Score: B+

I was worried that this would be another throwaway episode for the show. And yet this episode did have some decent substance to it. In some ways it was nice having an episode that remembered how Ellee is one of the main characters and her development has been a core part of the story to this point. The episode wasn’t overly complicated. But it was a good chance to delve into the difficulties of managing character growth without drifting too far away.

Been a while since Tsubasa has struggled like this

It does feel like the show has struggled a bit to handle Ellee after she attained her precure form. The focus has mostly been on the other cast members and how their character arcs are starting to wrap up. How mature/immature should they make her character when she can transform into a teen like the rest of the team? But they finally decided to just tackle a perfectly sensible concern for Ellee. Everyone is maturing and starting to find themselves. And with the main story kind of stagnating…there isn’t much need for them to fawn over her at every moment. Ellee isn’t nearly as helpless as she was to start.

And that kind of played out a bit with Tsubasa. He’s continuing to grow as a character and finding more things he’s interested in. Ellee also doesn’t “need” him to be looking after her all the time. So, it was easy for Tsubasa to get caught up in research and learning while not worrying as much about Ellee until we got a bit further in the episode. And in a sense, it was a nice return to form for Tsubasa. Even if his flying concerns were dropped early on, his loyalty to Ellee and acting as her knight has remained a key part of who he is. And this reminded him to keep her in mind even as more interests pile up.

This wasn’t a big deal

The wedding thing was light and silly. The group misunderstood what Ellee wanted out of this, but it was just a light bit of fun for most of them. Ellee simply wanted to use marriage…to make Tsubasa pay more attention to her. For her the idea she jumped on in all this was people being together forever. And that kind of thinking does provide a good reminder of how Ellee even with the powers she has and has gained is still just a kid. Just wants the people she cares about around all the time and will jump on any chance she can get to have that.

Same reason why she took the book. Without it she hoped Tsubasa would pay more attention to her. But she didn’t exactly manage to hide the book and that just didn’t work out for her. Although it almost did since Tsubasa proved that he actually has less stamina in a race than Ellee…He might want to work that! But at least having her get upset at him provided an excuse for Ageha to do her thing and kind translate what is going on here.

This has kind’ve been Majesty’s life lately

I think this is a weekly occurrence, but wow Majesty has gotten weak. I’m almost expecting a story element pointing it out. At this point you could argue that she’s the least effective Precure in the group. Her raw power has fizzled, and she was almost completely a damsel in distress this whole fight. The nice thing of course was having fun with it. Wing and Majesty having a kind of “cutting the cake” moment with unleashing a combo attack on the latest monster coming after them.

At this point I don’t think they even feel the need to give Skearhead lines outside of his summoning phrase. He’s just not doing anything at this point. If he didn’t to summon a wedding themed monster, he could have simply gone to attack the cast. Instead he just stood around waiting for them to come and fight him XD. Eventually the story does have to get moving again…right?

Fairly positive episode

This episode was honestly ok. The idea of Ellee getting lonely with Tsubasa finding interests to throw himself into makes sense. And it was a good reminder of how easy it is to lose oneself in a passion to the exclusion of everything else. Probably a good thing for Sora and Tsubasa to keep Ellee in mind anyways. Those two are bound to live in Skyland once all this show is over with. They’ll be spending a lot of time with her considering future careers. Could be important if Mashiro and Ageha won’t be able to spend nearly so much time with her. Fingers crossed the next few episodes keep at least this level of quality going for it.

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