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It was probably time for an actual group finisher in this show and one that included the newly added Cure Majesty. I was expecting Majesty to maybe have her own finishing move for a while, but instead they move right into the team attack. It’s probably a good idea though. There is only a cour (and a little) bit to go after all. Might as well get the finisher that we’ll use for most of the remaining episodes now. And this was a great chance to tackle the completely fair conflict over sending Ellee out to fight as Cure Majesty. And in terms of that I think this episode did a nice job. And having Mashiro be the core of that issue worked nicely.

Understandable struggles

Admittedly, I do get Mashiro’s feelings here. Because the situation is kind of messed up. Ellee is…young. I don’t know exactly her age, but she wasn’t even walking when the show started! There is a difference between sending a kid that young into a battlefield and Sora’s fears over Mashiro earlier in the show. Although, outside of Ageha the cast are still young and sending them into fights is a bit extreme. Circumstances demand that they do, but I get Mashiro feeling all messed up over the situation. Ellee has matured quite a bit as the show has gone on. But she’s still much younger and that would lead to conflict.

It is nice though that the show remembered the Sora situation and made good use of it here. Honestly that was the show at its best. And the feelings are similar there. For Sora, Mashiro was someone to be protected. She was a precious friend that she didn’t want to see hurt or suffering. And that feeling of putting someone in the category “to be protected” is the same here. It’s even more legitimate than even how Sora felt because Ellee is someone they literally do take care of. But using that situation to help Mashiro get through her fears was a nice move.

Serious firepower here!

I will say that Majestic Halation is a great looking finisher. But my first thoughts were “this is going to be a long one to use in every fight.” It took about a minute from the start of the finisher to purifying Minoton. That’s going to feel a bit long as the show goes on. Still, that’s an issue for the future. It is a good looking attack. They clearly had a lot of fun putting this one together. Everyone getting fun (and Butterfly looking…interesting) poses before they fly around and finish off with an attack that makes me think of Nanoha’s Starlight Breaker! Really taking the whole “nuke em from orbit” approach to finishing off enemies. If they go back to regular minions of the week, I’m going to start feeling bad about them using such a crazy finisher!

For this week I was all fine with it! Minoton is so much better when controlled like this. He’s an active threat that forces the Precure to step up to handle him. And I like the concept of having him (and potentially future enemies) take those vials of dark energy to get bursts of power. It allows them to be a threat that even Majesty can’t easily handle.

Maybe give him a few bigger vials instead?

It makes sense that they couldn’t keep using Minoton as the monster of the week forever. Though I would have laughed if they did! I do question his choice to teleport back to his realm though…It does make me wonder what they’ll do going forward. So far Skearhead hasn’t been making monsters in the same way. I’m sure he can though and I guess it would be too good a thing for him to regularly attack the Precure himself. It isn’t quite time for the series finale though so might as well have him attack with some monsters of the week for a while.

At least she seems happy

I’m again wondering just what happens with Ellee’s mind as she turns into Cure Majesty. Her speech sounds like she’s got a more mature mindset. But we also saw her rubbing up against Prism and sounding pretty childish for a moment there. I suppose it doesn’t matter. She can clearly fight well enough regardless. It’s an unusual situation since she really does go from child to teen in a hurry. Probably better than keeping her at the same age and yet still knocking around huge enemies XD.

The mystery around Elle continues to deepen. Just what is her origin? It’d be easier to say what she’s there for if we knew what exactly the Undergu Empire is even trying to accomplish. It’s a strange situation where the main goal for the heroes and the villains are both a bit vague. Thankfully the cast is more than likable enough to carry this. Ellee does seem to be a reincarnation, but it’s hard to say who exactly created her. I also question requiring “hearts to be as one” to open a book and use a power-up!

I enjoyed this one

This was a pretty solid episode. It makes sense that this dungeon showed up soon after Cure Majesty made her appearance. The forces at play here clearly have plans in mind. And it also makes sense that Majesty is so powerful. She is the source that turned the others into Precure. Makes sense if she’s using that power for herself that she’d be insanely strong. With their new powerup the cast seem to be in pretty good shape. They’ll still need to overly rely on Majesty since she’s just that much stronger than them. But at least they can all contribute when it comes to finishing off enemies. Now to see how the show wants to kill some time before the final battles!

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