Score: B-

This was a more casual episode than I might have expected going into it. They just checked out a photo album and decided to drive off to nail down the details of when Ageha and Mashiro became friends. There really wasn’t anything more to it than that. They of course slipped a decent fight in there since they might as well have. But in terms of the story, it really was just a team building episode. Nothing challenging for them, but rather just spending time as a group and enjoying each other’s company. Not a bad idea. There just might not be much to say about it.

One picture sparked a whole episode

Part of me thought while watching this episode that the Precure sure have a lot of free time on their hands. I guess that’s a given since their enemy is such a nebulous entity and there’s nothing for them to look into or prepare for. So, they can just go on a trip down memory lane (and down the highway) on a total whim. There’s no real need to look for that tree or nail the exact details about why Mashiro and Ageha grew close. They are close now and that friendship is precious. Some details are fine to be lost so long as the bigger picture is kept in mind.

It probably also helps that it doesn’t seem like Mashiro and Sora ever actually go to school. For some reason they are always available for an adventure. That school must celebrate a lot of holidays! Obviously, it’s kind of needed since in this show barely any of the cast go to school. But it does make you wonder about the passage of time in this show.

At least they weren’t down about it

An interesting move honestly to have the tree they were looking for end up cut down. There was obviously good reason to do so, but it’s just kind of funny how things worked out here. I guess the point was the memory and not the tree itself anyways. A solid reminder at least that nothing is forever. So, it’s important to treasure the memories. I suppose having the tree be cut down just added to the difficulty of finding it in the first place. They probably did have some fun treating this like a treasure hunt and slowly piecing little bits together. It wasn’t an overly complicated story, but for the characters there is an appeal in figuring things out.

This guy tried

The fight was probably the actual best part of the episode. They’ve really eased up on Majesty’s power or maybe just brought everyone up closer to her level. To the point where Sky and Majesty fighting together just felt like equals doing good work on the same enemy. That is the easiest way to handle it of course. Can’t have Majesty outshine everyone all the time. Otherwise, you couldn’t get the scene of Prism playing the key role that she did.

And at least having the Precure fight an enemy with a weapon created more difficulties. They handled the one spear with solid tactics, but he just brought out another spear to counter that. The fight had decent pace to it and gave just about everyone a chance to shine here. If the story isn’t racing forward, then they might as well have good team moments as they battle.

Decent episode

Honestly, I can’t think of that much to say here. The flashback was cute and it’s fine that we got answers about when/how Ageha and Mashiro became friends. I just wasn’t personally asking questions about that. They are friends and that’s about all I needed. It was kind of nice that Prism at least asked Skearhead about why he’s even attacking them since we really could use some answers. But of course, he isn’t talking. We’ve got a little over 10 episodes to go here. Sooner or later the villains will have to make their big move. But I think we’ve at least got a Tsubasa episode and maybe another Sora episode to go before anything serious happens. Fingers crossed that this show ends on a strong note.

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