Score: B

In terms of Halloween episodes this was good and solid. The characters had fun handing out candy to kids and Sora got REALLY into the idea of getting candy herself for Halloween. That monster made a very poor decision wasting her time and preventing her from getting what she wanted out of this holiday! I won’t even spend much time criticizing Skearhead for mostly not doing anything at all anymore in this show XD.

She was up for this holiday!

Fair enough that people consider Yoyo a witch. I mean this girl has a magical floating baby carrier! Yeah, that’s pretty witch-like. That she goes around collecting mystical stones and talking to mirrors really says all you need to know. Good thing her reputation isn’t so bad though that people consider her an evil witch. And it’s especially good that the authorities haven’t started to wonder about his mysterious old woman. But I think this episode highlights the fact that this town has no police force XD.

I do honestly like that the cast really just leaned into that witch thing for Halloween. Why not right? She does have some mystical powers and a group of kids around that are more than happy to go all out for the holiday. I’d say the kids got a lot out of it. The effort level was pretty spooky so they got a good scare out of it. And yet they also got some candy and left with smiles. Mostly smiles since things got a little messy with the antics of Cure Pumpkin.

Now being chased by regular civilians…

What to even say about Cure Pumpkin…giving Battamonda that transformation reflects some of the greatest effort directed towards the main antagonists in the show! A little goofy and a little weird. But I suppose Halloween is the right time to give a minor antagonist a knock off Precure transformation. I honestly thought he was turning a corner after the last Mashiro episode. But I guess not. He just went back to a pretty childish revenge plan. Going around trying to ruin the reputation of the Precure was…a plan. Honestly, I’m not sure if it was a plan with much bite to it. It’s not like the Precure are making money off their popularity or even need to be popular. Again, this city doesn’t seem to have a police force so it’s not like anyone would come after them during a fight.

She just wants her candy!

I’d also like to give credit to the monster of the week. He did manage to block Cure Majesty and Sky at the same time…with a candy. I think Majesty really has lost the hype she had coming out of the gate and is just another one of the team here. Not a super difficult fight anyways. This thing was pretty mobile so they had to up their teamwork a bit to get a solid hit in, but they managed it just fine. The big turnaround was Sky really wanting to get some candy and celebrate Halloween! It was kind of cute seeing her less mature than the Precure that is an actual child XD.

This was light and fun

Cute little episode. If the story isn’t ready to move forward then it’s nice to celebrate holidays like this. They all looked good in their costumes and Yoyo played up her role as the Great Witch with style. Not sure if the cast will be together like this long term. But this year will definitely be one those kids will never forget. Not sure what to say about the preview for next week. So will wait and see how that plays out.

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