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It is good to have the Forger family back! And this was a nice way to get back into it. While it was an episode about Yor struggling through the pain of being shot, it did involve most of the main cast. Anya played a big role, Yor was of course important, and Loid was struggling to get a handle on Yor the whole time. No complaints about a quick recap since the show shouldn’t need more than that. This is just a comfortable family to meet up with once again. The comedy was still good, and I have a good feeling that some great moments will be coming our way.

Nice to see Yor on her main job

Feels nostalgic to get to see Yor doing her assassination job again. Being an assassin has been at times a part of her backstory and less an active part of her character during the original season. Even if it wasn’t a huge scene, it was refreshing to see her out on the job. Just too bad that whole scene ended with her getting shot! It says a lot about Yor that getting shot is only a mild inconvenience. Well, I suppose it’s slightly more than mild. But in the end, she could still walk around and was just dealing with the pain. Not that she wasn’t freaking people out with how intense she looked. I sure hope she managed to get through that pain before going to work!

I do wonder if this reflects something more serious for Yor. Not the injury itself, but rather getting shot at all. Yor is a pretty good assassin. It’s surprising for her to not only leave one guy unharmed because she didn’t notice him and one guy alive enough to shoot her. Though I’m sure he didn’t live long after that. Was she distracted by the thought of getting home to see the family? She brought them up when reporting in her kills after all. It could be an interesting thing to explore since one could say that Loid has also started to get a bit sloppy. They both gain a lot from this family, but there are arguments people could use to say they’ve gotten a bit worse at their original careers. Which is ironic since their careers got them into this family in the first place.

Fair reaction to Yor being shot!

It’s great to see the difference between Anya and Loid because of Anya’s ability. She is freaking out because she just heard that her mother got shot! Getting shot in her butt is a comical premise, but getting shot at all wouldn’t be a joke to Anya. Which made her “are you going to die” line very heartfelt. And that wasn’t even the only scare Anya got this episode. Poor girl knew her mother was about to be poisoned before it happened, but she couldn’t do anything about it. Both times her fears ended up being unnecessary since Yor is a tank! But I do feel for this girl who is getting the downside to having some extreme parents. Their lives are dangerous.

Loid’s reaction was far more comical because we know that he’s wrong. It’s understandable for him to be worried because of the mission. Although in a sense I wonder how legitimate his worries are. The important thing was Anya getting into the school. Maybe there would be issues if they got “a divorce” before Anya achieved her part of the mission, but honestly it shouldn’t be that big a deal if Yor isn’t always happy. I do think part of it is him honestly not wanting Yor to be unhappy. Regardless, I can get why he’d make it a priority to take Yor out on a date to try and improve her mood.

Plans couldn’t handle the Yor factor!

Poor Loid was trying everything he could for that mission, but it was all failing! The irony for Loid is that his attempts are good both in this episode and in previous ones. He could legitimately seduce and just shake up Yor with the skills he’s picked up. But things tend to get in the way of that. Whether Yor is too drunk or in a lot of pain. The effect of that makes him think that she’s not nearly as into him as she really is. And that does kind of knock him down a peg. It makes any gains he gets feel more legitimate and enjoyable. The lack of success just keeps him from looking down on Yor and taking her for granted. And maybe it lets him fall for Yor because it’s just not easy with her.

In that sense I give Yor credit for hanging in there. She had to be in incredible pain and yet she just kept marching on. Too bad since she did actually want to enjoy the date. The main reason of course was her own “mission”. She wanted to fit in better at work and draw less attention. But the downside was that she just couldn’t focus and frankly she couldn’t sit down.

Don’t mess…with Starlight Anya!

In that sense the guy trying to kill Yor really was a great wingman for this couple! The blowfish poison was the world’s greatest pain killer for Yor in that moment. It really says a lot about how tough she is and how immune to poison she’s become. The most she got from that poison was a nice tingling sensation and the suppression of her pain. Good for her since otherwise that date would have been a disaster. It is important for Loid not to think it’s always going to be easy with Yor. But it would be a bad thing for him to think it’s utterly impossible. So, a nice dinner date and her being open to going out on another date in the future is a good thing.

Credit to Anya though for putting a stop to that guy before he set off any bombs. It’s a win since he’ll actually get back on the right path and focus on his girlfriend. It also shows that Anya has picked up some things after spending all this time in the Forger family. She’s kind of becoming her father’s daughter XD. The peanut bomb gets the win!

Justified expression for getting shot in the rear end!

I’m honestly glad to have this show back. There’s a chance I’ll pick it up for the season. But I want to see how the rest of the Fall season plays out. We got another nice opening to this show. Music was fun and they were certainly having fun with the animation.

And honestly it was good to open this season focusing on the Forger family. They are steadily growing closer. Even if sometimes they don’t realize how much closer they are getting! Hopefully Yor avoids getting shot again in the future. It doesn’t seem like her relationship can handle her having to cover that up too many times!

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