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There is something to be said about a person struggling against their weaknesses to do what they can. And this series seems to be all about that. Shy is a person that has the powers of a hero. But she’s also a kid that struggles mightily with both the troubles of being a hero and her own shyness. That’s a definite challenge. Most protagonists in shows like this have their hands full with the costs of not being able to save everyone or dealing with an ungrateful public. Shy seems to have all of that and just her own personal troubles. It makes Teru an easy girl to get behind. Seeing her wins will be satisfying even if there are likely to be plenty of difficulties along the way.

Tough result, but she did her best

The theme park rescue was a nice way to both show off what Shy can do and her personality. She had the worst possible time with that crowd before the hero show. Even if it wasn’t a huge crowd, it’s still a challenge to walk up in front of people in that outfit. The hardest time was with that little pre-show presentation. But it says a lot that she was quick to step in when tragedy struck. Even with her weaknesses, she still made her move to do what she could.

And I think she handled that rescue well. The rollercoaster running into that issue in the first place isn’t her fault. And she did almost have everyone out of there. She just needed an extra minute. I don’t think discussing priorities with Iko took up so much time that it impacted the result, but who knows! It was actually impressive that she managed to save that girl’s life at all considering how quickly things spiraled out of control and it was almost completely out of her hands. Fair enough that she couldn’t make the landing completely safe for Iko and she ended up hospitalized for a time. But I do think Shy should take pride in saving her life and avoiding long-term issues (from what I can see).

Her character arc could be interesting

I do wonder what the show plans on doing with Iko herself. She said the right thing in prioritizing others and not begging to be saved first. I would have prioritized my sibling…but probably not the people behind me XD. The one thing is though that she did seem to hesitate when asking for others to be saved. What that means…could be a few things. Did she regret saying it? Was she trying to do what she thought was proper but not what she really felt? And how does she feel about Shy in the end? Is she angry that she couldn’t be saved without injury? Is she as grateful as her brother? I don’t know. It could be anything including her inwardly complaining about Shy’s…shyness during the rescue. What they do with her character will make her future dynamic with Teru interesting to follow.

Curious to meet a few other heroes

It seems like the heroes of the world are stretched thin. Is it seriously just one hero per country? I suppose that’s still a good number of heroes overall. But that does put a lot of pressure on each one. What is up with this organization that is the source of the heroes? Can’t they create more heroes or is there a hard limit to their abilities? There’s a lot of questions that could be thrown out there. But the big thing is that they seem to be there not to bring world peace (not exactly) but rather to focus on a much bigger threat that will be targeting the Earth. Puts a lot on the heroes if they both have to do their regular rescue work, but also provide enough hope to people to avoid…whatever is coming.

Did the right thing here

I like that Shy recovered from her immediate troubles before meeting Iko again. And it’s also nice that the brother was the one that helped spark her. Shy knew she needed to do something about that fire, but she couldn’t do it. But seeing this kid racing into danger made her move. She moved before she could even transform. So, it shows that Teru is absolutely a hero regardless of her powers. It’s a classic superhero moment, but it’s a classic because it works. This kid reminded the hero what it takes to be one. If this kid without powers could make a stand then how could she do any less?

We’ll see what dangers await

This was a solid first episode. I love superheroes and have enjoyed them in various media over the years. A look at superheroes like this has me optimistic for where this show is going to go. Teru seems like a good main character that manages to show her anxiety, but it’s not uncomfortable to watch her. I think there’s a fine line with handling characters like Teru and I think they’ve done a good job so far. Fingers crossed the rest of the show continues to build nicely off a good first episode.

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