling out near the fights. But going forward he might just summon his threat of the week and then back off!

It was a reckless strategy to have Sky face off against someone that powerful by herself. But the team has honestly gotten capable of handling their own business. Majesty may have become a lacking entity in terms of firepower, but she can fill in for Sky while she went off to have her chat.

Nice for Skyland I guess

The Kira Kira barrier thing makes me wonder. It seems kind of pointless. All this time and the most we’re working is a defensive barrier? Also, it’s a barrier that would only protect the capital of the Sky Islands. Isn’t that a bit too minimal? The Undergu empire can still attack anything in Skyland outside that barrier and they can keep attacking the Earth. Sure, they might not focus on it as much if Ellee heads back to Skyland to live. But they could easily attack to draw her out. And honestly their focus seems less on Ellee herself these days and more about just killing the Precure. Two of them live on Earth always so it’s still worthwhile to attack. I don’t want to rain on Tsubasa’s parade, but I’m not sure his research is that essential here.


It feels like forever ago that I was talking about the whole “Is Shalala connected to the Undergu Empire”, but I guess we can somewhat revisit it. I’m not sure how much I should consider it since she was nearly killed before. Unless the miracle heal (that never gets brought up in terms of medical applications) didn’t work completely she should be fine and not impacted by any Undergu energy. Plus, the enemy did learn about the effort to build up a barrier. And she didn’t seem overjoyed at the idea of what the positive energy could do for upping Skyland’s military might.

But it seems an odd move at this point. We’re in the last stretch here. And Shalala hasn’t appeared since…I think episode 24. Oh my god, she hasn’t appeared in almost 20 episodes! What the heck has this show been doing in the second half!? Admittedly the show might not have much choice here. They haven’t done a thing with the mysterious main villain in over 40 episodes. They kind of have to pull a twist like Shalala being the true final boss or they just don’t have anywhere to go. But it would be odd considering what Monda did earlier in the show. Could he do that (knowingly or not) to his own Empress and live?

Hero girl did her best!

Lot of questions and not much time to answer them really. Fingers crossed that the writers and staff realize they don’t have any time left to mess around. Next week looks to wrap up the Prism and Monda side of things and after that they probably can just get back to focusing on Ellee. No offence to Butterfly and Wing, but I’m not sure there’s much left to actually do with their characters anyways. Gotta get this series wrapped up!

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