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Sometimes a show comes along that is so utterly ridiculous and yet works perfectly. This is one of those shows! I had a great time with the first episode and it actually got even funnier as it moved into the second episode. The show knows that a premise is important, but so are the supporting characters that keep things fresh. And this show has a really good supporting cast and it’s only released 2 episodes! Of course Alyssa and her daughter Viola are a blast. But the same goes for Lira and Fennel. Plus, the show even has Kana Hanazawa as the narrator! This show has everything going for it including an excellent voice cast!

She will eliminate anyone for her mother!

The dynamic between mother and daughter is great. Certainly, Viola is a bit surprising for how childish she is despite being 16. But it makes some sense when looking at the situation. Her mother is a witch, and their sense of aging is a bit different. If she’s treated like a kid for a longer period of time, it’s possible she hasn’t quite matured mentally as much as would be expected. Plus who knows. Maybe the same nature that left her with such extreme magic as a kid also made her mature a bit differently. Regardless she’s a pretty childish character and that does make things interesting. Even more so when she throws a fit in public over wanting her mother to buy her something.

Alyssa provides a pretty cute dynamic to things. She’s a good girl who is doing her best to raise this kid. Did a great thing in taking her in after finding her in the woods. And she honestly seems really dedicated and is a nice doting parent. Of course, she could probably stand to be a bit stricter with her daughter being so…aggressive towards anyone that looks at her mother, but it’s understandable that she tends to spoil Viola.

This woman is amazing!

My guess with Viola is honestly that she transported herself. She might be an isekai character in all honesty. She just suddenly appeared before Alyssa and has very unusual magical qualities for a human. But that might just be me having seen way too many isekais over the past few years! It doesn’t seem like she was just dumped out there. Honestly, it’s also possible Viola’s magic acted up and she transported herself away from her family. Part of me hopes that isn’t the case since her original parents would probably have been broken up over their kid disappearing.

What I did love was Lira being outright pissed when hearing about how Alyssa found her. She was ready to smash some legs and probably the rest of the person that did that! Obviously, her aggressiveness was a bit much for Alyssa, but I do think it’s nice that she cares so much. A kid possibly being discarded in the woods where they could have very easily died is something to get upset about. That woman is extremely passionate, and you have to love it. Even if her passion is a bit too much for her own son…who seems way too careless about angering his super mom!

Critical emotional damage!

Oh my goodness, I feel so bad for Fennel! That guy has a long road ahead of him and the odds are long! He’s already sat on his one-sided feelings for a century! Part of me wants to give him props, but the other thinks he really should have made his move sooner. If he made his move before Alyssa found Viola then he would have had way better odds. But feelings aren’t always easy to handle. The toughest spot might be this “little brother zone” he’s found himself in! He really doesn’t want to remain a little brother to her forever. I can’t blame him either. Alyssa is a super sweet and good-natured person. Anyone that gets to know her would understand that. And I feel for him in clearly using his merchant career as an excuse to visit Alyssa every month!

The biggest wall now though is probably Viola. She’s absolutely against sharing her mother with anyone at all. And with Fennel being obvious with his intentions it makes him a great target for. I suppose with him being an Elf it’s fair that he also sees Viola as a kid. He isn’t a fan of her getting in his way, but I think he was honest about seeing her actions as horseplay. She has just lived alone with her mother with the occasional visit into town. She doesn’t have many to play with and Fennel is just easy for her to go after. At least he got a lap pillow from Alyssa out of the second episode so it’s all good.

Just a sweet and fun show

This was just a nice set of opening episodes. Alyssa is a super sweet parent, and I enjoyed the flashbacks showing how much she worried over taking care of Viola. Moments like that combined with Lira being a great friend gave the show some nice humanity to go along with the comedy. It’s just nice seeing friends supporting each other. I especially got a good laugh out of Lira ripping those parenting books in half when Alyssa was worried about not being a good parent because she couldn’t breastfeed Viola. This isn’t a show I expect to cover much this season. But it was a start that I felt compelled to talk about!

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