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It wasn’t a bad move to go back to the idea of Mashiro’s dreams and focusing in on the picture books side of things. She really did start getting into it after the previous episode and even has a small series going right now! It probably helps quite a bit that she does have Ellee and the others around. She doesn’t have to go far to find someone willing to listen to her stories and give their thoughts. It was a good move for her though to go and participate in that library story time. Since she can only gain so much from telling her stories to her friends.

Just wasn’t a story they enjoyed

Episode had interesting potential. Since it opened a potential barrier to Mashiro’s growing dream. Her stories and target audience has basically been Ellee to this point. And having a niche can work just fine. But she also must face the reality that her stories won’t appeal to everyone. A relatively peaceful story about a Princess that loves flowers obviously isn’t going to appeal to those that want a bit more action. The kids were a bit harsh, but they are kids at the same time. The challenge really is if she’ll be ok with only some people enjoying her stories.

It is a sad reality though that negative reactions can stick longer than positive ones. Even though plenty of girls did enjoy her story, the reaction of those boys left her a bit frozen. As someone that has never been great with harsh criticism, I can get that. It’s easy to get a bit hesitant to do anything at all when thinking about what was said previously.

His brand of evil really has eased up

Hilarious that Battamonda ends up being part of the reason that Mashiro can bounce back. Classic move of course to have someone going for revenge end up cheering up and learning from their enemy along the way. If he left Mashiro alone she probably would have struggled for far longer. But he just couldn’t help himself. Even set up his own character arc with Mashiro being supportive. I don’t know where his character will actively go since he’s just working part time to make ends meet. But maybe he’ll find something he wants to do that doesn’t involve ruining people’s lives!

Their enemies be spinning

I do wonder if they’ll soon start including Majesty into the main group transformation. Since it does add a bit to the runtime having to go through the main group transforming and then setting up Ellee to transform too. I expect they will since the only unique part of her transformation is the quick aging up and that can be done at the same time as the others are getting set to transform.

The fight was fine. I suppose it would have been too much fun if Skearhead kept using his former allies as monsters of the week. At least he’s making enemies that are strong enough to put some pressure on Majesty. And that’ll have to do for the time being. They had to bust out some tactics to find a way to win and couldn’t just rely on brute strength to save the day.

He didn’t see that one coming

Not a bad episode. Mashiro had some room to be further explored in terms of her life goals. And this was a more satisfying episode for her than the last one. There was no last-minute slideshow of her family visiting after all XD. It even did the rare thing in this show of further developing the antagonists. Of course, Battamonda isn’t really an antagonist anymore since he’s not actively fighting. But at the very least we’re getting a better view of some of these characters. With Skearhead being rather stoic and the Empress being…practically a ghost we have to take what we can get here! I’m sure we’ll keep giving the various Precure some character episodes while setting up the conflict that must be just around the corner.

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